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Swelling gone down a little

I sneaked a peak under the dressing and my injury doesn't look

As scary as it did yesterday and i dont look like an victim from Alien so much. I just have to be careful now. I'm keeping the sling on but removing it occasionally to do a bit of physio. It's still quite ouchy when I move it. Trying not to take too much codeine cos I don't want to get dependent on it - I rattle enough already lol

Storm x

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take it slowly, gad it's getting better.





gad = glad


Glad your on the mend storm don't try to do to much to soon gentle hugs. Sithy


Thanks guys I'm trying not to but keep finding stuff that needs doing and it's frustrating enough when it's the fibro let alone with only the use of one arm lol


Morning Stormwytch (I luv your name) do take it gently please gentle physio and then pop that sling back on! Glad it is improving x gins


Yes Stormwitch

As the saying goes The House will still be there when your not so please take it easy.

I should listen to my own advice lol.

Take care & take it eazy.


Jac xx


You need to take it easy rather than finding jobs to do. I would make a coffee and sit down, you can do that with one arm, gentel hugs xxxxx


Hope you fell better soon, or should that be hope you are feeling better, I am so behind with the forum xx


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