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Swollen feet..causing pain!!!


Hi does anyone on here have heavy swollen legs...My feet swell up one worse than the other and to bend my toes is very painful,almost to the point of thinking the skin will burst open. I also cannot lift that leg feels like it is stuck to the floor. lol , I am on water tablets but still my feet do not go down!! Every thing that happens of late seems to be full on ....hips hurt more....hands don't bend very well. Feel like a cross between The Tin Man and a Michelin Man :-) doesn't help lift you eh !! I could do with a big ((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))) but even they hurt,or I fall over :-)

Oh well at least I can send Virtual Gentle Hugs to you all xxx :-)

Thanx again for listening to my woes,I hope you all have a better weekend x x x

Rainbowdancer. x x

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Yes, I get swollen hands and feet, but yours may be water retention. x


hi yes i get swollen hands and feet too, can be so painfull, if i lay flat on the floor there is no way i can lift my legs at all .... my knees are starting to get sore too

hugs with wool

ps stay warm x

sending you a big gentle hug [X]



m feet are swollen but GP says they're not too bad - he doesn't live with them! They are starting to get deformed now too. My knuckles swell too, but not the rest of my hands -wierd!

Very, very painful. Hugs to all x

rainbowdancer, I'm sending gentle hugs esp for you, can I have one back? I feel very much in need of a hug

You certainly can..we all need hugs don't we . I don't get any fisicle hugs so virtual ones are fine. My family give me a wide birth " because there is always something wrong with you " as if I am contagious which I know I am not!! lol :-)

So here we go (((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Lots of love and Light

Rainbowdancer x x x

big fluffy-as-a-cloud hugs to all!


((((( gentle hugs all round )))))

I rarely get swollen feet and if I do I treat them as I did when I was pregnant. Lie down, feet propped up on pillows with a lacky to place cold wet towels on them, when the swelling goes down rotate ankles a lot, stretch feet and get afore mentioned lacky to rub lotion or body butter into feet and ankles.

Sleep with feet outside covers and have a fan blowing on them helps especially after they have just had lotion rubbed in.

((((( more gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


I get swollen feet, some days much worse than others. they go red and blotchy and visibly swollen. some days i can have my foot on the floor and my toes don't touch the floor as my feet are so swollen. i have numbness and pins and needles as norm, and if i point my toes i get a most disturbing burning pins and needles sensation up the top going down into my big toe. also, when walking it feels like the tendons at the top of my feet are going to snap. i also have plantar fasciitis, so all in all, my feet are painful even if they're not swollen.

fun times.

hi hun , i get swollen feet etc. i am under a rheumatoid doctor at the hospital when my feet get swollen i ring up and get an sos appointment they give me a steroid injection and swollen legs feet arm etc go down within a few days.. hope this helps.

gentle hugs xxx

This sounds like lymphoedema. I have it in both legs and in my right arm. Water tablets will not work. My legs swell up, but I do have compression stocking which help most of the time. My legs resemble orange peel and have like little pustules (!) that have burst a number of times. This had led to cellulitis and antibiotics. Your GP can diagnose lymphoedema and refer you to a specialist. Good luck!!

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