Advanced Rehabilitation Physiotherapy & Hydropool ~ Day 1

Just a quick note. I attended my first session of Advanced Rehabilitation Physiotherapy & Hydropool therapy on Thursday. I was sent there by the Rheumatologist that diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, although the waiting list was quite long.

I have always enjoyed active sports and exercise, so it was fun. I am booked in to attend four times a week for eight weeks. I have to be honest though, I woke up to go back on Friday and I had to phone in to tell them I couldn't make it as I was aching from head to toe.

What I was a little weary of, was that it wasn't a group of people with Fibro, but a group of diverse accidents and injuries such as slipped discs and broken legs. When I told the physiotherapist why I was there, she admitted to knowing very little about Fibro.

The hydropool was amazing, although I had expected a relaxing soak, not the workout that I was put through,but it was lots of fun and a great day out.

I go back on Tuesday and I am looking forward to it now my muscles are easing. I would highly recommend this therapy to the younger sufferers.

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  • Hi, I had app at the mineral clinic in bath that specialise in our condition, I'm going on a programme which includes all that you said, I feel very lucky as a lot of folks don't get this treatment, very blessed

    Regards Nicki xxxx

  • is it the fibro coping skills programme that you are going on? I did it just over a year ago (at Bath) it was good, I learnt quite a bit. Good luck!

  • I assumed this treatment was a standard treatment for Fibro I'm sorry. I had no idea that only some could have it. What do others get?

  • I went for hydrotherapy yesterday, my session was short & was cut by 5mins because I was struggling. I loved it but the journey entailed 10 mins walk to bus + 5 mins stand while waiting, 55 mins bus then 25 mins walk (my speed) to hospital. All this for 15mins relief, then of course the return journey home! I have been really unwell since. I'm due to go again next week but I think I will have to cancel!!!

  • That's an awful journey.I saw a notice at my hospital about hospital transport. I was also told that if you receive benefits, you can claim your expenses back. I was just wondering if you could apply for a taxi to take you. I'm sure it would be much more beneficial if you didn't have to go through that.

  • I think it all just depends what your hospital has to offer rather than the same treatment fir all.

    I have been going to a 'self hydro session' for about 9 yrs now, well before I was diagnosed with fibro. they call it general mobility. we did main sessions with the Physio then go off to do them on your own. think they give you about 6 sessions as the norm with the Physio but I had about 14 or more so it depends in the individual. we pay to use the pool. it's not much but better than a cold swimming pool.

    make sure you rest up when you get home and drink loads of water. they should have told you that. to benefit by the nest day you need good rest and loads f fluids, the aching the following day should ease, it's early days yet and you are cramming a lot into shariat timespan. good luck xx

  • I nagged my doc for hydrotherapy, it took a while but I was accepted...It was awful, I wasnt able to do the set exercises, everyone apart from me had no mobility issues and even attempting them was painful. The physio taking the class came and spoke to me about my illnesses and said I was welcome to stay but I was in the wrong class, just to do what i could and she would change my classes.That was months ago.. I went to docs this week and he asked me why I had discharged myself and that I would have to arrange my own hydro from now on.

  • There's nothing in wales :( I'm trying to get referred to bath asmy mums friend who has fibro went there and goes to stay for a week respite, each time she has aflare up and feels great after.

  • Hi yes bath is where I'm going, it's from what I've read not everyone is blessed with having this treatment on there doorstep and may have to travel or there hospital doesn't do the package that's on offer in bath or relevant hospitals or have to fight for help or a diagnoses, I personally feel very blessed to be receiving the help from the mineral hospital and my doctor who used to work at mineral hospital so she has knowledge of condition

    Regards Nicki xxxx

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