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This is from my earlier blog I've wrote it out now so it should be readable now


10 best things about fibro

1 I save Money on magazines as with brain fog I can't remember what I just read

2 I'm a cheap date no alcohol no dessert and ill still seem drunk

3 on a good day I feel Wonderful other people need a much better day to feel this good

4 I lose weight without even trying

5 I am easy to find I'm either at docs or at home

6 I never have to make my bed cause ill be back in it soon

7 I have a great lounge/sleep wardrobe I don't bother gettin dressed as no one sees me anyway

8 disequilibrium saves money at amusement park as I get the same sensation every time I stand up

9 I feel smarter than my docs as all they say is" I don't no "

10 with short term memory I can hide my own Easter eggs Xmas presents and spend the rest of year trying to find them

U just have to laughxxxx

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Lol I am laughing all are true EXCEPT number 4 grrrrrrrrrrrrrr if anybody needs any extra weight I am happy to donate some of mine a truly unselfish gesture I think and I,ll even throw in some ...... well ok lots of cellulite

Thanks for the laugh Kilts

VG xx

worth waiting for kilts!

all true bar no.4!



Ah I bet look fantastic , I was a vey unhealthy 6 stone for years, people who new me new I was just picky fussy eater but not so close people thought either illness or drugs !!! now I'm healthy 8 stone and feel much better and I don't get people lookin at me thinking that' Must be on drugs take care Michelle

I think it's amazing how we all somehow (with all these ghastly symptoms to cope with!) manage to have the strength of character and sense of humour to laugh at ourselves :) Could I add an extra one to your list Kilts? (with a name like that I guess you must live in Scotland like me!) --

11 You get to "meet" and "chat" with all you other lovely people on this site and realise that you are not alone. XX

Haha thanx for the laff michelle think most of us can relate to some or all of theses points. At the minute ive a stack of mags sitting by my bedside unread and unloved lol I just cant focus at the min and am doing the usual fibro fog thing of forgetting where i put my keys purse fone etc and after hours of searching frustration and the odd swear word, finding them in weird and wonderful places like the fridge, breadbin and cutlery drawer!!! Like a few of the other bloggers I would be the opposite of number 4 :-( since being diagnosed with fibro i have steadily gained weight through comfort eating and the inability to exercise due to lack of motivation,energy and the pain factor!! I'm determined to take myself in hand this new yr and sort myself out ooooo well thats my new yrs resolution sorted for 2013 - wonder how long it will last lol

Dixie x

i have to admit this made me giggle too.... but the thought of loosing xmas presents scare me, so i'm not buying them until nescessary! the loose weight is good, when does it kick in though? and the never making the bed is constant at the moment, not only for been on half term but because my new matress is so comfy - its insaine!!!!! thanks for making me giggle this moring!! x

Yep that sounds just like me, where am I at moment in bed lol. Sithy

Another good aspect of fibro is that we DO know what pain is. I am reading a book about a doctor who worked with lepers. He says the main problem is that they do not know pain and thus lost their parts due to neglect rather than the parts actually being worn away by the disease. So they could get thorns, nails etc in their feet and not know about it.

Hahaha. I end up on the same kindle page for ages cos I can 't remember if I read it or not.FF is good if you are a writer, as you can cast a critical eye over your own work because you can't remember writing half of it!

I have PJ days too - saves on laundry :-)

Keep em coming

Storm x

Thanks all, it is good to have a laugh about it, as lots said as well one good thing is I have found this site and lots if lovely people who sadly understands all to well how I feel , and the hope others give that one day we will find out exactly wat causes fibro and a cure.thanks take care Michelle

I wanted to repost this ad it's good to have a laugh.


Fantastic, love it! Thank you Kilts! A laugh is great therapy isn't it! :D xxx

We all moan and focus on the negative stuff quite rightl so as its really hard to deal with Fibro but let's also focus on the good points there maybe not than many but there Defo some good, I was a fast paced workaholic now I am retired slow paced and although it was really hard to admite defeat and give up work I now see it as a positive thing as my health emotionally and physical has coped much better for it so I now have all the time in the world to do wat I want wen I want. Thanks Michelle

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