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You may have seen this before but it made me smile...'cos it's me!!!

10 best things about Fibromyalgia

(from amazing website of super cool products)

I save money on magazines. With brain fog, I can’t remember what I just read!

I am a cheap date. No alcohol, no dessert and I still feel drunk or hungover.

On ‘good day’s I feel wonderful. Other people need a much better day to feel that way.

I am easy to find…I’m either at the Dr’s office or at home.

I never have to make my bed because I’ll probably be right back in it.

I have acquired a great lounging/sleeping wardbrobe. I rarely get dressed as nobody ever sees me.

Disequilibrium saves money on amusement parks. I get the same sensations every time I stand up!

I feel smarter than my Doctors…all they say is ‘I don’t know’

With short-term memory impairment I can hide my own Easter eggs and Christmas presents.

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love it!



Absolutely loved it. This is me all over too


Don't forget that you can also watch murder mysteries several times on TV before you actually remember it was the butler in the library with a candlestick! ;)

;-) I am forever finding Xmas/birthday pressies that I buy and hide during the year (to try and be organised) then forget all about them! Jane x

Oh my ha ha ha.. wonderful thank you so much for sharing.. x ;-)


Awesome :) xx

an amusing little exploration well done you :) x gins

Thanks for sharing it made me laugh :-) dixie x

Sorry what was that all about, I've foregotten. :-(

Brilliant x.

been on site and signed up for emails thanks.x

It does have its compensations though. Found 2 boxes of scented candles on settee the other day and asked my husband where they had come from. He said they were under the settee and I knocked them out with the Dyson. They must have been there since last Christmas!! I remember buying quite a few of them as I give my grandchildren money each Christmas but always like to put it in a little present. So this is where the 2 spare boxes had gone. I swore he was telling me lies but he wasn't. Unfortunately, these must have been 2 boxes which were spare as there was no money in them. Definitely going doodle-ally. Good job were all in this together and can understand how these things happen. Just shows how much housework I do these days. Oh well....only a bit more dust.

Well you know what they say 'A clean house is a sign of ... a boring life /broken Internet connection! Jane x

I agree babe, Insisting on a clean house, working full time, burning the candle at both ends, could go on for ever and ever. That's why I've ended up in the state I am now. ME/FM/CS/Glaucoma/Diverticulitis. etc.,etc., If only I knew then what I know now, the bloody house could have gone to rack and ruin. So true what you say though. I must have been a boring B.ha ha!

Avril, Liverpool.

Oh me too! But at least my children have learned from my own daughter in particular has a very 'healthy' attitude to housework...she doesn't do it! J x

Know exactly what you mean - neither does my other half. I've given up caring now = just dont have the strength to argue. If anyone calls now, which they don't any more (so called friends) I just say ignore the place I just haven't got the energy. But really it's not too bad, just a very untidy husband.

Lets hope your daughter keeps that healthy attitude and doesn't end up like us.



Well you have plenty of 'virtual' friends on here Avril and we are unlikely to turn up to inspect your dusting. J x

Love it that it has really made me smile,i know what you mean i can totally connect with what you mean. i sometimes forget my own name or where i am going and why i was going there in the first place.You have really made me smile and cheered me up thankyou,not my best at the mo having a real bad flare up,just want to sleep but never seem any fresher when i have,once again thanks for cheering me up.

tender hugs


Glad it made you smile too Samantha. Waking up unrefreshed from sleep is a very typical symptom of Fibro. I can't remember not feeling tired. Let's hope that we both do better tonight! Jane x

lol i've twice found money in a handbag i'd forgotton was there , once £25 & last week i found £160 in a zipped compartment in my holiday bag from last April when i went to Jersey, no not got lots of money i just forgot it was there,

I'm just so pleased to find out that we are all the same xx

I am off to check my handbags. I might strike lucky too! ;) J x

i couldnt stop laughing at this !!!! its sooooo true.... suppose it has its perks hehehehe

:) :) :)

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