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home swapping / mutual exchanging council property need advice please!!

Hi I was wondering if you guys could help me . I live in a one bed council property, and have recently asked to move into a two bed due to my dad becoming ill. They said this was ok, but now my step brother is now homeless and sleeping rough. I have found a 3 bed property and was wondering would the council let me move my step bro in too o all rooms are occupied. I just don't want him sleeping rough. Plus we won't be claiming any housing benefit or other benefits everything will be paid for in full..

Could someone give me some advice please

Thank you x

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hi carly,im not sure on this,i would fone yr local council & ask them,you don't have to give them yr name,say your enquirering,good luck xx


Or you could google the question, see what answers you come they come up with.....good luck, I think so long as your not taking rent money from him there can't be any harm, I take it he will be looking for another place so you could say he has come to visit you and is staying over , try the idea I said then go from there.....keep us in touch as to how you get on,,,,hugs...Dee x


Hi everyone thanks for your feed back. I rang them today an they said I'm not allowed to get a 3 bed even if we are all paying full rent. I explained about my bros situation and they said sorry only a two bed xx


Hi what about moving your step brother in to new flat, staying on sofa and them him applying to be housed seperately due to overcrowding?


Hi Carly 171

I have just read your post and your update on this matter. I am so sorry to hear the council won't help you in this matter. I was just pondering however about housing associations in your area. It might be possible that a housing association could help your brother? On the news there are often stories about them building affordable 1 bed flats for people, do you know if there is anything like that in your area? The council will know and so should a host of charities such as CAB etc. It's probably worth a try as nobody should be left on the streets in that way.

I sincerely hope that you can get something sorted as soon as possible.

Ken x


Carly there is only one thing to do and that is ring them and get permission. Goodluck xgis


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