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Another eventful week and now sick in bed

Well last wk 25th -2yrs since my gran passed

26th 4 yrs since the closest Anty i had passed at 53yrs.

27th my mums Bday :-)

28th my brother in laws bday

Anyway on my mums bday i finish wrk , took my brother ti mums with cake that i had made very excited, left went to collect hubby from work, went to supermarket to get something for tea i stayed in car, gets a call my eldest daughter frantic that 2 lads had seen our dog with our cat! At 1st they thought playing then noticed bloid,

Well we got home as our pet cat taking her last breath she waited, furious with the Dog ! ( the dog we rescued from being put to sleep last year, she is younger than her sister ) the breeder had asked us if could take her on as the other owner could not cope, we did! She had been living putdoors soo had no idea about a washing machine, dryer noise, coward at a sweeping brush and mop, wet herself if you went near her, to laying on her back being tickled with sweeping brush and sleeping next to dryer lol we made her into a beautiful loving family pet . She is a white German Shepherd too. We had ours from puppy so brought up with our cats.

I sensed not rite as she kept licking her lips yet would cower when i told her no!!

We tried to get them aquainted and i asked the breeder who said be fine, montgs and months still not having it, she got the cat one day we had to force the dog off her was not nice, the cat went missing for a day, we gave her a chance then she managed on Thursday after a year and half keeping seperated having to keep both dogs in our kitchen and cat in lounge.

We buried the cat in my daughters old dressing gown with a Teddy in front garden where she always laid ..

I cannot believe a happy day ended so brutal!! My 11 yr old mortified as her cat too, so we had to make a decision and my hubby took Star to a pets trust i was broken hearted all day.

Anyway my daughter wanted another cat (so soon)

So we phoned one and was on way to view when another one phoned so we were viewing 2 completely different areas for cats weird and lot mileage!!

1st one was not the original going to see so said we would call as we fell inlove with original, i already instantly chose from litter one tgat ran straight to us double of my old cat in a box on windowsill a very long haired black/white beauty (died cancer bless) but my dog loved her.

Anyway went to view the other and my daughter fell inlove, so we bought her and i said aww but i love the other haha, so poor hubby had to travel allllll the way back to other..

I was feeling okish yesterday but i keep getting told my right ankle swelling and my leg , it was uncomfortable last night warm, aching throbbing had to keep resting up and blue colour under my foot, i felt out of sorts and my heartbeat a bit off, went to bed to wake feeling flu and sick , got up spent over half hour hovering loo then went to bed to just no time and vomited allll over bedroom floor, landing floor and bathroom! My poor hubby darted out of bed and cleaned up, later brought me a cuppa and now in bed feeling off it .. So sick of feeling rough qllll the time but never know when something is an emergency or not i dare not get up as feeling queezy .. I did also have take away chicken but my hubby finished it off and he ok :-(.

Ohhh where does it end xxxxxxxxx

Hope you alll coping ok

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Sadly it never ends grrrr. That was a hell of a lot you have been through physically and emotionally so it sets you back,

Stay strong listen to your body and go to the doctors , even if they cant do anything you get peace of mind that you fot checked out and then you can start to recover



Oh poor you what a rollercoaster you have traveled so have got this right you ended up with two cats . Bless you they do help I miss mine terribly. Take care hope you feel better soon xgins


I have a rescued pet and know that although it can be very rewarding, they can be an awful lot of hard work.I hope that you all recover from the trauma very soon and that you get over your tummy problems quickly. Take care. Jane x


Fairy cazzie,

I hope you are better soon, see you are an animal lover like myself, take care, I'm just like you xxxxxxxxxxx


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