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Can you do things spontaneously or on impulse?

Does anyone else find that even the smallest of outings or events seem to become a great tactical manoeuvre? I find even a trip to the supermarket has to be planned carefully -- even with a shopping list I still forget what I need!! For outings I have to have several back up plans in case things go wrong!! Everything has to be planned in minute detail. I would love to be able to say on the spur of the moment "let's do this" -- sometimes it just feels easier to stay home and not have to worry about all the forward planning. Fibromyalgia has taken away my impulsiveness. I would love to be one of those people who can book a lastminute bargain holiday -- but I need to start packing a week in advance!! Certainly can't deal with a "surprise" party. How do you feel?xx

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Exactly the opposite which is why fibro is such an evil thing it affects us all differently... I have given up planning things as you can guarantee the tickets we book for anything the day will arrive and I,ll be spark out , in fact it's happened so many times I actually feel really panicky if things are planned in advance as I worry I won't be up to it and I am sure I make myself worse... Now I get up in the morning and if I feel good and the weather is nice I,ll just go to the library or the shops on my mobility scooter yes I have to make a list if I do go out or I will just forget everything but I have had to be spontaneous which is in total contrast to the pre fibro me who used to plan every day out in advance

Isn't it weird how we are all affected differently

VG x


I can so relate to this, It makes life so hard to have to plan every move and it becomes too easy to decline invites and just stick to the things we HAVE to do and stay home. I used to so enjoy a night out with my friends , now I have to make sure I don't do anything on that day and just rest, I go out and get called miserable because I wont dance OR worse I have one too many vodkas and think im 21 again and my God does my body let me know Im not! for the week then I ask myself ...Is it worth it? and 9 times out of 10 I will stay in :-(

I am just trying to work out a weekend to visit a friend who moved to Spain in January, The huge stumbling blocks are A. Id be sleeping on a setee (impossible) B. Its quite remote and I cant walk far :-( and as I go on I talk myself out of going...again :-(

I hate this Fybro...but I refuse to let it rule my life completely although it has changed my life completely.


Hi Kasha why not take an air mattress you can get some very good ones these days, just a thort , sithy


It would have to go on the floor and because of my osteoarthritis and fibro I cant crouch or kneel, I wouldn't be able to get on and off it without a hoist lol mind the idea of spending the weekend on a mattress is appealing :-) thanks x


God I'm an ideot why didn't I think of that I have problems get down to the floor, its jut I was thinking of my sister when she and my dad when they used to visit she used one but then she's only 19 she and my dad came up from Norfolk but her mum never did, my dad don't visit nomore he's not as spry as he used to be he's 67 now and my step mum is 49 he does do a lot of bird watching and astronomy , standing around in the middle of the night looking at the sky is starting to take its tole on his neck and back and his knees .sorry for jot thinking I should have known but the fibro weather is closing in fibro fog is clearing to be replaced by fibro snow and its blowing a right blizzard up here. Virtual hugs. Sithy


I am like VG in that if I plan something in advance, I am liable to have to cancel. Spontaneous this evening, I went out with my daughter. All my friends know that if they plan something, they know I will not make a decision to go until a couple of hours before.

I find that I am so much better when I am abroad, so always try to go on holiday once a year to feel like the old me, where I can walk further and even danced last year. It's amazing what a change in temperature and air can do. Saying that though, I have to sit in the shade as cannot sit in full Sun. They are currently testing me for lupus, which could be why.

Like everything fibro, we are all different in what does and doesn't work for us. Do you think if you spoke to your friend, she may give up her bed for you if you visit. It may be worth asking.


ha ha I don't think she likes me that much jom lol I'm looking at renting somewhere close to her for the weekend....with a bed! :-)


I don't blame you, I couldn't sleep on a sofa either. Hopefully during these hard times you will be able to rent somewhere really cheap.

Good luck and hope you get out to some warm weather.



Hi peeps my mum used to go to Cyprus every year said she felt millions times better for going said she managed to do without her wheelchair while she was there, as to spontaneous the most I've managed was a trip to the garden centre with grandson so he could see the animals he loved it, don't know if we gonna get to have him this weekend as we snowed in at moment will have to see what weathers like on saturday as its started to snow again good job freezers and cupboards are well stocked we have a chest feezer and a fridgefreezer they air both full to gunells as my mum used to say so no spontaneous trips out for the foreseeable future. Virtual gentle hugs for all. Love Sithy


Same here! I have to plan every outing I make, which isn't very often these days!! I have to make sure I can park near the entrance to a store, if not, I'll come home. I am reluctant to stay away for any length of time as I need help on the loo; I have a closemat shower toilet at home and would be really embarrassed if I had an accident while away. It's very isolating, this fibro, it has stopped me from doing so many of the things I used to love doing. XXXX


I feel the same Sue, the mind wants to do all those those things we used to do but our body's let us down, its no wonder depression goes hand in hand with fibro :-) xxx


Couldn't agree more!.

Take tomorrow I am going to a spring fair and am worrying will I be ok?

It is a sad fact for us fibro sufferers.

There you go, but rather in our case will we go?

I try to stay as upbeat as much as I can, and be almost defiant of my symptoms.

people say that is an admiral qualities in me. But some days....

I remember once I asked an elderly man that I knew how he was going.

To which he replied "like Tower Bridge" When I asked what he meant by that

He replied, "up and down of course"!

Well the last few days, Tower Bridge has been very very busy!!



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