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fibromyalgia and benefits

hello all my wife has fibro amongst other disabilities and has just been taken off daily living side of pips , I have been searching the internet and have found this , hope it helps. ://todayhealth247.xyz/fibromyalgia-is-declared-as-a-new-long-term-disability/ please read the link but skip the first bit it's about America ,ours is further down the page

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This link is closed. for some reason.

It matters not what your health or disability are but how you manage on a day to day basis.


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That’s not entirely true as it depends on who assesses you and sometimes when you say how it affects you on a daily basis they say it’s not how it affects you it’s what diagnosis you have the system is corrupt.

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These are DWP guidelines for all contractors....we know their are targets and bonuses which DWP deny,

The criteria are exactly the same whether you have MS or sight loss.

The assessment is designed to work out what your individual needs are.

It will focus on how well you can carry out a range of activities you need to do to cope with everyday life


Couple of points:

The system is not working

The diagnosis is not what is important but some conditions are treated better than others.

There could be a post code effect

The system works as bananas5 has said i.e. on the basis of how your condition affects you and limits you from doing certain tasks.

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looks to be the same posts as before where it is blog bait for people to read. I could only see the french version on the .com site but it's the same as has been on here before.


Fibromyalgia is now a long-term disability

With the help of the efforts of three years of patient and Customer service in Northern Ireland, fibromyalgia has been declared as a long-term disability.

Now dedicated services may establish trusts and centers for the management of fibromyalgia as a long-term condition.

Patients can get medical advice and interventions by health professionals. Moreover, it is difficult to decide which alternative therapy that best way to handle the costumes of fibromyalgia; Therefore, you can also get information about therapies.

As pain is the main complaint of most patients with fibromyalgia, most drugs are for treatment of pain perception; However, other symptoms are less noticed.

Increase awareness of the condition could contribute to the early detection of this disease. Also, if the people around him, like family and friends are well aware of the fluctuations of symptoms and behavioral problems, they can provide the highest level of comfort and can participate in household chores. Fibromyalgia Awareness person could make life easier.

People also read

It is also suggested that human relationships with fibromyalgia may not be healthy with your colleagues, friends and family. This happens because the people around you have little knowledge about the disease.

Increasing awareness programs, not only the fight against the person with fibromyalgia is polite, but be not as bad the idea of ​​how to treat the person with fibro, how you can help them and what they allow to be feeling better.

At the other end of the spectrum, the legal declaration of fibromyalgia as a long-term disability can also let the doctor know more about this disease and suggest effective drug for the final disposal of symptoms.

The availability of treatment for fibromyalgia is a serious problem. In clinical practice, the availability of services are not the same because of the lack of resources to target specific population more effectively.

People with fibromyalgia often feel isolated and alone. Social isolation may be a barrier to receiving treatment. Doctors find it very difficult to treat. Therefore, physicians should also welcome the exchange of information and knowledge by the patient.

In addition, more research will be conducted to find ways to improve overall health.

disability insurance and long-term benefits

It is more difficult to persistent work and stay in the workforce, while fighting against fibromyalgia.

In fact, it also happens that people continue to work even in the face of pain, fatigue, headaches and migraines occur because of fibromyalgia.

As long-term disability insurance is now available in several countries, it might be less concerned about the financial burden of medications, periodic inspections and other expenses.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia can be debilitating. Based on the subjective complaints and physical examination, the doctor can check and identify fibromyalgia.

There are many types of insurance available long-term disability. However, you should have an idea of ​​what the long-term disability insurance, be right for you.

Serious consideration leads to better results

Recognition of fibromyalgia as a long-term disability will certainly increase the awareness and knowledge of the condition not only among health professionals, however, non-medical people are also aware of the characteristics of fibromyalgia.

After the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, the patient will receive a means by which you can get complete information on medications, exercise, and other alternative therapies.

Changes in diet could play a vital role in improving the condition of fibromyalgia. The treatment of fibromyalgia is a multidisciplinary approach, where each operation has its own importance.

If you want to neglect any of them, symptoms may worsen. Therefore, the treatment of fibromyalgia is all about the efficiency with which medical professionals collect and treat the disease and the severity with which the patient follows the prescribed technique.

Reference todayhealth247.xyz/fibromya...


trevdee Please read this and you will see that it is not declared a disability but a long term condition -




Hi Trevdee

As, Des pointed out this has been going around as 'click bait' to encourage people to read the articles. The information was taken from a BBC article here: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-...

This is in relation to Northern Ireland and not the UK where it isn't recognised as such but is understood to have many symptoms that affect abilities to do activities of daily living for some people.

Please know the next few sentences are purely to be of help to you and I know that you were trying to help posting this link so it's in no way a criticism at all. However, I just wanted to mention that sometimes the internet can be a helpful informative place if you read the websites that have been certified to carry the correct information like for instance have the Information Standard mark of accurate information. Otherwise, I would always be careful when reading anything online articles now without asking yourself the credibility of the source and/or whether they are trying to sell you something. There is a risk in fake news which I am sure you are aware about, not that this article is but I feel it's title was misleading as I say to gain readers and hits to the site.

If you read anything and are unsure about the information we can always help to guide you on these things if needed. That's the beauty of this community, lots of people with plenty of knowledge about Fibro and linked to the charity FMAUK who are always keeping up-to-date.

Hope this helps

Emma :)


You can go to appeal tribunal to get back daily living side of PIP. benefitsandwork.co.uk do really good guides for applying/appealing PIP benefit. Worth the money of membership. Take care


You're right they are great guides, however I would strongly urge any member including trevdee that before joining and paying the fee to contact the FMA UK Benefits Advisor. All the contact information you need is in the link below;


All the best

Emma :)

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hi Ruthie my partners benefit cuts where not only down to fibro their are a few other things such as C O PD, cancer,divertuculosis to name but three ,there are others I joined this site to learn more about Fibro and how it affects her tbh , I know of Benefits and work , but as Emma says best to check them out first before committing

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I understand you both wanting to check benefits and work. They do a news letter which is very good. My husband and I have used the guides to successfully get benefits reinstated. Any questions you have about fibromyalgia I am willing to answer. I have been diagnosed with Fibro 19 yrears. Hope all goes well for you.


thank you sweet will look into B& W ,And will get back to you if needed xx


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