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ESA Appeal Victory!!!!

Yesterday I had my dreaded ESA appeal......I woke up after very little sleep feeling like a nervous wreck and deeply sick but I managed to dress myself quite nice (my friend hissed at me the night before 'don't wear red lipstick!!!') I put my lipstick's one thing feeling like you're dying but I won't turn off who I am to make people believe I'm ill. I took a great friend who visibly has arthritis and they asked her if she was there for her appeal!! They asked me some difficult questions relating to my claim last year...I said 'I can't remember last week!!' But answered the best I was then the stress of the situation hit me and they saw my health decline. I was able to explain my symptoms moved around my body when and how they felt like it...the different types of pain, the impact of stress, the real risk of burnout and the struggle to parent my kids and run a home. I told them in my own words about some of the alternative treatments I use and how i have to build up energy to do things. It was hard and draining....fibromyalgia doesn't fit the guidelines within which they work so they put a special note asking i be left alone for a year...i came home with a terrible migraine, pain and deep fatigue but glad I got then to understand the impact fibromyalgia can have on a persons day to day living. I've not slept a wink....I've got a leak in my bathroom but I am relieved and happy!!

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So glad you've at least managed to get a year's respite from all their probing and poking! Good for you!

Moffy x


Thank you very much Moffy! X


well done susie!


Thank you Sandra....hopefully they're starting to understand the impact of invisible illnesses :-)


I wasn't so lucky - I tried really hard to be honest - the guy just looked scornfully at me, raised his eyebrows and huffed a lot - I'm appealing :-( dreading it - worried sick - I would love to go back to work....please make me well again and I will gladly work the 47hours a week, for minimum wage, that I used to before this dreaded syndrome took hold of my life !!!!


Do so feel for you Bearess.

You see this is the real thing with us fibro sufferers, we so want to return to work.

I am retired now, but I remembered when I went to an Atos medical

The doctor was appalling that's the only word I can use for him.

He put me through the ringer, with question after question.

I thought this is not about me not being able to work with fibro.

It's about I can work and what ever I say in my defence you are not going to take the

Slightest bit of notice about what I am telling you.

I wish you every bit of success with your appeal, because you know what? You deserve every penny and then some.

Best wishes bibileatherdale


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