Day 2

I attended my second session of Advanced Rehabilitation Physiotherapy today. I felt much more comfortable with others this time, and I thoroughly enjoyed the hydropool again, but tonight I am hurting all over. I've got terrible burning in my groin muscles, I have a throbbing ankle and knee and my chest feels although it's being sat on. I don't think I recovered properly from Thursday's session and I am worried that I have to do this up to four times a week for eight weeks.

I LOVE exercise, sport and Yoga, and I am completely thrilled to have a target to work towards. However, this pain is very severe and nothing like I have ever felt before. I have tried ice on my ankle tonight, but it was very painful and, three hours later, my skin is still freezer-cold. I would love to know if ice benefits anybody else. (?)

I told the physio that I will be back Thursday next, but I'm not sure if I am supposed to rest until the pain eases or work through it. I'll be gutted if this is not for me as it really is enjoyable, I really like the group of people I am with and I am looking forward to making a woven stool in Occupational Therapy.

I have maxed out the daily limit of painkillers already, it's very late and everybody is asleep and I can't even lift the kettle to make myself a cuppa.

So, that's day 2 over with. Only 22 days left to go lol.

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  • hi gemarella can you not phone physio and ask about resting or working thro the pain ? i find a hot water bottle helps more than ice, sending you warm healing hugs x J

  • Heat is better than ice. Yes rest rest rest. Your mitochondria have to restore themselves. 4 times a week sounds far too much. Can you halve that for twice as long? The pain is coming from a toxic overload much like marathon runners get when hitting that wall. I love to exercise but if I'm going to survive is has to be within a self pacing regime. Listen to your body and don't let them push you. Xxx

  • when i did hydrotherapy they wouldnt let me do more than once a week. I find heat helpsmore than ice.

  • when i did hydrotherapy they wouldnt let me do more than once a week. I find heat helpsmore than ice.

  • i had hydrotherapy and found it very soothing and enjoyable,i can be more mobile in water with less pain but like most others suffer afterwards.its a real shame.i struggle typing my hands hurt ,and i keep losing my letters its almost like they have disappeared.i am on 600mg gabapentin 3 times day 20mg 1 nightly,sometimes i sleep like last nite awful ,my face and eyes were twitching,my neck was aching,kept adjusting my pillow.Fibro is an absolute nightmare,ihurt allover now,huh!gettin brain fog now.will speak later.

  • Hi, Ice should only be applied for 10 minutes max at a time. What sometimes helps is alternating between ice and heat. I know for me that heat helps me better, but ice is better on a sprain. Taking arnica 30c or rhus tox 30c (homoepathic remedies) can also be a great help for aches and pains. Keep up the good work, it will get easier.

    Hugs x

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