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back down to earth with a bump!

AH well! back to normal. Spent all night in pain, took extra pain meds which as we know do't really help gave up trying to sleep and when i looked in the mirror my face is swollen again! i look like i'm growing a second pair of cheeks and a spare chin! my eyes are swollen, the mouth area is swollen too making me have a permanant down-turned-mouth : (

After such good news yesterday too.

hugs poppy xx

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Hi Poppy,

I can identify with what youare saying. Since I got back from USA, I am not sleeping properly, and in awful pain arms feel as though I have red hot liquid running through them and my face, I look like a red indian!!!!!!

Soft HUgs xxxxxx



Oh you poor thing, I had no idea that fibro does that

My problem is I am 60 well all most and I now get

Acne never had that in my life before Don't know if

It's the medication or the fact that I get so hot them touch

My face

It must make you feel very self conscious,I know it does me, I

Realy feel you it must make you feel so very down what a

Nasty thing to have the pain is bad enough, I wish some one would

Find out how to cure fibro I suppose because it's not life

Threatening no one bothers that much

Gentle hugs Viv


hi viv, have you heard of manuka honey? you can get products that can be applied toppically with it in i used some for my eziema i bought it on line thriugh a repitable site and got my old pharmasist to order it for me

hugs poppy xx


Thank you so much I have just ordered some



oh dear poppy hope it goes away soon its such a shame we have to look forward to a few days of agony each time we get the energy to actually do something nice...... petal


Hi poppy,have you started any new drugs,as if you have, a reaction to them will cause your face to swell.

Otherwise I don`t think this is a fibro problem,maybe see your g.p to be on the safe side

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxx


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