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Well finally went to the Dr's and got antidepressant :-(

Good lord read the list of side effects, a lot of them are what I'm trying to get rid of !!! I'll keep posting to let you know how I go, its good to have an idea of how it can effect you, we need to share info ? Its Citalopram 10mg. The Dr was nice though !

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Hope you get on okay with them. If you read the side effects on many of the tablets we are prescribed they all seem to say the same but suppose you just have to try them and see if you get any effects. Two of my friends are on Citalapram and they seem fine on them although they didn't do anything for me and I had to have them changed.

Will be interesting to see what happens with you. Take care, love angela xx


Thx :-)


I did learn that ad's in low dosages act as muscle relaxants


Hi yes sometimes the list is worse than what you got and how you are feeling i try not to look at them as i dont want to take tje tablets after i read through it all lol hopefully you will be ok they take a good 2 to 4 weeks to kick in

good luck love diddle x


I put on. Stone on them I had lost two and a half steadily and was still loosing started citilolram and gained a stone in 4 months.so I came of them and a further 3 months and I'm loosing again .hope u find tjhem ok x


hi bluebunny, i think we all dread being prescribed ad's, first time, as we are in pain and it can be a long medical journey before reaching diagnosis. however as thg123 says in low dose they do relax your muscles, which can help people. i am on duloxetine, myself and a 2mg of clomazapam which acts as sleeping pill for night (does not stop me waking though, when my body wants) it does help you relax and go to sleep though. we all get stressed coping with this illness and impact on lives in the first years, but diddle is right eventually you get a balance on things and then start to slowly reduce and replace things. i like to take supplements too as i have very low stomach absorption due to ibs and have developed lots of allergies i never used to have although i would add i have always been allergic to wool, nylon (eg sensitive skin). i also put on weight due to tablets too.

everyone is different and i have had my fair share of tablets that did not work for me, so my advice is keep a journal or just some notes each day and talk to your gp all the time

hugs :)


Glad you're getting somewhere BluePenny.

I had Citalopram and they helped with the depression but increased the anxiety! But they effect different people in different ways.

You may feel really groggy for a couple of weeks, that's normal.

Hope you get ok with them x


sorry I meant BlueBunny...


Hi bluebunny,

I hope they work for you, good luck with them.

Dont be too off put by the side effects that are listed as they just have to tell you these things.

My gp wont give me any as i am on amitripyln and she said that should do but it doesnt so i am going back soon.

hugs, kel xxx


My gp gave me Amiltriptyline 3 months ago. The first week on them was brilliant, but it quickly wore off.


Hi Bluebunny, i am on slow release citalopram 20mg in morning they help me and taking amitriptaline 25mg at night. They work well for me on these ammounts any higher and i get side effects.

My dr told me that i am on a low dose as they act as a muscle relaxant, & it suits me, we all react diffrent to tablets it can be trial & error. As Diddle said they take time to kick in, i found they gave me a bit of a headache and felt thirsty till i got used to them, hope they help you good luck, take care..mary x :-)


Good luck Bluebunny - remember pharma companies are bound by law to include any and all side effects. Chances are you will suffer from very few. Interestingly I lost weight on Citalopram. My experience has been that they all work for a while then I need to switch. Not everybody's experience I know.

Keep your chin up ;-)


i tried to do without them for years the best thing i did going on them


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