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Channelling Pain

It is one of those restless, aching, sleepless nights, so I thought it would be better to write about it, rather than sit here, worrying alone. I have a throbbing in my hands and feet and I am hoping it will soon pass. I always try to distract myself. However, I painted all night to avoid this feeling, and I fear I may have made it worse.

Painting is a reward to me. I figure that if I am going to hurt, it may as well be for doing something I enjoy. I have spent the night painting a wise, old Indian. I am pleased with is, and that it rare. I tried out a new technique and it worked out well. Instead of tensing up trying to paint perfectly, I held the brush like a sword and let it flow naturally. I tend to get awful burning in my muscles after painting, so I'm hoping I have found a loophole.

I am grateful for my ability to keep busy. I rarely suffer boredom, although I do suffer frustration when FMS holds me back from playing guitar or painting. I used to play my guitar for hours, but now it's minutes.

If anybody is reading this, I would be interested in hearing if you reward yourself with pleasures as I do and what are they? :)

I hope you're all having a great weekend.


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Morning Gem I paint as well hands permitting just at moment rather enthusiastically we have a new super store full of goodies. I am actually trying to produce some illustrations for a book dont know if they will work yet but I love it.

Yesterday made big mistake sat and sewed for a couple of hours and my upper back is now ridiculous, Hay ho when will we learn xgins


Hiya Gem I read to relax and ease the pain. Once ur in the book in the action of the book ur brain isn't focusing on the pain u are in. The only draw back is my kidle causes pain while I'm holding it. Also I have dry eye syndrome so when that flares up I can't focus. I laugh at it the irony lol. I honestly think reading helps me with my illness and as a coping mechanism for the pain. It's good to hear that ur painting works that way for u. Soft hugs xx


Hello Ladies

I knit and crochet designing lots of diverse items that are Vintage Inspired.. I have had a very bad week of sleepless nights and pain.. but you have made my day..

Many Thanks sending you all a Welsh hug



I paint and draw and love to garden. But right now im still trying to decorate my house but its a sloooooow process. I do a day then rest a week or two! If im lucky I can decorate for two days but not without pain for any amount of time. My art work is my passion tho. I keep asking for help to dig me a veg patch at the bottom of my garden which was once used as a rubbish dump! But alas it is still not done. One spade full and my back is crippled =(

I think whatever we do leaves us with a punishment so yeh I agree, make it worth the while xx


Hello Gem and all,

I have recently joined the site and had hoped to find some people who are creative, and here you are :)

I know that awful feeling of being awake when the rest of the world seems to be asleep.

I would love to be able to see your Indian Gem lol I have one too. He`s a funny looking guy but I like him.

I became part sighted some time ago. It drove me crazy not being able to exercise or read much. I had just moved to this area and did not know a soul. Still don`t really. But I was an active gardener/writer and painted occasionally so had every intention of meeting people. I started to `doodle` little shapes from boredom/frustration, now the sitting room is full of my strange geometric paintings. I also write poetry and odd bits. I was encouraged to enter an art competition earlier this knew it wouldn`t come in, but it was great having the experience.

Do you have an art group near by?

Sorry if I have rambled on too much.

Best Wishes



I read the comments daily and am shocked at how your lives mirror mine! I also like to paint and do canvas, which I have done for my granddaughter. I love being creative and enjoy doing them but takes me up to a week to get over it. I managed to walk around a small shop with my husband last week, got home, fell asleep for 3 hours and anyone would think I had done a marathon! It's just nice to know (tho not for you!) that I am not the only one as the pain, sleepless nights and numerous ailments upset me as a woman, mother, wife and nanny! My husband is my carer and he shouldn't have to do this at 42! Sending love and healing to u all Kathryn x


I usually go for a walk along the beach or if unable to walk I will just sit on one of the benches and watch. Day or middle of the night, it doesn't matter. The sea calms me and as each wave come in and then flows out again I visualise my pain going with it. It relaxes my muscles and the pain does ease a lot. I also give myself Reiki whilst sitting on the bench. If it's throwing it down with rain then I will just sit in my car with the window down.

When the FMS isn't too troublesome then I will so some embroidery on my machine but this can also bring on terrible back ache for the whole of the day so I do limit it to small amounts of time sitting and then the same moving around. I have a kitchen timer set so that I don't get too engrossed in the designs I am sewing. Except that if I am at a stage I am unable to leave the machine then I can get too carried away and still be sat there when the timer goes off again!

When my eye sight is affected then I will sit and listen to an audio book, the local libraries have many of them and if you’re on benefits then they are free to hire. Do be aware though that if the book is a good one then whole days can pass by in a flash.


I sew. Always have done and find it so relaxing , doing that and listening to the radio or one of my CDs at the same time.Being creative is such a good distraction because, in your head, you are always planning the next project. It is also nice to chat about sewing to other people and to look at what other people do for inspiration/instruction. Actually, while sewing I don't think about any discomfort too much unless things are at full throttle, it tends to be afterwards .

I hope, Gem, you have a better night tonight. Keep painting.


I like to read, and I also do creative writing, tho' sitting with my laptop is becoming increasingly painful.

I find that I have little free time, 'cos I'm houseproud, and it takes me soooo long to get my flat clean and all my laundry neatly ironed and put away.

I long for the days when I could scoot round and have it all done in an hour or so, plus full-time work, and still have time for hobbies and entertainments.

Ah well, I was the original party girl, so I packed a lot of living into my active years, and nobody can take away those memories! xxx


Hi its nice to hear that so many on here are into creative activities. I enjoy creative writing when I can sit for some time, but I find now that it is too uncomfortable to sit through a movie as sitting still in such a tight place makes the pain more intense and I then cannot concentrate on the film. I used to love walking but now struggle to walk down the street let alone five to seven miles as I used to just for the pleasure of walking. Wether in or out of pain I now find I cannot sleep for more than two hours a night and wake exhausted before I even start the day. I am an avid reader and love losing myself in historical crime and murder mystery novels and it acts as a distraction from the pain and inability to do things I used to find easy.



Hi I write children's stories. Amazing how much more creative my brain is when I can't sleep. I know when I'm really bad when I can't focus.....and when I'm really good when I can't find the time lol.....


Hi stepper I am in the middle of a series can I ask who you publish through? It would marvelous to have insider information on publishing or have you not got there yet xgins


Hi gins. No I haven't published yet. I have one read and plan to go through kindle to do it. I'm stuck on the tax forms right now lol. Happy to share any info with you though x stepper


I draw - mainly card-style stuff. I've got my own little character, and her pets & stuffed toys. My nearest & dearest (and a few work colleagues) have said I should sell them, but - as I guess is always the way - I'm just not convinced that they're good enough! I also read, use my Nintendo DS or tablet PC (the stylus option is great, as I can hold it differently, dependent on my hands), and daydream. The daydreaming is great - no pain-free appendages required! xx


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