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hydropool & IST SHOWER!

off to the hydropool tomorrow going to enjoy my first shower since last september only been having a strip wash but i'm looking forward to the pool working some magic on me poor joints etc;

have to get an appointment too hopefully for tuesday a i have a terrible ache in my pelvis and constantly needing to wee a lot either cos of my diabities getting worse or cist on my overies or water infection, heck whats it like? having a choice of complaints lol!!

hugs to you all xxx

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Hi poppy,

You enjoy that shower. Mine is broke so i am having to get baths when i can but it kills me and someone always has to be with me. Most days i have to wash down as i just dont know if i can get in.

Hope you get your problem sorted lol. I know how you feel lol.

hugs, kel xxxx


thanks kel, i do intend to enjoy : ) xx


Hi Poppy you enjoy hydro, I love being in the pool, its so relaxing on those poor old muscles! Do take a bottle of water with you as it does make you thirsty & you will need a jolly good rest afterwards!! huggles xx


thanks bubble will do hugs poppy xx


Poppy, wish I could share the hydropool with you they are fantastic and you will love it I am sure, infact I am going to google if there is one in my area other than at the Hospital.

Hugs x x x x x


enjoy your Hydro, I go every week and wouldn't be without it now. Think I've been going about 9 years now.. at our hosp, after you have done the sessions with the physio, you get to join a 'self help' group. We pay, but its not much, and we just continue doing the exercises that we learnt with the physios.

You'll need to rest up for the remainder of the day as it will really knock you out, but you should feel some benefit tomorrow. make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards as it really dehydrates you.

Let us know how you get on xx


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