Fibromyalgia and Piercings

This may be a silly question, but I have always wanted a second piercing in one of my ears. Been wanting to do it for years and never have, and now im wondering if I can?! Does it hurt more, it is more likely to cause me grief?

I guess I probably want it almost as a "stick your fingers up" at the condition itself, but has anyone got piercings after they have been diagnosed?

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  • Hey, I was diagnosed a few months ago and I got the top of my right ear pierced beginning of august and it still feels as tender as it did after the third week. It is healed but still a bit sore, I don't notice it unless I bump my ear or lie on it at night lol, so choice is your's hun. Hope this helps you :) Skye xx

  • A slight digression but I found it hurts like hell having my legs waxed!! lol to the point where I had one leg done and couldnt go through with the other lol

  • I had my seconds repierced after i was diagnosed and it does hurt alot more but the pain is over in seconds.

  • I've had more holes pierced and they didn't hurt for long. The older you are the more painful the piercing, I don't think it is badly affected by FM


  • Hihi, firstly, Skye, if you had the top of your ear done with a piercing gun, please take it out. The reason being that guns split the cartiledge and should not be used on it. If you had it done by the body piercing method, it is the right way. The lump could be either localised infection (if it hurts) or keloid scarring (if it doesn't hurt)if it is infection, clean it with an irrigating but gentle antiseptic spray(maternity nipple spray is the best with savlon spray a close second). If it is a keloid scar, wheatgerm oil rubbed in with cotton wool reduces it over time.

    I have 34 piercings and in all honesty, i didn't notice a difference. Key tip, have a drink with caffeine prior to having a piercing to encourage thise little endorphins to get going. A gun should only ever be used on the lobes. Keep the piercing clean. Finally, if you sleep on the side you have had pierced, sleep on the other side!

  • it was a needle and there is no lump, and i clean it regularly, so it could just be my ear doesn't like being pierced there lol, but thanks for the advice :) will remember that if i get another piercing done lol :) xx

  • Hi, I had the top of my ear pierced and it hurt a lot. After 2 years of putting up with it in took it out. My piercer said that is the sorest part to have pierced. He took his out too cause it never stopped hurting.

  • I dont find it makes that much difference either. I havent got as many as Inks tho!! It also depends on the person and which part of your body gets pierced.people react differently. But yeh, if you want it done, go ahead,make sure you keep it clean and dont "fiddle" with it. My daughter is a body piercer and Ive picked up all sorts of info along the way.

  • Thanks guys thats a lot of help. Its such a little thing but....fibro controls so much of your life you just want a bit of normality and its something i have wanted for a long time, maybe I want it more because I thought I couldnt but either way, i will look into it. thank you. x

  • I used to have quite a lot of piercings - ears, tummy, tongue to name but a few. I took all of them out apart from one set of studs in my ears as I was a little uneasy about keeping them all in as "foreign bodies" after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It just made sense to limit the metal in my body. I must admit since doing so, I psychologically felt better.

    It may be all completely unfounded but for me personally it made sense. Nothing has been proven that piercings can affect our health unless of course infection takes hold. I just felt having Fibro was enough without the remotest chance that something could affect me further. I hope research is carried out regarding this as it would reassure many people like me who like piercings.

    Always have your piercings done by reputable body piercers with sanitised equipment! :) The same obviously applies to tattoos.

    It's interesting to read all the posts on this thread, thanks folks! :)

  • I think we have so much pain on a daily basis that injections or piercings hurt less as we are so used to pain!

    The only problem I have is that everything seems to take longer to heal,so patience and a good cleansing method help me through.

    Go on have it know you want to! xx

  • Hi, I have quite a few piercings and have just had one done to see if it helps with migraines. It has been in a week now and has been no sorer than any of my other piercings. I am now trying to find out if there is one I can get for fibromyalgia. I will keep you updated.

    Soft hugs

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