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Another nail

Feeling extremely fed up now but slightly relieved as I have now just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. On consideration though compared to what I have had in the past it should be a breeze. WRONG. I have been diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma in 1993 which I have overcome and gone on to have my family, 2009 was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis due to stray rays from my radiotherapy. The icing on the cake came last week when my GP diagnosed this Fibromyalgia with Chronic Sleep Disorder which is a result of the years of Chemo, I have had symptoms of it for years now but with no clear diagnosis.. I suppose it could have been worse but at the moment I am not so positive. I ache all over, I thought I would be use to pain but this is something else. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can control the pain with out resorting to yet more drugs?

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So sorry that you are feeling so down. Fibro is certainly a tough diagnosis and everybody on this site can vouch for that. However, if you explore this forum you will find that our symptoms can be helped and that both traditional medicine and alternative therapies can make life more bearable. You may find that over time you can learn to pace yourself so that flares are reduced to a minimum. A good GP and/or pain clinic will help you to find your way along this difficult but not impossible path. You will also find good company and a wealth of help and advice from this forum. We are here for you whenever you need some support. Jane x


Many thanks for your reply Jane, I needed to have a vent and moan but am now feeling a bit more positive. I have been reading through these blogs and it seems that the main thing to do is as you say pace myself. Having had Cancer already I have conditioned my brain to live everyday as if it is my last but now that must change and I am having to learn to know when enough is enough and rest, that doesn't come easy. I am trying to refrain from pain relief drugs as I am taking enough tabs that I dont want to take any more so I will be digging out my tens machine and seeing if that helps. Thank you for you support and hopefully as time goes on I may be able to offer help to others. Kate x


This is absolutely the right place to have a well needed moan! Pacing yourself is easier said than done. I am suffering today as I went a bit mad trying to do stuff in the garden yesterday that in a past life I could have done easily. Not had any sleep for the last three nights either due to changing meds so also very grumpy;-)

Your tens machine will be useful, I'm sure. Things like a warm bath, a good massage and wheat bags are also calming and helpful. Different things seem to suit different people but there are things that can relieve your discomfort so don't are not really on the scrap heap just yet. Well, no more than the rest if us anyway!! Jane x


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