George Osborne - Can you fathom?

I see today he wants to slash EXTRA £10 billion from the Welfare bill, on the basis that he cannot correct the budget deficit purely from "the wallets of the rich"! 1. One rich wallett covers an awful lot of small change buried down the sofa etc. from the poor, which lets face it is all he has left to many people. 2. He has again stressed he is not responsible for the size of the deficit which is worse than he thought, but stops short of mentioning that many of those same "rich-walleted" people are as rich as they are because the system that helped to create the deficit was the one that filled to overflowing those same wallets. 3. I wonder how much of the deficit could be wiped out at a stroke just by stopping Mr & Mrs Rich Wallet avoiding their LEGAL & MORAL tax obligations as they stand right now? The mind boggles, and just how do these people sleep at night? Oh yes, in their luxuriously comfortable beds and NO conscience or compassion!

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  • Also have you seen his other comment?

    If your curtains are shut in the morning you must be a benefit scrounger! What about the ill, disabled and shift workers, if you're neighbours don't know you, then you'll be labelled. The bloody conservatives are just causing unrest. I am sure they are doing it on purpose!

  • Of course they are - I think they just want to deflect people's frustration by throwing attention onto the most vulnerable. We are just easy targets!

  • Of course they are, by strategically stirring up negative attitudes to the disabled, disadvantaged and unemployed they can quite happily justify the massive cuts they seem so hell bent on inflicting onto societies most vulnerable. Being disabled or unemployed is not a choice many would want, but beware those who castigate us, remember it COULD happen to you.

    What they selectively fail to point out time and time again, is that many of these people have worked for years, thus have paid into the system via tax/nhi contributions, which is supposed to be a safety net for when people are in hard times. Much of which is inflicted on them by so many jobs going and unemployment figures rising. BUT we created over a million jobs in the last year...then why is unemployment rising?? Next thing they will be moaning how much the unemployment rate is zooming up...due to all the disabled and those barely clinging to life being found fit for work you idiots!!

    They very adeptly "massage" figures and statistics to suit their own nasty ends. They also selectively fail to mention the millions in work who receive benefits, ie housing and tax credits, as the minimum wage we should be grateful to receive is barely above poverty level.

    Discriminating, liars, cheats and thieves the whole scheming, sly underhanded lot of them. You would think Scameron would have some empathy towards the disabled given his own personal circumstances, this just makes the whole matter far worse.

    Oh my, end of vent obviously a sore point here lol

    Take care all

    Jan xx

  • Oh wow well put that was and I absolutely love the name "Scameron" How totally apt is that??

  • Why thank you enazena, took several attempts but got there in the end. of the kinder words i've used, the rest are barely printable lol. ...f**kwit being one of them lol, very apt.


  • Like that one too lol ;) xxx

  • They are doing this to protect themselves, what about his income? Would he take a cut??? NOOOOO no chance at all! Liars , cheats and thieves, thats what they are. Moan over x

  • Moan fully justified!

  • Hmmm I can see this both ways... I have heard that he is going to stop housing benefit for all people under 25 ... Basically saying if you can't afford to move out of your parents home then don't do it.... I can agree with that I moved out of my parents house when i was 25 when I used to teach in a deprived. Area where the girls were mainly pregnant by 17 just to get a free council flat .. Not my thoughts the girls actually admitted it and then moaned that the flats weren't nice enough... They had their boyfriends living there but claimed that they didn't .... And got extra benefit for single parent. I think that this is totally wrong.... But what about the vulnerable young people who want to get out of living with disfunctional parents... Are they condemned to suffer. What about the corporate bosses who get millions in bonuses on top of their amazingly well paid jobs... That bonus could be paid to the government to reduce the defecit.. I used to teach .. Fairly well paid .. But no matter how good or bad the children were we never had bonuses and anyone who has taught you know the school holidays are not holidays for teachers... During most holidays apart from a couple of weeks in the Summer school was open for preparing classrooms and work for the next term / year.. Oh yes and marking in the evenings...

    There has been all this talk now. About workers being forced into compulsory pensions so employers take the money out of wages .... Hahaha my husband doesn't earn enough to even qualify for this scheme as it starts with people earning over £9000 a year... That's how little some families get and now they want to take things like dla .... Owwww

    My soap box has collapsed under me

    Rant over then VG x

  • I can see why people lucky enough to have a decent job get so angry when there are always those just taking the State handouts as a lifestyle choice. (I dont understand why people think of that as an option unless there is no choice but still). I dont mean teachers etc. ( who it seems often have a pretty thankless task anyway) Big business, bankers etc. are promised bonuses because tax liabilities are improved with smaller (!HA!) salary and contracts include bonuses as a separate sweetener. Trouble is, bonuses are paid regardless of performance, and as has recently been proven you can bring a bank or even a whole country to it's knees but still claim your bonus. How can they justify continuation of this and still blame previous government for having to hammer the poor to correct our economy now.? The previous government caused horrendous problems, and there are always going to be those wanting to screw the system regardless, but there is now a huge injustice perpertrated by the rich and powerful and their cronies on the poor and powerless. Political ideology is too often more important than vulnerable people, and this is true whatever colour your political beliefs are. Dont forget to recycle your soapbox, I must have got through dozens over the last couple of days!

  • i thought the new guidelines didnt want this sort of post!

  • talking about politics???

  • If he started actually taxing the rich and taking more money off them, we would find it easier to accept, but to say that he needs to slap us for more money, only weeks after it has been widely reported that the only people to benefit from the ConDem government's budgets are the filthy rich and multinational companies ... he must think we're stupid!

    Outraged of Birmingham xx

  • We're just an easy, soft target. They dont have a clue! Just as outraged of Dorset!

  • George Osborne wants to put an end to people getting 'something for nothing' - I see he didn't mention the fat trust fund he inherited

  • Totally understand why getting 'something for nothing' is unacceptable no matter who you are. Trouble is that only seems to be a problem if it is those with nothing to start with!

  • Well, I actually read part of the paper this morning, not something I often do seeing as how it does my blood pressure no good at all - lol! And all over the front page was all this stuff about how the government are putting a stop to benefit scroungers etc! Apparently one of the plans is not to increase benefits for people when they have more children, the implication being that the lazy good-for-nothing scroungers types have nothing better to do all day but make babies for the taxpayer to keep in luxury!

    Anyway, then on about page 4 or so, there was a little story about this woman. Who was a 'gypsy rights worker' and helped HUNDREDS of her people to claim benefits fraudulently. She has been convicted and sentenced, but she isn't being deported because she has a 12year old son who is entitled to complete his education in this country! What is she living on? The story didn't say, but my guess is ...... UK benefits. How does this make any sense? Surely this is the kind of benefit that should be being cut, if any are going to be!

    Is it just me.......? Or is this world as crazy as I think it is?

    So, blood pressure going back to normal after this little rant.

    Have a good day everyone

    Kaz. xx

  • No, it's not just you. This world really is that crazy! Heaven help us all. My blood pressure today must be off the scale, and it's wearing me out!

  • it's the Welfare Bill yet again!! How much more does this guy think he can cut it?? I was told that if all the millionaires in the UK forfeited one quarter of their income the UK's deficit would be wiped out!! It's alright them saying find a job, but where are these jobs? Every week we hear about a company going into administration. The poor people who will now have to look for another job are more likely to find work that they can do!!

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