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hi all i have been off sick since january am now suffering from depression as well as all the pain from fibro and arthritis, i was put into the wrag group and asked them to revise it as

my dr and myself say i am not fit for work i cant cope at home let alone anywhere else. i have now had a letter to go to a work group for job search etc a meeting to last about 2 hours, i am still off on sick until december, do i have to attend this. sorry to go on x

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I don't know the answer to this but the citizens advise will and I am sure if you talk to them they will help. I certainly feel for you, hugs x


thank you devonlady all this hassle makes everything twice as bad if i could work i would have stayed in the job that i loved and not live on over 20 tablets a day xx


I've been asking myself the same question bruiser... I'm sorry that you are in such a stressful situation - the whole thing is a nightmare.

I've been speaking to my oncologist's secretary today as her husband is now being assessed for ESA. Despite surgery he still has a brain tumour and the treatment has left him with short term memory problems as well as other difficulties. He has 6 consultants, ALL of whom provided letters of support for his claim (along with his GP) yet, like so many of us, has been put in the WRAG!!!! He cannot wash or dress himself but because he can hold a pen has been deemed "fit for work"!!!!!!!!

Please do let us know how you get on. In the meantime... Gentle hugs xx


You probably do have to attend.

My interview wasn't too bad at all; I just had to expain my conditions and how it affects me. The DWP definition of being fit for work and the real life situation that the JC+ employees know all too well is very different and my interviewer readily acknowledged that. I have to go back in 6 months even though my old IB medical said I am unlikley to be able to work for another 18 months!

You could phone them, explain that you have a sick note until December and ask if they still want to see you now or would they prefer to postpone to the new year?

Julie xx


Thanks all i had sent 2 texts and a letter to the work place office stating that i am still on esa and not job seekers and still have a sick note which they have a copy of should hear back from them tomoro fingers crossed x


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