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What meds to people take for osteo arthritis

Obviously I have fibro plus the add ons .. But I haven't yet found any med I can tolerate for my arthritis.... Went for my trigger point injections and had to sit waiting in nice comfy armchair but I had to sit normally with my feet on the floor by the time I was done my ankle had swollen and my knees were really aching at home I have a recliner to keep my ankle swelling I am aching in all my arthritic joints including my hip which is new.. May have been caused by the sitting yesterday anyway all I have to take is paracetamol as everything else gives me worse side effects would love to know what people take to see if there is anything I haven,t tried yet

Yours curiously

VG x

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I don't take anything for my Osteoarthritis and have never been prescribed anything for it. I find my pain relief for my Fibro sufficient and when my Osteo pain is especially bad I just try to keep the pain at bay by keeping as warm as I can. Ibuprofen and Diclofenac are sometimes prescribed for hip pain caused by Osteoarthritis. Always check with your GP before taking any pain relief to check that it's compatible with your current meds.

I find the colder weather, and it is getting much colder now, makes my Osteo much worse. I don't tend to go outside unless I have to, that helps too. A hot water bottle is great on a sore back or hip, also the stick on heat pads that last 10hrs that you can buy from your local chemist work well with Osteo pains.

You are doing the right thing elevating your ankle when it's swollen, hopefully the swelling will go down if you do this regularly. :)


LIberty,,,, you have pain med for your fibro...... ....?... I only take dosulepin and clonezapam for sleep at night..... Nothing for pain .... I usually use hot packs and the odd paracetamol and creak about.... Mind you I have tried so many things and had worse side effects I guess I am hoping for someone to post a new and amazing painkiller that has no side effects ... I am banned from any opiates , diclofenic and ibruprofen by my dr oh and baclofen tramadol and aspirin....

Will go back to my hot pack with my leg In the air..... I think you get the picture

Hoping for a miracle

VG xx


i can only go by my experiences...

i have fibro plus nerve damage and osteoporosis in hips and back... i am on fentynal patches pregabalin and baclafen plus amitryptaline for sleep ...

i think every new sympton needs its own medication which can be confusing and often with side effects, very uncomfortable for the patient xxxx


Yes VG, it was a long four year battle but I now have perfect pain meds and after years of uncontrollable pain can now manage it really well. Unfortunately my Co-codamol 30/500 won't help you if you can't take opiates, I take this when my pain escalates. When I am in real trouble pain-wise I take 2 x 750mg Methocarbamol and they work a treat within one hour. Touch wood (touches head), I have never had to take two doses in one day as the first dose has always worked.

Info on Methocarbamol -

Methocarbamol is a medicine which is used in relief of painful spasms caused by acute musculoskeletal disorders. It is an anti-spasmodic drug, sometimes known as a muscle-relaxant. In general this drug is used to relax muscles which have been injured (e.g. sprains and strains) and to relieve pain associated with the resulting muscle spasms.

Benefits of being on this drug can include the relief of pain associated with muscle spasms.. It should not be used in: patients who have ever suffered any brain damage or coma (unable to wake), epilepsy, fits (convulsions), or myasthenia gravis (a muscle weakness disease), liver or kidney problems or the elderly.

It might be worth having a word with your GP VG to see it this med might be suitable for you bearing in mind your symptoms and other meds etc.

I hope you get some comfort soon, relentless pain is awful isn't it. Take care, here's a hug for you. ((( hug )))


I use my TENS machine if I am having a bad flare up. It's not for everyone but I find it better than tablets. I have gastritis so have to be careful with anti inflammatories.I can't say it works for Fibro as it's in too many places, but for Arthritis it can be useful. I hope you can find something that works for you without a knock on effect.


hi very gorgeous i started with arthritis and fibro decided to join in later, i take tramadol and paracetamolm. i know i will require a diddicult pelvic shelf op and 2 hip replacements so i am trying to stay at this level for as long as poss. the meds control things quite well most of the time xx J


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