Fibromyalgia Awareness Day done!

Hi everyone, Ive just got back from doing a 3 hour session on a stand to raise awareness of fibro.

I also had some literature about mental health awareness week so I feel that I have helped raise awareness of quite a few conditions.

Our stand was run by our local fibro support group at the local hospital. I had many good conversations with people of all sorts of ages.

The main concern that was raised is the ignorance of fibro. I think we are becoming more aware of mental health conditions. For me one of the biggest symptoms of fibro is depression so I couldnt talk about one without the other.

Im completely exhausted now, but at least I feel as though I have done some good work. We must keep talking to others about fibro and hopefully there wont be this ignorance.

Take care everyone and enjoy the weekend.


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  • How wonderful well done you Golfer15 I think that deserves a loud round of applause. I am sure you have raised Fibro awareness with many people today who may not have even heard about it before. Give yourself a great big pat on the back my dear you deserve it.

    Mo xx

  • Thanks for your message. I didnt do this to get thanks but I appreciate it anyway. Sometimes helping others can help ourselves.

    My main point was to try to encourage other sufferers of fibro that they can help others, even if it is only in a small way. Maybe start a conversation in the local shop. We could start the conversation by saying 'how are you' and then when they return with 'how are you' just say 'I could be better if it wasnt for fibromyalgia'. If they want to know more then they will ask. Just use your discretion by the way others respond. Dont go on unless they seem interested. Nobody likes to hear others problems, unless there is an interest.

    Dont be afraid to talk about fibro. We need to raise awareness daily. Not just once a year.


  • Hi there David I am sure you did what you did for very selfless reasons. Like everyone who does their bit to help Fibro awareness in any small way they can. But imo they still deserve a thumbs up for been so selfishly giving when they are struggling themselves. So I applaud all those who help to bring awareness to the fore front. Or support those who may need a friendly ear. xx


  • Well done you, I wish

    I had a local support group near me.

  • Oh that's fantastic David, well done you, as you say it's the same with mental health, even though they are supposed to be all the money ploughed into it, I haven't seen much signs of anything changing. Well you have definitely earned a good rest honey xx

  • Well done I can imagine you need a lie down after that.

    I am sure as you say you rarely have one without the other. Many people with anxiety and depression then find they have fibro and many people who had no anxiety or depression before they had fibro start to develop it because if the unrelenting nature if our illness. It is good that you could speak with authority about both.x

  • You really are a star Golfer15....Well done! I had planned to have a coffee and cake morning but unfortunately it fell through..hey ho!!!!

  • Hi David

    You have had a long day, well done for the time and effort of bringing fibro and all of it's accompanying conditions including depression to the fore.

    I am with you about the ignorance of fibro, nobody seems interested as it is a chronic condition you don't die from. I have had doctors who give the expression I am delusional and it is a made up illness for a bunch of symptoms which are in my imagination, and from reading on the forum, there are others who have had the same experiences. :(

    Don't be modest David, you have done a grand job, and I know I can can speak for others who are all respectful of your efforts today.

    Well done too to all the other volunteers of raising the fibro and putting it out there!



  • Good work David nice to hear from you again xxxxx

  • Great work David, it's really important work you are doing.

    Make sure you rest up now and take it easy.

    Gentle hugs,

  • Hi Golfer15

    Well done to you my friend. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Well done you Thankyou you have probably helped many people

  • Thanks Trina, I enjoyed the day. I'm tired today so still in bed, but got a chiropractor appointment at 1pm so better not forget that. I forget things all the time.

    Have a good day.


  • It's good you got to talk to different people about it David, I hope you are well rested now.

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