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Really bad brain fog?

Brain Fog - headaches, brain packed with solidified cotton wool and my memory and concentration is getting worse - I've tried sub-lingual B12 and Omega 3 - it's just getting worse and in company I just get so spaced out I'm not able to function - and it is not apparent to anyone - nothing is going in - has anyone any suggestions for some sort of relief? Thank you.

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Just a gentle hug. Sorry I have no answers for you. I know now that I get worse and worse until I have a sleep crash and catch up a little. I also go down quickly if there are 3 or more people in the room talking or being hyper and excited. I hope someone comes on with suggestions x


Thanks I get the same thing if there is back ground talking or more than one person that does me in.


Sorry to hear about your struggles. I know how distressing it is to struggle with fog and feel like you're not getting anywhere. Like you've lost control.

Here are my suggestions:

Do you have trouble sleeping? Getting lots of sleep helps, I am a student suffering with this thing so I should know. Although it's not the full answer, it does make a difference. I heard somewhere that eating a kiwi fruit in the evening before bed can have a profoundly positive effect on sleeping, which in turn improves brain function - as of yet I haven't tried it myself but I saw a women with severe insomnia give it a go and it worked wonders for her. Apparently this is because it's converts a brain chemical in melatonine - which makes you sleepy.

For me I have drink a camomile tea each evening and this helps me to also feel calm and ready to sleep. As well as this simply putting 'sleep balm' on your eyelids help you to deel sleepy and drift off..(the one I'm currently on is 'Mum & me sleep tight balm') you can get them from most shops like Boots or Waitrose. Holland & Barrett might sell some too. I will ask my mum where she gets mine from. I know some people who have sleep problems go for prescribed medication - but personally I believe in trying natural things first.. as things like sleeping pills may make you feel drowsy on into the next day.

About a year ago I started taking Cod-liver oil capsules I found my memory and brain function improve a lot too (you can get them from Waitrose), but please make sure you get the gelatine free caps. Otherwise get the liquid version - which may be slightly more beneficial anyway.

I read somewhere here that a supplement called 'Ginkgo' can have a wonderful benefit on fog as well (woman who mentioned them said she hardly gets any fog at all now). I have brought some - also from Holland & Barrett and I'm going to try some myself. :) However, there are some questions as to whether they are compatible with other meds - so I'd advised checking with your doctor.

It sounds so simple but I'm going to say it anyway. Your brain needs water. So try and get plently of it.

Hope this all helps. Also check out the tags. > (Right side of the screen which says 'Popular tags in questions') which mention fog (you may need to click 'see more tags') and this will bring you more information, as there has been loads of ques & answers about 'brain fog' here before.

If I find any of the links which stick in my mind..(not sure when though, because my email with all the records of newsletters have been blocked) then I will post them here.

Good luck! xx

Hugs from me. :) <3


Thank you I've never heard of sleep balm and will take a look in Boots. I've tried everything and Gingko, turning upsidedown to get the blood circulating. Will try to drink more water. My concentration and memory are attrocious and a real concern it's worse for me than the pain and fatigue - I only have a light sleep not a delta sleep. x


No problem. I reckon sleep is probably a v. large part of it, and when you get that sorted, things will hopefully fall into place. :) xx


Quite an interesting article here if you click on the link below - might be worth giving it a try, it can't hurt you, isn't medicinal so no side effects etc -


Great article LibertyZ.

I have not read it all through yet, but I also advise to set yourself up for a sleep even if it does not come.

Move clutter from the bed (I am so guilty of this),

Air the room if it has become stuffy. Turn off TV, have soft music if it does not aggravate.

Soften or turn off lights and lie as comfortably as you are able.

I do this a few times each week so that even if I do not sleep my body rests and so does my mind. I let my mind roam wherever it wants to, when I feel I am taking over on worry, planning etc. I leave it wander again.

I do manage to get a few more hours this way and always feel better refreshed.

Sorry I did not put this up yesterday. I saw no response and was not up to typing.

Blessings xx


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