would like to no peoples favourite artist.just read blog songs that mean something to you!

think liberyz post was great.my all time favourite artist is celine dion.since the see won the eurovision which in them days was worth watching.her hole life story is so interesting to me.hear story her voice.personality.if i could be anyone for a day i would want to be her.i look up to her as a great mentor.i have seen her live in 96.couldn't afford to on her last tour.as they get more famous ticket prices saw up.her songs say so much.she is an angel placed on earth.xx

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  • John Lennon. He wrote the most wonderful music, both with Paul McCartney, with Yoko and alone.

    For me the Beatles changed the world, they took pop music to a whole different level, they had a knack of writing songs that spoke to the heart and soul.

    John wasn't perfect, he took drugs, he had affairs. Maybe that is a counterpoint to his musical and lyrical genius that appeals to me. He was a truly spiritual person, a deep thinker with a fantastic sense of humour; he was a real person, not a goody two shoes on an unreachable pedestal.

    I adored him and I felt a disturbance in the Force that terrible day in December 1980 when he was brutally murdered outside his home.

    One day I'll get to Strawberry fields and the Dakota building to pay my respects to a 20th century Icon.

    Julie xx

  • i never bought any beatles music.but like there songs.john lennon when solo i bought them.yes that was a sad day.it was a guy with surname Chapman i think.that was my surname till i changed my name by deed poll.the world lost a gd man that day.nobodys perfect.he never harmed anyone.he just lived his life hw he wanted.which we all should.xx

  • Hmmm very tricky, but think in my limited knowledge, my all time fav artist, singer songwriter would have to be Gary Barlow his songs are wonderful he plays the piano and he sings as well as coming across as a genuinely nice family man"... Never thought I,d be saying that now as in the 90s while enjoying some of the songs I just thought they were another boy band... Didn't actually realise then that Gary was so talented.

    VG x

  • i agree.i love his music.he also such a lovely natured person xx

  • I like Gary too, in the mid 00's he wrote a wonderful album with Donny Osmond, those were in the dark days when Take That were disbanded. Gary went to Donny's concert at the MEN, he was with Donny's wife Debbie and a couple of Donny's sons; I remember thinking how strange it must be knowing that once he could fill stadiums and arenas too.

    I was so glad to see what a wonderful return Gary and the rest of the guys have made. But my favourite Gary songs will always be the ones that he wrote with Donny and didn't actually record such as Breeze on By and Whenever You're in Trouble. Gary's fans should check them out.

    Julie xx

  • julieevh going to check out.i no gary did this cover.when tomorrow comes plus his own songs he rates 100%xx

  • Gary Barlow, pure genius! Whether a person likes his music or not, his talent has to be recognised as brilliance. Song writing perfection and a wonderful voice too, oh and he's not bad to look at the older he gets either! ;) :P)

    I didn't realise Gary Barlow had written songs with Donny Osmond, what were the titles, I must check them out?! :)

    Gary Barlow is great on XFactor too here in the UK, he certainly knows what he's talking about and makes a great mentor because of this,

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