Does firbo affect heart rate pulse etc

I finally went to see GP about this on Thursday and he changed some of my meds and is going to sort out a 24 hour ECG as pulse was soo fast (even after just sitting for 30 mins waiting quietly to see him). Sometimes when I am just sitting my heart starts racing away and occasionally it make me feel a bit sick and dizzy (like yesterday getting off a packed tube on my way home from work) Luckily a lady noticed and took me up to the mainline train station and found me a seat near where my next train would leave from.

Its all so weird to get used to



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  • Your medication can make a difference some times

    My BP tends to be very low but I know it my medication.

    It just may be one of those things, don't worry

    To much an ECG will tell your doctors what

    Is going on or maybe it happens when you

    Are stressed I will not go on the tube as it

    Makes me very stressed. I know you said that

    He was going to give you an ECG, for 24 hours.

    But did he do a ECG for you and if so what did

    It show

    I have read that fibro can effect the heart some times

    But I have never met any one who has had a problem

  • I have just been referred to check an irregular heart beat that I've had for some time (I've had fibro for years although no "official" diagnosis 4 separate consultants & my GP all agree). GP says that it could "premature ventricular contraction" and that this is sometimes found in people with fibro - although as we all know fibro doesn't do "usual... usually!!!

    I wore a heart monitor for 10 days for them to diagnose this after a few episodes of fainting/nearly fainting and just (Friday) had an ultra sound to check all my arteries as I had an aneurysm in one of my pelvic ones but this hasn't got worse and my other arteries are fine, including the big aorta artery so that was a relief. The aneurysm and irregular heart beat are most likely unrelated though I think.

    Basically I get 3 - 4 hard beats of my heart that are slightly fast, then a gap that would fit between 2 - 3 of those beats then another 3 - 4 of the strong fast ones - they are really noticeable and I can "feel" them in my throat and because they seem so loud to me often wonder if others can hear them!!! This can make me feel breathless and a bit "spacey" but is (I believe) otherwise harmless. This doesn't seem to change when I have caffeine but certainly reacts to stress (for that read ESA & DLA assessments!!!) It will keep me awake at night when it happens when I'm trying to get to sleep. However I sometimes check my pulse when I feel OK only to find that it IS happening and that I've just not been aware of it... Perhaps I've just got used to it over the years.

    My husband strangely enough has the same condition but his is, I feel, worse. He is now on tablets to stabilize and regulate his heart rate, which is greatly affected by even the smallest amount of caffeine - he really cannot tolerate caffeine in anything no matter how small. He has a very stressful job - and me to look after (!!!) - but the tablets help no end.

    One of my sons has what I would call a "slippy" pulse, which is somewhat similar but doesn't have the strong beats to it. So I wonder if this a "new" condition for you...? Or have you maybe always had an irregular pulse that you perhaps just weren't aware of?

    My son has always had this. I discovered it as a baby (being a neonatal nurse) I always used to take their "normal" pulse rate/temp so that I could compare this to when they were poorly and discovered very early on that he had this really noticeable irregular slippy pulse while the other two were very regular, steady heartbeats. I guess we're just all different!!!!


    I hope that helps...?

  • Don,t know if it's a symptom of fibro but I have in the last year reacted very nastily ( to me) to caffiene have had to cut down to one cup of coffee a day and no other drinks that contain it or my heart seems to beat very hard and fast (for me) it's a horrible feeling... just having one cup of coffee a day sorts it out completely .. I do occasionally feel like my heart skips a beat I feel like I lose m breath completely .. Bit weird.. But it's been doing that very occasionally for aout 12 years so I guess it's nothing serious.

    VG x

  • Hi there

    I have fibro and for 3 months my heart is too fast I've had the 24 hour tape done just waitin on results .i was told its automomic dysfunction sometimes happens in fibros. Thanks Michelle

  • Hi. A bit late I know, but thank you for your answers. I think what you have all said really makes sense and many of the circumstances you related to your experiences have also been mine.

    I can now worry less about it and get on with other stuff.



  • Mine is very fast, 108 beats at rest! turns out I have Graves disease, auto immune system attacking my thyroid as it thinks it's an enemy. This causes rapid heartbeat, muscle weakness, shaking, & depression. Most of those are Fibro symptoms, so wasn't picked up for a while. Just started "taking the tablets" so hope I will feel better in a month or so. Have you had yours checked? x

  • Please click on the link below which will take you to our main site where there is an article on

    Autonomic Dysfunction in Fibromyalgia Syndrome where it mentions rapid heart beating, palpitations etc -

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