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PIP Tribunal


Hi guys

My poor husband who has fibromyalgia, depression, worn disc in his neck, fatty liver,osteoarthritis in his foot and knees etc. He has just been to PIP tribunal he broke down he said it was horrendous. After all that he judge adjourned the case pending further medical evidence. The judge has also said for my husband to go through all of this again in two further sessions. I am gutted for him he is in such a state after this morning.

How do I keep him from not having a breakdown he health is getting so bad now.

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I know it's hard to do it all again but it's likely a good thing. The judge clearly felt there wasn't enough evidence to agree with the DWP.

They're doing their job well.

This is what happened with my husband with ESA. They felt that they needed to see further medical evidence so asked for permission to contact his go and get all his records from the moment he first went to the gp. It worked as he was moved from 0 points to 18. About 69% of people do eventually win at tribunal so tell him to go with the flow as everything to gain if he wins. It isnt easy but my husband felt vindicated at the end of it. Thinking of you.x


God bless you both, I hope your husband gets the PIP.

Welcome to the FMAUK Community sabrejan ! :)

It is awful to hear that your husband is struggling, it's probably of no comfort but we hear many stories of the stress and strain people are put under during the benefit process.

i wonder if it might be worth speaking with the FMAUK Benefits Advisor who may be able to provide you with information or sign post you websites that can help prepare for the mpnext stage of the tribunal.

Here's a link with all the contact information you need;


Do you think you might need to speak with your husband to consider visiting the GP about his health? To see what support they can provide to help him.

If he needs to speak to someone he can ring the Samaritans, they are there to use for times you need them.

Free telephone helpline number is 116 123

As you are a newbie, I notice your post is not locked to the community. It might be worth locking it as this will generate more replies as generally members reply to locked post more often. Here's a link that explains how to do this if you wish to;


I wish you all the very best

Emma :)

sabrejan in reply to Mdaisy

Hi the MP and CAB have been of great help and even they were shocked at how people are treated. U are made to feel like u r lying that is the worst part of it all.

Regards Janet

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