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Does anyone else find that healing after an injury takes significantly longer than for people without fibro?

i sprained my ankle in mid august quite badly and afer 3 months there very little improvement, so i was sent for an MRI which showed sprained ligaments and tendons around my ankle and some bone marrow edema in the joint which had caused the bone to change shape. the prthopaedic consultant i saw said it would take up to 6 months for it to heal and the edema to disappear. well it has been eight months now and i am still crippled. i have to use a walking stick, cant bend my foot properly and am still in huge amounts of pain (ankle pain not fibro pain). i also still have brown bruises from the fall. is this normal for us or am i just really weird? my physio thinks the fibro is contributing to my delayed recovery but cant understand why the bruises wont go.

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Yup I have had fibro half my life that time 11 operations and its very depressing to see people get up and go home while I am in agony in the hospital bed..... My OH was in overnight with his gallbladder op I was in a fortnight as I was in a lot of pain from the op and my liver suddenly started sending out weird blood readings... Plus due to the nature of fibro we feel more pain from what others would consider a gentle knock. I fell over in the garden last year and grazed all the front of my leg falling against the brick raised flower bed.. I still have a brown graze mark.. It's just starting to fade...

Sorry VG :(


Severe bruising can cause brownish staining of the skin which may take a very long time to disappear. The general slowness in recovery from injury is probably down to fibro.

I find that any strain or sprain tends to hurt for many more weeks than would be reasonably expected, but so long as you are seeing your physio and the doctor, I would just take their advice. I hope you feel better very soon!

Moffy x


Ohhhh no don't say that...I broke my ankle just over four weeks ago, it's still painful but I guess that would be expected, but I'm looking at having the plaster off in two weeks and getting back to normal....that's just not going to happen is it?


Goodness, now that makes a lot of things I have been through put into perspective. I have osteoporosis and am generally know for being an accident waiting to happen. I've had many many fractures and they've always taken longer than I'd hoped to heal. Aso had a shoulder replacement in 2011 and the pain post operatively should have been very little as the offending joint had been removed, I was in absolute agony for the week post op and rather than being sent home after three days, was there for eight. The pain management ram came repeatedly to see me whilst there and they didn't put together fibro with the pain I was in, but seeing what has been said, I think it must have been impacting. Foggy x


Whoops clearly the ram wouldn't have known what was up ;-) Maybe the pain team might have helped him. :D


thanks for your responses, they made me feel less like a freak.

peppersoo i am so sorry to hear you have hurt yourself. i hope you wont have a long drawn out recovery period like mine. my physio did say that if i had broken it then it would have healed quicker than it has. i just mangled mine.


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