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Brain fog or something more serious?

I am really struggling with short term memory at the moment. I cannot remember what I have just seen or heard without really concentrating. I switch off very quickly. My husband has to repeat himself a lot. Name memory is dreadful, facial recognition is worsening. I know it may be my overwhelmed body and struggling to concentrate. I'm also a Mum to a 8 month old and he's very alert and a catnapper so I don't get much time or rest. Which I love and I care for him absolutely fine and love it but my memory on other things is getting worrying and I just wondered if others have experienced this? I know there's "mum brain" which I guess is being focused on your baby and everything else goes to the back of the brain! and then theres fibro fog with an overwhelmed nervous system. But I am getting worried and think a trip to a Dr may be in order. I am 30. My fibro has been manageable since having my son and I'm breastfeeding so managing without meds as best I can. So it's not side effects from meds. Any other experiences or support on the issue welcome :-)

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Are you drinking plenty of plain water 2 litres or 3 pints. Also are you taking vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B complex is I feel a good one to take.perhaps a bit of research to check out which vitamins and minerals are good for the memory. I'm often forgetting to take calcium and vit D vitamins. So I have to put them in various places round the house to remind me..

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I have read somewhere that you can suffer "baby brain" for up to two years, so put that with fibro fog and it is no wonder you are all sixes and sevens.

It is distressing when you forget birthdays, faces, appointments, and can't grasp technical instructions, but that is fairly normal for we fibro folk and doesn't mean we are heading towards dementia.

Don't forget stress can make you forgetful too and with a young baby and fibro you are juggling a lot of balls!

Do speak to your doctor if you feel the symptoms are getting worse.

Kay X


I totally understand everything you are going through. My youngest is now 3 but I have spent more than a couple nights googling Alzheimer's and dementia. I am a writer and I have read things that clearly I had written but couldn't remember writing, which scared the crap out of me. But I have good days and bad days when it comes to memory. Fish oil has helped tremendously. But I still have rough times.

I say if you are worried go talk to a dr about it and get his/her opinion. But I wouldn't worry too much, it sounds like normal fibro brain/&mommy brain to me.

Take care × × ×

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Hi Charlie

I thoroughly agree with what the others have said.

I think it is just a combination of baby brain (which bearing in mind your previous job you'll know a lot about), Fibro Fog and then add in stress.

However good our babies are they are all consuming of your time and energy (quite rightly so).

You're also breast feeding and managing without meds.

I'd say you're doing fabulously. My short term memory is absolutely appalling. Could I think of the word "blanket" earlier!!

You have an awful lot going on and I think you are being incredibly hard on yourself.

Instead I think you should be patting yourself on the back instead of beating yourself up.

If you feel you need the added reassurance of course you should see your GP, but I think you should try to relax a bit more and see how well you are actually doing 😊

Take care of yourself

Lu xx


Hi...I agree so much with the answers you have been given....I know it is sometimes embarrassing but if you explain about fibro you can at least have a giggle about it to friends!!!! If you are seriously worried ask your GP for a Dementia test...I did and all turned out okay...Have you tried writing notes to yourself or keeping a diary of things...not easy when you have an 8month old but worth a try....You are not going doolally you are a new Mum with fibro! xx


I've had FM for 23/25 years now. Memory has got increasingly worse. I had, what I thought was a paralysis 11 years ago & doctors refused to investigate. Recently had an MRI scan,which proved I have lose of cervical lordosis in my neck. I have complained about the throbbing in my head,the increased tinnitus,numbness in left side of face & hands as well as down the side of legs. The throbbing in my head could be due to lack of blood supply to the brain, caused by the straightness of my spine in the neck. Having a baby can put a stress on your body especially the spine. I would keep observing how the rest of your body feels. The lack of blood as well as oxygen to the brain can cause confusion & memory lapses.

Gentle breathing & stretching exercises may help. I think we all forget to breath properly when we are stressed.anxious & tired.

Do keep a diary. I write anything in mine. Titles to songs. Appointments. Food ideas & how I feel.

Peace love & light



Charlie, Ive had to live my life off a calender and out of a diary daily since 2001, my fibro fog can get very bad after lack of sleep. When I go to see a doctor I have to write things down on a list so I don't forget to mention something important, when I walk I have to tell my legs to move faster otherwise I dawdle along. Shopping is the same, I have a list as things run out and I have my groceries delivered from on line. This eventually forced me to take early retirement from my job last year as instructions and requests were just not registering. it has improved since I left the stress behind but Iwould rather be at work.

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Hi charlie9

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this, and it is more likely (in my personal opinion) to be a combination effect of tiredness with caring for a bay, Fibro and medication. If you are truly concerned about it being more serious it would not hurt to talk to your doctor about it.

I have to admit that I watched quite a lengthy feature on a News Channel about mum brain and I found it very belittling and degrading concept to put on a woman. It is akin to saying that they are no longer rational human beings? I think women around the world should take to task the men who undertook this research?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi hun,congratulations on ur lovely baby,my daughter is goin through this bein a new mum but setting aside the mummy brain,if uv got fibromialga on top there's no wonder u are forgetting faces amongst other things! I've only just been diagnosed with it but a few years bk I was so scared I was getting dementia!! It's been like that on n of and now I no why! So don't feel alone with this at least u have something to blame it on xx


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