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Throbbing pain in feet and legs


Hi does anyone have a really bad throbbing pain in the feet and lower legs when they lay down at night my legs feel very heavy and my feet are red hot I feel like I have walked miles I also have pbc and osteoporosis its really getting me down I only have about 2hrs sleep a night tia xx

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Hi Sophie, my feet, legs and ankles hurt all the time. When I relax & put my feet up, they all throb, feel very heavy and the soles of my feet burn too. I dont get much sleep either at night and im knackered all day long. So yes, you are not alone. Xx

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with this and I can relate to what you are saying. I have an adjustable bed and tend to raise my leg whenever it gets too bad. I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi Sophie/mattoid-mags

I too suffer in this way. My feet, ankles, hands and wrists ache constantly even when relaxing. I don't need to be on my feet for very long before they burn and throb and my legs feel really heavy. My hands feel hot and stiff and I have trouble opening packaging, holding on to things and lifting pans etc. I also experience knee, hip, elbow, shoulder joint and leg and arm bone pain. I have PBC, osteoporosis and have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the hands and feet. Sleep........whats that!!!!

I have asked my GP and consultants why I should be experiencing all these aches and pains, my PBC consultant doesn't think its anything to do with PBC, my rheumatologist discharged me and just told me to take pain which hardly touches the pain, and the GP suggested I try and loose some weight....

So in my case its just grin and bear it...... I'm 55 but feel 80...... and wonder how am I going to feel and cope when I am 80!!!

I hope you get answers.

Thanks for your replies it sucks doesn't it my liver specialist says he thinks I have fibromylagia he said he would refer me about this but thats months ago and I dont think theres any tests to say you have got it I also have pain in different parts of my body especially my hands and back feels like a knife going in good luck everyone xxx

Hi, mumofthree, Sophie, I am going to ask my GP to send me for x-rays on my feet because I'm starting to think that it isn't all caused by my fibro. I have OA in my hips, left hip is always slightly swollen. I have also got OA in my lumbar spine, so perhaps I could have it in my feet & ankles too. PS... Started getting joint pain in my fingers & toes as well lol what else can possible happen?? Wishing you both well, Mags xx

How were you diagnosed with fibromylagia plz ? Xxx

My GP diagnosed me after various tests to rule out other conditions.

I have primary billlerey cirrhosis and other autoimmune diseses also osteoporosis and vitamin d deficiency I wonder if the meds cause fibromylagia has anyone any idea what causes it xxx

Sorry you have so much going on, bless you. No, meds wouldn't cause Fibromyalgia. It can be hereditary. No one is sure what actually causes it, but it has been noted that it is usually triggered by something or other. Maybe depression, anxiety, some type of trauma like a marriage breakdown, road traffic accident or indeed another illness.- amongst other things. X

I'm wondering if you've had your thyroid checked. Hypothyroidism can cause numerous severe problems. I used to take something for this, but because difficulties with switching doctors, I quit. Three months later and I'm in agony with painful legs and feet and no sleep. I'm going to start on my meds again, but unfortunately it take weeks to see a difference. Look up thyroid problems, I.e.

Hi I myself suffer with The awful pains in my feet ,legs , lower back & arms plus my hands, at the moment I feel its the worst attack , & makes me feel real low within myself, I so wish that a cure was available , as would wish such pain on no one , All I can do is wish you all as well as myself to be totally pain free , Love Peace & Light

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