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Something to consider

Morning all, hope most of you are havin a good day today but hers something for us all to think about.. How many of us are eating and drinking diet products that are found to contain an artificial sweetener called aspartame. Apparently classed as 'sweet poison'.. It can cause many many side effects and among the list is fibromyalgia. I've googled it and I'm shocked at what I've read. Has anyone out there heard of aspartame. Apparently it's banned in America but I'm not sure of the truth in that. I for one am gonna avoid buying anything containing this sweet poison.. Take care all xx

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Interesting post. I've read this as well. I take sweetener in my coffee but have tried to cut down. I've cut out all cakes and limited my biscuit intake (I love biscuits - I'm a bit of a cookie monster) so trying to cut down on my sugar intake as a whole and have felt a little less tired as a result. It's surprising though how much of this artificial sweetener is in foodstuffs. I will certainly keep a look out. xx


I never used to have a sweet tooth in my younger years but as I've got older I've aquired a sweet tooth. So it does make me question just what's in the things I'm eating now. I've been trying to diet too so I've increased my intake of artificial sweetened products. Too much diet pop too won't be helping. It does give cause for concern xx

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I don't drink pop at all - it makes me too gassy (sorry TMI). But yes, I have a sweet tooth as well and get headaches if I don't have sugar. But then get a headache if I have too much!!


Yes!! I can relate to that but it's trying to find that happy medium. Let's hope we find it. xx


Hi The debate over aspartame has been raging for a couple of years.

If you look undroaction.orgFiber the question space and type it in we have many references to it.

I have given this up and take my tea straight now :)

Thanks for bringing it up




I have just noticed the many conversations on here from a few years ago about aspartame and I for one is having a cupboard clear out. I'll try anything. If we don't try we'll never know. Thanks for the reply. xx


I tend to use sucralose as a sweetener and although i have read that tests have given aspartine a clean bill of health except for a rare few. I still avoid it.

This link is to the NHS site that deals with the KNOWN facts about sweeteners.


I stopped using sweeteners a few years back and don't drink any diet coke (I always ask for full fat in the bar which gives me some funny looks but most bar tenders know what I mean). I have gone back to just having one sugar in my tea and coffee and feel better for it and haven't put on any extra weight.

I started to laugh about the subject of sweeteners as I remember some years back sucking sugar free mints all the time and mentioned to my OH that I was trotting off to the loo all the time. I had never connected that to the Sorbitol in the sugar free mints.

If we have funny symptoms I think perhaps we should look at the things in our diet that we absolutely love and therefore might indulge in to a bit of excess. e.g. my mints as unfortunately that item could be the source of the symptoms.


I know what you mean as I did the same until a friend of mine told me that they had a laxative effect if taken in large quantities and when I looked it actually states that on the packet. We just pressume everything we consume is safe to an extent but the underlying effects for some can bring on all sorts of certain medical conditions. We have to ask ourselves is it worth it xx


Never touch the stuff it is indeed very toxic. x


Hi spiritof25

I have seen a couple of documentaries about this and I tend to avoid it completely. I am allergic to saccharin (asthma) so I only have sugar which I am now being told is the root of all evil (my waistline).

Take care



I thinnk the debate has been going on long enough. But there's always someone who's only just discovered the facts. I find that worrying as the message doesn't seem to be getting home. Good luck and I hope you've found out in time. I'm pretty sure it gave me IBS 7 years ago and it's showing no sign of abating.


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