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Songs That Mean Something To You!

Songs That Mean Something To You!

We all have songs that mean something to us, something that reminds us of a happy or sad occasion. Songs that makes us feel better, songs we can't resist singing along to, songs we hate and have to switch off! Do you dance along to some songs, or at least try to?!

Let's post titles of songs and the artist's name too if you know it, and if you feel like it post a small piece about what this song or these songs mean to you or what they remind you of, perhaps days or years gone by. You may have been at school, at work, getting married or divorced, having children - it would be interesting to compare notes and opinions on these songs too.

Any instrumental pieces too, tell us about those if they mean something to you!

This is just an idea to take our minds off Fibro for a while, to give us something else to think about for a few moments either posting or reading. :)

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* I dreamed a dream sung by micheal ball.

* Gethsemane by micheal ball - the words are significant of how I felt about being ill, "I'd rather it was me than...." and having had enough "I've tried for 3yrs feels like 30".

* All the time by barry manilow - "if someone would have said You're not alone"

* Variations on a theme by Paganini - the theme to Somewhere in Time

* theme to film Romeo and Juliet

* Local Hero - the whole soundtrack, my relax music.

great topic,



Sandra, definitely I dreamed a dream. I belong to a choir and this is one of our songs. I always end up in tears when I think how it so relates to my life, and that of my dog who passed away 13 years ago

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Morning Sandra what a brilliant topic

*The Holy and the Ivy it always makes me think of my Dad (it usually brings a tear to my eye)

* "Always look on the bright side of life " My Mums song and I try!

* H M S Pinafort I love to sing along hehe I was once cast as the Buxom washer women who was the Captains daliance

*Big panty woman* I am not being rude I sang it in Pantomime very funny

*Like a Bat out of Hell" My daughter and I always sang this as we drove her to University

* any thing by "Queen" love to rock!

*the Four Seasons spring being my favourite

*The Hall of The Mountain KIng - brilliant fast and firey

*Opera *The Turandot *

The Last night of the Proms I love it always sing along to the Sea shanties

I had a classical music up bringing and the consequence is I adore music from Piano to Jazz to Opera so my mind could play this list for a long time Thank you Sandra great fun xgins


Sitting On The Dock of the Bay - Otis reading

When A Man Loves A Woman - (? mind blank!)

Too many all trying to crowd my brain which has now crashed! Nice idea though. May try again later. My husband had a lovely voice and used to sing for me. Happy days! God bless you my darling. xx

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Percy Sledge...xx


Percy Sledge of course. How could I forget that?


LOL how appropriate as I saw gins post above this.....

My all time favourite song has to be .... Now I am showing my age

Don't you forget about me by simple minds..... I loved it as a teenager and everytime during my 20plus years with fibro and other annoying weird medical bits I have been brushed aside by various gps as we moved areas and I would remember this song ... And think ,,, no you are not going to forget about me I am going to keep coming back till I am sorted..

will go and annoy gins now

VG x


Hi Vg. I think you are so right about keeping on going back and annoying doctors when they say something like there is nothing more I can do. If they cannot do something out of their limited knowledge NOW, then they can damned well go back to school, or do some research, instead of just hoping I will go away. Of course when your funds run out it is very difficult to keep on keeping on to make a point


the song out of mamma mia I can still recall our last summer makes me cry every time as it reminds me of my dad ...

my wedding song was stand by me ... but then i wanted i got a brand new combine harvester the worsels cose my huby lived on a farm

what a lovely thought to start a saturday thank you


whenever i hear the wurzels i go back into their accent, i was born in devon ( i blame that for being a devonshire dumpling ) and grew up in somerset ,x


Great idea this, however bad i am feeling it always makes me a little happier to listen to music!!! I doubt anyone here would like or even have heard of the music i am into though lol!!!

One song i have overplayed recently is one i want playing when i leave this body, my soul will will look down and beam at my family havin to face a real rockin tune hehe.

Life is beautiful ; sixx a.m.

My son plays games online and heard a song which i now love too and it always makes me think of him by association

You're a vampire : one eyed doll

My daughter loves the music i cringe at so having to pretend with her that i like it lol, i got her an old album by bewitched! Not my cup of tea but Cest la vie now makes me smile. Luckily she likes a little of my music too though so we do often sing along together.

Now my rather sad song which still brings a lump to my throat to this very day is Bright eyes : Simon & garfunkel........ omg poor Hazel sob sob. Daft but true!

This was a great idea!! xxxxxxx


OH dear I have a list of favourite songs that I play when I need my spirits lifted (where do i start?)

Coldplay - 'Us against the world', the words just seem to fit fibro and all it brings and the tune just carries me along as it plays (loudly) so I can sing along and no one can hear me lol

Oh morning come bursting the clouds, Amen.

Lift off this blindfold, let me see again.

And bring back the water, let your ships roll in, in my heart, she left a hole.

The tightrope that I'm walking just sways and ties.

The devil, as he's talking, with those angel's eyes.

And I just wanna be there when the lightning strikes.

And the saints go marching in

And sing slow it down,

Through chaos as it swirls,

It's us against the world.

Like a river to a raindrop,

I lost a friend.

My drunken has a Daniel in a lion's den.

And tonight I know it all has to begin again,

So whatever you do,

Don't let go.

And if we could float away,

Fly up to the surface and just start again.

And lift off before trouble just erodes us in the rain

Just erodes us in the rain

Just erodes us and see roses in the rain

Sing slow it down

Slow it down

Through chaos as it swirls,

It's us against the world.

Through chaos as it swirls,

It's us against the world

and then there is

Foo Fighters - 'Walk'

A million miles away

Your signal in the distance

To whom it may concern

I think I lost my way

Getting good at starting over

Every time that I return

I'm learning to walk again

I believe I've waited long enough

Where do I begin?

I'm learning to talk again

Can't you see I've waited long enough?

Where do I begin?

Do you remember the days

We built these paper mountains

And sat and watched them burn?

I think I found my place

Can't you feel it growing stronger?

Little conquerors

I'm learning to walk again

I believe I've waited long enough

Where do I begin?

I'm learning to talk again

I believe I've waited long enough

Where do I begin?


For the very first time

Don't you pay no mind?

Set me free again

You keep alive a moment at a time

But still inside a whisper to a liar

To sacrifice but knowing to survive

The first decline another state of mind

I'm on my knees, I'm praying for a sign

Forever, whenever

I never wanna die

I never wanna die

I never wanna die

I'm on my knees

I never wanna die

I'm dancing on my grave

I'm running through the fire

Forever, whatever

I never wanna die

I never wanna leave

I'll never say goodbye

Forever, whatever

Forever, whatever

I'm learning to walk again

I believe I've waited long enough

Where do I begin?

I'm learning to talk again

Can't you see I've waited long enough?

Where do I begin?

I'm learning to walk again

I believe I've waited long enough

I'm learning to talk again

Can't you see I've waited long enough?

I'm listening to my play list now and I really should be going to get some shopping, but I has brightened my day up a little x


Brilliant, love this too!


Ohh, theres so many. I think one would be "My immortal" by Evenescence. My daughter sang that at her brothers wedding 3 years ago and that was unforgetable. I cried!! She also won a competition singing that. Another one is "If I could turn back the hands of time" by R.Kelly. there have been times in my life when I so much wish I could do that and make things right or change them. There are loads from the 70s, when I was a teenager, "Alright now" by Free, "In the summertime" by Mungo Jerry, "Im still waiting" by Diana Ross, "Get it on" by T.Rex. I could fill pages and pages with musical memories, because music is a major part of my life, always has been and always will be. I am a bit of a headbanger mostly and love loud,fast rock (Motorhead, Rammstein, Metalica etc) but i love all sorts of genres. Music makes me HAPPY :))))


I love Evanescence too! Haunting but beautiful!

I love their track "Bring Me To Life" :)


Hi Bumblebee. I have just though of Cher: If I could turn back time, and if I only could do that, but it would have been easier to do so 20 years ago, than now


I love listening to white snake, deep purple, black sabbath, fleetwood mac all albums I grew up with I also like a lot of songs from the 1980s I admit I was a teenager then, it makes me switch off ant forger the now I still hurt of corse but I don't worry about things for a while . Sithy


I'm still standing by Elton John ... because I am just about

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams ... a feel good track

Imagine by John Lennon ...... my favourite ever

Down by the Lazy river by the Osmonds .... always makes me feel really happy and positive

Let me in by the Osmonds (again) ... a spititual song or a really sexy love song - I can never decide ;-)

Heaven by Bryan Adams .... the first dance at my wedding, the marriage didn't last long but the wedding was awesome :-)

The last kiss - David Cassidy .... just so moving

All the young dudes - mott the hoople ... just wonderful

Life on Mars - David Bowie .... Bowie at his best

Imperial Wizard - David Essex .... a marching song with wonderful lyrics

Orchard Road - Leo Sayer ... so sad

Moon River - Andy Williams .... the voice of golden caramel, lovely man

This little piggy ... because it makes my grand-daughter laugh and clap her hands.

Incy wincy Spider .... same as above

Well that is just for starters .........

Julie xx


There really are so many. This is a really great topic BTW. :)

The funny thing with me is that most of the songs I like are not that well known - when people ask what music I like I say 'I mostly listen to Aly & Aj and the Beu Sisters', and they are like 'Who?'.. The funny is thing I don't feel that annoyed if people don't know who they are. I am pleased to be an individual with my own taste. And of course many people I know like various artists which I haven't heard of it. But when I listen to them I think they are brilliant.

Both are girl groups. Both can sing songs which people may call 'cheesy'. But both sing songs with really important messages which are delivered in an excellent and enjoyable fashion. They also deliver a whole varity of songs - all which I can relate to some way or another. I can listen to some when I'm up. And some when I'm down. They always make me feel better or understood. The song 'Everything Will Be Alright' by the Beu sisters is like 'Therapy for the mind'. They song 'What Do in The Summer' is infectious in the sense that I can stop myself singing along to it - it such as addictive rhythm and words and flows greatly.

One of my favourite feel good love songs by Aly & Aj is 'Chemicals React', which has a pop rhythm to it. A darker one I like is 'I Am One of Them' which, along with it's heavy beats and emphasis to certain words - gives me goosebumps..I can only imagine what it can be like to sing that song as I can relate to it so strongly so much that it makes my eyes feel pretty moist. Yes. They are cheesy. Yes - maybe some people don't like them. But..I like them. :) And I'm proud to.

I also love songs which make me cry - various love songs. (I know corny!) And it's quite embaressing..some I need to be alone to enjoy them properly. Otherwise gulp back a lump in my throat. At my Dad's Friend's Wedding in September the Bride and Groom danced to 'Truely Deeply Madly' and I was struggling not to cry then as they looked so in love & content.

I like listening Avril Lavigne - mainly all her old school songs - With You, Complicated, Losing Grip..And of course, as Bumblebee said, Evanescence. The first time I heard My Immortal I did cry! I also like 'Call me when Your Sober' - I can relate to this as my 5 year long friend appears to have ditched me for his drinking buddies..and I'm starting to accept it (I guess I'm finally used to him dipping in and out of my life. There's nothing I can do.)... I also love Bring Me To Life, and 'Everybody's Fool'.

One song that really gets me in a good, relaxed yet upbeat mood is song I only knew existed a couple of weeks ago: 'Perfect Day' by Lady Antebellum as it really embraces the simple joys and pleasures of life.

Last of all. I'm in to older songs from the 80s. Whenever a song like 'Wake me up, before you go go' (Dad requested it at that wedding for me :D), or 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' or any other Club Classics on the radio...I'm always like. Turn it up! Turn it UP! :) And happily enjoy a little 'boogie' in the car. ;) xxx


What a brill topic, I like all types of music and it really depends on my mood. :-) :-(

I love all of Bob Dylon's early covers. And Donovan, I can listen to them any time and they lift me up,along with Sonny and Cher.

When I was bringing up my daughter alone we had some bad times and I always put on the record player and belted out " I will Survive " by Gloria Gaynor. When my daughter was 15 she sang it in a karioke competition,all her friends stood at the front crying saying "She is singing this for her Mother " she came 2nd I was so proud of her.!!

When things felt really bad we would sing " One day I'll Fly Away " and my little one and I would change the words to " One day We'll Fly Away " again not sure who the artist was.

I also loved All Rod Stuart song's especially his version of " Reason to Beleive " and " Your in my Heart, your in my Soul " and many others.

All of David Essex songs " Night Clubbing " and "just Another Winter's Tale " though that one always bought a tear, but I loved it just the same.

" This is My Life " by Shirly Bassey " Gets belted out when I am emotional...feel like it was written for me the words are so real!!

I used to dance a lot to ' Get this Party started on a saturday Night. ' Pink, and also up untill a few months ago would sing ' Valarie ' and some Queen no's , inc Bohemien Rapsody ( not sure if spelt right ) with my daughter and her friends!! :-)

I also love " I believe in Angels " not sure of the artist so many sang it. I also have "one Hundres Thousand Angels " by Bliss and I love the whole CD always brightens me up.

Musical wise, I love some of the tunes from " Oliver, The aristocats,and Jungle Book." I did say it was all types lol :-)

I also Like the Music from "Evita ,and Phantom of the Opera "

My relaxation music I love all types again, I play native American chants, and Deanne,Enya. to name just a few.

This has been so good it has made me delve into a very foggy brain and turf out all the cobwebs,well not quite all but a lot. :-)

I put all my favorite music to lift me on a CD,and when I could drive my car I often used to blast out the tunes when driving. This has made me remember them and I have asked my husband to get them from the car and I will play them in my little log cabin. I had completly forgotten about these and thank you for reminding me . We sometimes get lost in the fog and forget what we used to do and like , we get so wrapped up in what is now we forget what makes us feel good. This has tired me out but I do feel a bit better .

Thanks again...smiles and gentle hugs :-)



Mine would have to be.

Whiter shade of pale by Procol Harem 1967.

I was only joking myself by Rod Stewart 1972


I cannot pick just one song, for me that's far too hard

My songs are all by Ozzy, I should have a loyalty card

He's been in my life for oh so long, more than forty years

And some of his ballads bring me close to tears.

I know that on my darkest days his music makes me smile

And if I have my earphones in I could walk that extra mile

He warms my heart, rests my soul, he makes me feel complete

Then I don't care what people say as I wobble down the street.

People say he's done bad things and yes I do agree

But he gives us entertainment and sanity is free

So no, I cannot pick just one, I really love them all

I even have his picture framed up there on my wall

But if I had to pick just one, then I would say yes, Paranoid

As it helps me be much stronger and face those I should avoid.

Great topic xxxxx


Yehhh, excellent Ozzy. Paranoid of course, is a classic. when my daughter was 4, we went out for the day, one sunday, to Plymouth Hoe, and there was a band playing. she kept saying something that i couldnt quite understand. she was saying "Mummy, Paranoid". and she was right,lol. so everytime we hear it now, (which is quite often in my house) she says "Mummy Paranoid", but shes 22 now,lol. I also love Changes. the BS version and the Ozzy and Kelly version. I used to wear glasses like Ozzy's and we've got the same sort of hair style, so a friend of mine said "You look like Ozzy". So it stuck with me and a lot of people still call me Ozzy,lol. LONG LIVE OZZY OSBOURNE.... (and LEMMY)


Oh lol, I was told I looked like OZZy, do we as fans take on the look I wonder. But I used to dye my hair jet black up until I could no longer lift my arms. I may get my daughter in law to dye it for me, I so miss the look and I can see all the grey hairs coming through now. I mean I do not mind growing old gracefully but I refuse to let my hair do it lol. One of my key songs is at presnt Diary of amad man, hubby replaces it with Diary of a mad woman, ME lol. xxxxx The day we lose Ozzy is the day my world will cease as I know it :(


Haha, yeh maybe we do. Funny how we're both girls tho,lol. Indeed it will be a devastatingly sad day when Ozzy croaks it. Not looking forward to that at all. Or the other GOD, aka Lemmy Kilmister :( I never get tired of listening to Ozzy, Motorhead or Rammstein. Ive got lyrics of a MH song tattood on my arm - "Just coz you got the power, dont mean you got the right". (Good advise) I'd also like to have "Only way to feel the noise is when its good and loud". I think it was "Mama I'm coming home" that Ozzy and Lemmy wrote together? Beautiful song.


I love MH and Ramm, fab. Lemmy wrote the lyrics for that one. I would love an Ozzy tat, but hubby will not back down. He will let me do anything else lol, but says 'I am having no wife of mine with tattoos', so I backed down on that one xxxxx


Aww yeh, Id love to have the Ozzy stick man tattood. Ive got an Ace of spades at the bottom of my left arm and the lyrics of Rammstein's "Leibe ist fur alle da" ("Love is there for everyone") above my Fibro Awareness symbol (purple circle with 2 hearts inside, one upside down, one right way up). Ive got 10 tats altogether, and i love every one and want more. Have u seen Rammstein live?


I have never seen anyone live, but I would would like to. It won't happen as I am a terrible traveller lol. I just live in my MP3 and that gets me through as Ozzy would say xxxxx


Ive seen MH 6 times,Ramm,Korn,Machine head, Bleeding thru,Sepultura,Status Quo(so many times),Roy Wood, ELO,Deep purple (twice),Bryan Ferry,Sweet, Slade (and met them)Hawkwind,and probably more that i cant recall at the mo.Id love to see Hatebreed and Bad co. Ive got 3 mp3 players, 1 for rock,1for softer stuff, and 1 for stuff i meditate to.


I would love to see Gorgoroth and Carpathian Forest. I must admit I love Black or Death metal, but that is the darker side of me showing through lol xxxxx,


Oh yes I forgot about OZZY!! My daughters dad was in a group called Black Satin and they sang loads of his songs "Paranoid" was always my favorite and her dad played the lead guitar with his teeth.

They also sang " Got a Black Magic Woman "

This has been a great blog hasn't it ?


Yes Rainbow this has been a great blog. I have faced people telling me that Ozzy is vermin etc etc, and it is nice to come here and not be afraid of saying who my idols ar xxxxxx


love ozzy & paranoid too along with meatloaf (paradise-dashboard) then queen and fat bottomed girls is my anthem. status quo reminds me of my mum, she had tickets for 3 gigs but never got to one! But if I had to say a song and favourite singer who keeps me going on and on and day and night too... There's only one Joe Walsh for me, i've seen the Eagles twice now but more would be heaven for me and on a morbid note I've picked my funeral songs and Joe features solely on the list lol.... for me it would be life's been good then In the City morphing into The Confessor and lastly it would have to be Rosewood Bitters. I also like Sarah McLachlans songs "when she loved me" and "Angel" but the song we had played at our wedding whilst we signed the deeds... was The Flower Duet" From Lakme by Delibes aka the british airways theme.... we had already decided on the song before the add campaign started so we had a few looks and people wondered if we had our wedding sponsored by BA lol but current songs would probably be by The Script...fab lyrics and great singing/music too




Hi all, i love UB40's Cant help falling in love as it was played when i got married, and also Time to say goodbye by Katherine Jenkins was played at my mums funeral this year so yes both these songs mean loads to me, its so comforting to know all of you are out there understanding! :-) thanks one and all (its like i have a huge fibro family) xx


Wow brilliant response and wonderful answers, thanks so much folks! :D

I am You Tubing some of these songs as I love them and had forgotten the titles, so thank you all!

Keep posting - loving this thread! Post lyrics, or just sentimental info about why these songs mean so much to you, it's always lovely to read and helps us all get to know each other better! :)

Thanks again! :D


Where do I begin for songs that mean so much to me - here goes!

"You raise me up" by Westlife - played at my dear Dad's funeral and also "Flying Without Wings" by Bette Midler, again played at Dad's funeral, he was a Jumbo Jet (747) pilot.

"I dreamed a dream" by Susan Boyle from Les Miserables. I saw Les Miserables at the theatre with hubby and this song touched my heart, but Susan Boyle sings it better than the singer in the West End production,

"Tell me what you dream" by Gabrielle - hubby and I used to play this when we were dating lol! It made me all emotional when I fell in love with him and had to leave him to go home! I cried every time it was played as the song is so beautiful! Now that we've been married almost ten years, I still love it, it makes me smile these days and not cry. :)

"Halo" by Beyonce - this song reminds me of my dear Dad, he was my hero, I loved him so much. He was always there for me no matter what, bailed me out of so many scrapes in my life without standing in judgement of me. He was wonderful with my children too, they adored him. He passed away over three years ago after a long battle with strokes and Dementia. I miss him every day. This song is haunting and beautiful and was played a lot in the months just after he passed away, I would look up to the skies and think of him in Heaven, sometimes crying, always feeling so proud of him. He was one in a billion. xxxxx

"Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers from the film Ghost. I just love the film, and the song really moves me. I have always loved it from being a little girl and my mum playing it.

"Don't call me baby" by Madison Avenue - I love this and although it's quite old now, when I hear it I still strut round the house like the singer did in the video. I remember taking my daughter to dancing lessons and she danced to this when she was very young, I can still close my eyes and see her dancing. She made me so proud. She was the youngest in the adult class, she was too good to stay in the childrens' class, how proud was I! :)

"Always and Forever" by Heatwave - one of the most beautiful and romantic songs I have ever heard. Anyone in love with someone would love it too! This song always makes me feel soppy!

"Top Gun Soundtrack" - love all the tracks on this album. It was my eldest son's favourite film when growing up. He was into aeroplanes like his Gramps (my Dad was a pilot) and all of the songs remind me of my son and Dad.

That list will do for now, there are loads more songs I love! ;)


Rods my man .. Love him .. Pink I love her take on life and the way she puts it into song . Raw

The brillant wonderful sabbath .. AC/DC real rock ... Great words ..

I believe in Angels ..sing as loud as I can in church.

Unforgetable .. Played at my mums furneral

Paranoid I am having played at my furneral ..I love it for many reasons words fit ..

I could go on on music is my mood lifter ... My friend ..


Feel free to get really carried away, it's lovely reading all these posts! :)


Cant think properly at mo, but i love 'Bridge over troubled waters' i choose this to be played at my dads funeral. The words just make me cry.

Also, when i asked my little boy to think of a song that reminded him of his grandad he choose 'The Worlds Greatest' by R Kelly. That really brought a lump to my throat.


Just thought of another one "Read All About It" by Professor Green ft Emeli Sande, brilliant! I love the chorus! It reminds me of my frustrations with Fibro - I wanna scream, I wanna shout etc.


"Hero" by Mariah Carey, wonderful song! So powerful! The words are relevant to everyone, love it! :)


one of my many favs .hear voice plus words so inspirational x


Also ............

Dirty Little Secret - Bon Jovi .... after my 1st marriage disintegrated I had a few romances/flings until I met my second husband. One was with an absolutely gorgeous seperated Doctor - he eventually decided to cut short our affair and work on putting his marriage together again but we remained the best of friends for a long time; I really enjoyed being his dirty little secret ;-)

Goodnight Girl - Wet Wet Wet .... I wore out two copies of the Wet's greatest hits comutting to school with my girls back in the early 00's.

Jupiter - The Planets Suite, Gustav Holst .... it always makes me feel good

Beethovens 7th, 2nd movement .... magic from an orchestra, I first heard it in the film Soylent Green, it was used in the King's Speech more recently over the speech towards the end. It's the tune I'd like for my funeral.

Also Sprach Zarathustra (I think I spelt it right) from 2001 a space oddity ... awesome

Jerusalem - guaranteed to choke me up

Land of Hope and Glory - has to be sang at full volume

The Proud One - the Osmonds; wonderful lyrics and a catchy tune

Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel ... loved the video

Don't Give up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush .... listen really hard to the lyrics and you have to shed a tear.

The Air that I breathe - A hit for the Hollies but I actually prefer Les McKeown's version.

It'll be alright - David Essex .... should have been a mega hit as it is totally beautiful

Julie-Anne - Kenny .... Chris Redburn (the guitar player with the curly hair) told me about it before it was released and dedicated it to me, seriously we used to write to each other!!!!

Soldier of Love - Donny Osmond. Produced by the genius Peter Gabriel, love this comeback song from Donny.

It's one of those nights - The Partridge Family, reminds me of my early teens and hours spent in great deliberation of whether I ought to marry David Cassidy or Merrill Osmond .... in retrospect they would have both been hard work!

Julie, a track from the Crazy Horses LP by the Osmonds. The first time I met Merrill he asked me my name I said "Julie, you sang a song about me once", he rested his hand on my face, looked me in the eyes and said "Honey, I WROTE that song for you", I was speechless!

Some kind of Wonderful - as sung by Jay Osmond - THUD (and maybe he's not such hard work as Merrill or Mr Cassidy lol)

You're my Best Friend - Queen, reminds me of happy days when I was courting with my 1st husband.

Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield, or as we knew it in the 6th form, SNSM ... Saturday Night Snogging Music!

All tracks (some of which were half an hour long) from Foxtrot, Wind and Wuthering, Selling England by the Pound and A trick of the tail - Genesis ... more SNSM.

If I fell - the Beatles, I think I fell in love with John Lennon when I saw this song in Hard Days Night ... I'd have been about 4 or 5 at the time. I remember the teenage girls screaming in the cinema so I screamed too and my Mum smacked me ... I never have screamed at a concert after that.

Live and Let die, Paul McCartney and Wings ... the best song to have a firework display to!

More than words can say - love the David Cassidy version.

I just love this thread - bringing back some lovely memories.

Julie xxx


Oh wow Julie, you've mentioned another of my favourites and I forgot it in my list -

"Don't Give up" by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush - I love this one, it reminds me of when my marriage collapsed. It had been violent for many years and I am no quitter. One night my hubby attacked me and the children, was arrested and never returned. I didn't think life could get more desperate than that. We had to go as witnesses to his Trial, it was the most horrendous period of all our lives. It was hard to imagine the children and I would meet someone wonderful in years to come and be really happy.

Another song from this time was "Stronger" by Christina Aguilera, I can relate to all the lyrics when thinking of those nightmarish times with my ex and the fear and injury etc.

It's amazing how songs can conjure up all sorts of emotions, lyrics are so powerful and yet we all get comfort from them, they stir up memories good and bad - we couldn't do without songs and music though. I certainly couldn't. :)


Here's another two to add to my list -

"Who wants to live forever" by Queen

"These are the days of our lives" by Queen

These tracks affected me quite profoundly because Freddie Mercury was dying at the time and looked emaciated and as though he could die at any minute. It made me think that life was so precious and for living and being aware of every minute. I never take life for granted, after all this isn't a rehearsal, this is the real thing and it's really so short. :)


It amazes me that some religions and sects actually discourage, or even totally ban, music. Maybe it has such a power to move the spirit and emotions that they can't cope. I'd be lost with out my music

Music was my first love

and it will be my last

music of the future

music of the past

to live without my music

would be impossible to do

'cause in this world of troubles

my music pulls me through

The lyrics have stuck in my brain but I can't remember the singer/ songwriter at the moment, was it John someone? I keep going to say John Mills but I know that is wrong!

Julie xxx


It was John Miles ... only one letter out lol


I love that song and those lyrics are so true! I always have music playing, I can't imagine my life without it! :)

Here's an easy one for you - ;)

"So I say

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing

Thanks for all the joy they're bringing

Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty

What would life be?

Without a song or a dance what are we?

So I say thank you for the music

For giving it to me"


Love a bit of Abba, those girls had the most beautiful voices xx


I love my music, always have and always will. But what really frustrates me is that I cant always remember songs or artists like I used to. I could tell you song, artist, record label, when it was released, where it got to in the charts. I was quite proud of my knowledge. If anyone wanted to know who a song was by, theyd say "ask Carol, she'll know". But since my memory got so bad with Fibro, a lot of that knowledge has gone or is delayed. I hate that.Thank goodness for the Guinness book of British hit singles,lol.


I think many of us have the same problem Bumblebee. My short term memory is impossible these days, can't remember a thing. Fortunately my long term memory is still quite sharp but I remember the most irrelevant things, why can't I remember anything important lol! :P


Another big fav of mine is "I will always love you" by DOLLY PARTON, NOT Whitney Houstan. it really annoys me when people say its a WH song. IT ISNT, Dolly wrote it and had a big hit with it. And sang it better.I love loads of Dolly's songs. I also love Kenny Rogers, he's got such a lovely voice. Ive liked him since i was about 10 ("Ruby dont take your love to town") and I finally got to see him at Plymouth Pavillions in 2010 (I think).Only took me 40 odd years,lol.I had a brilliant seat and listened to him with my eyes shut, I couldnt believe he was right in front of me, then I opened my eyes and yes, there he was and I wasnt dreaming.Ahhhhhhh...... Oh and I cant forget to mention Newton Faulkner.mmmmm. seen him 3 times. hes such a brilliant musician and songwriter. I love "So much" and "People should smile more" (true, coz so many people are so miserable these days) and "Over and out" (coz Ive felt like saying "thats it, Im over and out" so many times,but Im still here) And Newton is really quite sexy too,lol.OOOOOOO.....


I agree, you can't beat the Dolly Parton version - the Whitney Houston version used to get on my nerves. I love the tones in Dolly's voice, she makes all the difference. I love Dolly Parton too especially when she sings with Kenny Rogers, brilliant!

I would love to see Dolly live in concert! :)

I adore Dolly singing "Islands In The Stream" with Kenny Rogers, one of the very best in my opinion. :)


The WH version wasnt even in that film, which I cant remember the name of, it was just played at the end. Id love to see Dolly live too. I read her book a while ago, couldnt put it down.She's so down to earth and natural.Love her.


Oh my after reading most of the posts I remembered loads more songs I love andloved. Dolly Parton " I will always love you " was my wedding song how on earth did I forget that one . And "My Darling you look wonderful tonight " but not sure who wrote that one. (brain fog) There are just so many amazing songs out there we have all listened to through the ages ! All of the Beatles.

My earliest memory is one of sad songs Like Twinkle " Terry" ... " Leader of the Pack " by the Shangrlla's.....and "Tell Laura I love her " not sure if that was by Bobby Daran...

Think this has been a good topic certainly made me use my brain x x x


"Wonderful tonight", i think was Eric Clapton. Ive really enjoyed all these memories too. Genious idea Libertyz. Theyre playing loadsa Beatles on Gold Radio at the mo. Apparently, its 50 yrs since the release of "Love me do". I love Gold Radio, so many memories.


Diary of a Madman by Ozzy Osbourne, this one brings me back to sanity at some point and when I am feeling low I tend to hit the repeat button, often listening to it all day long on my MP3 player.

Screaming at the window

Watch me die another day

Hopeless situation

Endless price I have to pay

Sanity now it's beyond me

There's no choice

Diary of a madman

Walk the line again today

Entries of confusion

Dear diary, I'm here to stay

Manic depression befriends me

Hear his voice

Sanity now is beyond me

There's no choice

A sickened mind and spirit

The mirror tells me lies

Could I mistake myself for someone

Who lives behind my eyes?

Will he escape my soul

Or will he live in me?

Is he trying to get out

Or trying to enter me?

Voices in the darkness

Scream away my mental health

Can I ask a question

To help me save me from myself?

Enemies fill up the pages

Are they me?

Monday 'til Sunday in stages

Set me free


Gold radio just played the Bealtes "In my life". I love the Ozzy version of that on his Under Cover album. lovely.


Everybody hurts by REM just says how I feel!

Don't give up, you are loved by Josh Groban got me through depression a few years ago beautiful song

Somewhere Il Divo' s version

Fix you hmm fibro fog just clogged my brain can't think who sings that now.!

Chasing cars love this but it always makes me cry since it was played on series 2 of greys anatomy.

Sweet Caroline by Neil diamond as it makes want to sing and dance and the singing is not good to listen to and cannot dance.

Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini from somewhere in time

The impossible dream by Alfie boe or Michael ball

Empty chairs and empty tables by Michael ball

And many many more songs music and tv is now my life



Read 'em & weep - meatloaf

Bring him home - colm wilkinson from les mis - My Dad sang this for me sat on a bench in an empty shopping centre [when I was in too much pain to get back to the car].

He sang it quietly and beautifully. We both loved it and I'd downloaded the words only days earlier. He'd learned it and serenaded me with it as a surprise to cheer me up - I wept and smiled.

We had a male voice choir who sang it a this funeral.

I'M having the theme to Captain Pugwash as the curtains shut at the crem - end on a smile!



music was my first love and always be.i have to many to list.i have over 3000cds .i used to punish myself yrs ago when i was putting songs on which would pull me even further down.then recognised what i was depending on what mood i am in depends what i listen total all time greatest song is.the rose.with me it has 2 b leann ryhms.that's the song at my funeral i want played.another great with total meaning for me.which words were about me.solitare the carpenters.could go on and on.great question x


I've done the same Debuk - I had some horrendous low times in a long violent marriage, those were my Linkin Park "In the end" days - I look back now and I still love the band but I no longer have the need to play those heavy low tracks. Fortunately I've been very happily remarried for ten years now, so my tracks are more uplifting. I can't believe how desperate I felt at that time and even though the tracks were "heavy going", they were cathartic and helped me. They were a comfort because that's how desperate I felt and listening to the tracks, particularly the one I've mentioned made me connect to it and realise I wasn't alone, I had that track and the words which recognised how I was feeling. That probably sounds bonkers and it's hard to explain, but music can help us even in our lowest hours, sometimes we don't even realise this. :)

I love the tracks you mentioned too, beautiful songs especially "The Rose" and by one of the World's best artists too, she's great isn't she.

Feel free to post as many tracks as you think of them, we are all enjoying this thread which is great! Lovely to read and remember so many wonderful songs, thanks folks. :D


Thanku liberyz great it ain't ponkers .the songs described my heart ache loneliness and reflected songs r and Will always be the greatest music there is. when down i would put pink on as c lifted me up or clubland now the songs which made me even sadder i can listen 2 and i can see in a happy loving way.they still have importances.but also reminds me now hw much my life has changed.i finally found peace in my life.rather than black hole.most modern music nw.ain't like it was the songs just don't tell a storie.i copied your idea last nite.and did a blog on which artist is your all time number one.your blog so uplifting.hear goes at mo one song hits favs list beautiful by christina aguilera,words so true another uplifting song with such meaning for in the mirror micheal Jackson,so many people judge others without looking at themselves.they believe there behaviour is right way.Will be doing more songs later.hope this blog can just carry on and on.which sure Will.we all could never have an end to songs with meanings xx


farewell by rhianna = has the the lyrics and i know your going somewhere to make a better life and i hope that you find it on the next time so fare well somebody is going to miss you that somebody is me = it reminds me of my daughter when she moved to australia has all the words in it how i feel i want my daughter to live but miss her amazing song


Albatross by Fleetwood Mac makes me float away on a fluffy pink cloud (not literally...). Nothing compares to you by Sinead O'Connor (who's got Fibro too), the video of that is so emotional. I also love Native American chanting. It always makes me feel "at home" and that Ive got some sort of connection, maybe in a previous life??


I have pretty diverse music taste, so mine's an odd list!

Generator - The Holloways (really happy, bouncy song, reminding us how lucky we are)

We can Swing Together - Lindisfarne (the live version with the long harmonica solo)

The Lonesome Boatman & Oldest Swinger in Town - both by The Irish Weavers

Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins

Big Pink Blanket - Hundred Little Reasons (seriously, google it - it's weird, but the lyrics are lovely!)

Mick, the Master Farter - Kevin Bl**dy Wilson (he swears a lot, but the song is funny)

Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds

Nobody's Child - Maria McKee

Cripple Creek, My Dixie Darling, Silk Pyjamas, & Will You Follow Me? - all by The Humblebums

Anyone Else but You - Moldy Peaches

All I Want is You - Barry Louis Polisar

Tree Hugger - Antsy Pants

Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf

Crazy Crazy Nights - Kiss

That's all I can remember, but I love listening to music, so I have lots on my MP3 player, and play them whenever I'm having a low day.

Sara xx


ben bymicheal jackson.always loved the words.marti webb did a cover version to do with a boy called ben who needed a transplant .which programme Thats Life made public.he never got it after appeal,and is in heaven.nw my dog which called ben which i love the name was called.nt because of song...but now when i hear poor him as to put up with me singing it.xx


The mavericks - Dance the night away. reminds me of being in hospital for months on end not being able to walk being in so much pain just wanting to die, knowing all my friedns and family would be out dancing to such a wonderful musical masterpeice. x


ops i think i read the whole thing wrong... sorry peeps


Can't get this song out of my head today - her voice is amazing so pure and honest

The Lonely by Christina Perri

2am, where do I begin

Crying off my face again

The silent sound of loneliness

Wants to follow me to bed

I'm the ghost of a girl

That I want to be most

I'm the shell of a girl

That I used to know well

Dancing slowly in an empty room

Can the lonely take the place of you

I sing myself a quiet lullaby

Then you go and let the lonely in

To take my heart again

Too afraid, to go inside

For the pain of one more loveless night

For the loneliness will stay with me

And hold me till I fall asleep

I'm the ghost of a girl

That I want to be most

I'm the shell of a girl

That I used to know well

Dancing slowly in an empty room

Can the lonely take the place of you

I sing myself a quiet lullaby

Then you go and let the lonely in

To take my heart again

Broken pieces of

A barely breathing story

Where there once was love

Now there's only me

And the lonely...

Dancing slowly in an empty room

Can the lonely take the place of you

I sing myself a quiet lullaby

Then you go and let the lonely in

To take my heart again


Absolutely beautiful, I love this too! So sad though!

She has a wonderful voice, so much emotion in those lyrics.

Thanks for posting K. xxx


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