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I am sure but no one else is they think am mad regarding my 12 yr old Why wont they listen!!!

She is a 'mini me' and the only child out of 4 that gets unwell alllll the time then recovers like any and then down again.

She has had Shingles round her bra line few months back and every so often i hear De ja vu (i think thats rite haha) she gets allllll the things i have had from foggy head, to feeling like her body is not hers like floating Arms ache, back ache , bad heads, words mix up , trip ups, out of breath , alsorts of things !!

At 1st she was just ohh porly as 11 at time tgen i had a word with Dr a new one we had and she shook her head and said no chance more or less, then i seen another one but unless my daughter has the blood tests will never know!!

She suffers with her stomache allll the time and toothaches you name it.

Once you have had shingles or Epstein barr ( glandular fever it stays dorment and can trigger at any time)

Everutime i hear her say another symptom it gets to me more & more as she is just a child

She gets upset and says why do i have to keep having these stupid things mum i just want play foitball , wehad to cancel 3 so far inc training and she loves it.

I went through a really bad time when late teens i got A very rare form of Glandular fever and was seriously ill for months but when you recover you forget. When i get anything i get it goid and now mine is here to stay!!

Hubby says dont be daft, she just a normal child having problems And then she txt him through nite saying dad i dont feel rite my body does not feel my own and along with feeling rough too bless i think my hubby is slowly listening to me.

Only i now feel rough more and more with flare ups

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It must be very hard for you to cope with your own health issues as well as trying to care for your daughter. Us mums know our children better than anyone else though so if you continue to worry about her health issues perhaps you should push for her to have more tests. In the meantime I think it is important that we listen to our children and give them loving support, exactly as you are doing. Knowing that you believe her and care about her is crucial for her emotional well being too. Love to you both. Jane x


poor you -and your daughter! It must be really difficult for you to reassure her, it must be frightening for her. Don't forget that there are people on here who are on your side & are who understand. I do hope that things settle down soon for you both. x


My suggestions ...............

Write it all down Cazzie, all your daughter's medical problems and complaints. Then once you have reviewed it with your daughter and hubby put it into a letter or list give to your GP. Book a double appointment for your daughter and take along hubby too. Then ask the Doctor to read your list or letter and say if this is normal for a girl of 12? Don't take "Yes" for an answer - you'll need hubby on side to reinforce what you are saying. Demand that your daughter's problems are taken seriously and that they are followed through with blood tests and referalls eg to a Rheumeologist or Peadeatrician.

If you have no joy do through the same process with another GP until you get somewhere.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

JUlie xx


U n ur daughter r like twins to me n mine. Keep pushing, keep records of evryfin. Nag the docs, change if u hav to. Try reiki, it really helps n check 4 any food intolerances. We hav loads which make fibro worse. Good luck :)


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