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Well duly went and the doppla test was cancelled sso

swabs were taken the doc came in and prescribed 500mg flucloxacillin all dressed by lovely Nurse and now back home . Everyone been lovely. It is sore this morning so I guess another day lost. Go back Monday to open the bandages and see if it is better. Who ever guessed it was cellulosis was right :) thanks for all your smiles guys xxgins

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Won't look smug as some one else besides me thought it.... The best thing you are getting treatment ... Get well soon

Hugs VGx


This was the only message Hun you and I are the early birds ! In responce to other message you are right always very slow to prosess in the morning and that is the comp as well as me lol xgins


The board woke up sudden,y and let me delete the 7 repeats.......

Glad to see you up and about

VG x


Did they say what the cause of the swelling was? As it's one-sided, and now has cellulitis, I was just wondering if it was early lymphoedema, and if you needed referral to the lymphoedema nurses. Or maybe they've already thought of that!

Hope it all sorts out quickly for you, gins!

Sara xx


I hope it gets better now you are having treatment xxxx


Thank you ! xgins


Hope it is improving Gins, sorry still playing catch up on messages xx


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