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cannot do anything

my hands are so sore now I cannot hold anything ie cutlery without my hands stinging and being sore(centre of palms).my fingers are more swollen and the skin on my palms is thickened the area around my nails are red and sore as are my knuckles.i cannot hold my dogs' leads in my hands nor carry shopping.I know this is not CTS as it affects my whole hands not just the first two fingers.as others have suggested -its lupus and /or acromegaly.

the pelvic bone pain worsens every day from the time I get up and my friend commented on sunday that I was walking oddly.this is because of the pelvic bone pain and the swellings at the backs of my knees.

pre endoscopy appointment at the hospital tomorrow and dr appointment on Friday to see the gp re my swallowing difficulty and throat still feels like being cut with a razor.see if she will refer me as not improved.

will also bring it to her attention about pelvic bone pain-if she has time within the allotted appointment time.

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Hello Anbuma,

Sorry to hear your symptoms are plaguing you tonight.

I would like to post you a link to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as some of the symptoms in your hands could be related according to the NHS Choices site

Other possible symptoms of CTS include:

a dull ache and discomfort in the hand, forearm or upper arm

a burning, prickling sensation (paraesthesia) in the hand similar to pins and needles

dry skin, swelling or changes in the skin colour of the hand

becoming much less sensitive to touch (hypoaesthesia)

weakness in the thumb when trying to bend it at a right angle, away from the palm (abduction)

weakness and wasting away (atrophy) of the muscles in the thumb

If you have CTS, your hand may become weak and you may find it difficult to grip certain objects. Your dexterity, which is the ability to use your hands effectively to carry out certain tasks, is often impaired by CTS. You may also find it difficult to use the affected fingers to carry out specific tasks, such as typing or fastening buttons


I understand you feel you have other symptoms which you are presently trying to communicate to your Healthcare Professionals. However it could possibly be that the feelings in your hands are due to CTS.

Hope you manage to sleep well :)

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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thanks fro the info Emma.will look at it later .my gp gave me a steroid injection in the wrist which gave me relief for a couple of weeks then it came back.have asked him for the op on it

and he bluntly said "NO".


Hi anbuma

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I also want to wish you all the best of luck with your appointments.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hello Anbuma

Hope you feeling better than you was when you posted this, can you ask for a double appointment when you see your GP, I always insist on double appointment time when I have several things to discuss (GP will give 2 appointments one after the other). I also sometimes write my symptoms on a print out of the front facing/back facing pic of the female body, I saved the pic on my computer some time ago when I came across it on one of the NHS site's. If you would like a copy PM me and I will send you the link (I'm not sure if I can post the link on here).

Best Wishes Jay

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Hello Jay thanks Jay,a bitbetter this morning -hands anyway btu I havent "done anything" as yet.

not taken dogs out cos have hospital appointment and they didn't want to go.

my gp wont let me have double appointments which I think is daft as they always run late cos some consultations obviously take longer than others but their way of looking at it is probably with single appointments more people get seen but all it does is make gp run late and then they rush through their other patients.im not sure about printing a pic of the body will help.a gp should accept that you tell him you have symptoms in certain areas ands see for himself.


Excellent idea!


Morning am I being dense why do you want the form of a female body you already have your own! Sorry dont get it xgins

Anbuma Morning I am sorry your hands are suffering go and place them in tepid water for twenty minutes then when you have thoroughly dried them gently smooth in hand cream or P45 cream then if you dont have too much todo today place a pair of cotton gloves on put the tele on or some music and practise relaxing.




thanks for the tip Gins,will definitely try that.i have been using heat pads.i have cream and gel from my dr.there is always something that needs doing btu with me its when and if I can.if its fine then I tend to try and do the garden and if its cold or wet housework .cant do more than one room a day.


thats marvellous a room a day I cannot manage half a room and if I try and hoover well maybe get around the dinning room .....! So you do as much as your body lets you :) take heart don't fight quite so hard use the energy differently gins


Hi have bought some gloves that you put in microwave. For when my hands are really bad ,they were expensive ,but I have found a way of making your own now and if you put rice in a small square pad about the size of the Palm of your hand , half fill it with rice and mabe add some lavender if you choose ,you can pop the bag in microwave for about 30 seconds, then give it a shake and slip it in side some bought mittens that are not to tight, either across the top of your hands or underneath ,it does give heat therapy and relief to hands. Hope that helps you I suffer with my hands greatly ,I have MCTD anf fibro etc , good luck x

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thanks for the suggestion SW :)


hi gins

one room a day but not all in one go -takes the whole day cos stopping and starting.cant use a vacuum cleaner most of the time -so use a long handled brush and pan.



don't whisper-shout it out-to the medical people-insist or be pushed to one side for others who talk louder- take your rights to be treated or let others take your place- kazzgirl

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Anbuma, don't totally rule out CTS. It can be pretty well diagnosed with a nerve conductivity trest (think that's the name). CTS effects thumb also. My test results 10 years ago, also showed ulnar tunnel syndrome, so only one finger isn't effected - the middle finger.

Some of my symptoms can be weakness, numbness, cold hands, tingling, stiffness, and cramping in the muscle next to/below the thumb. Called the Venus Mound in palm reading I think. You may have other conditions that effect this or it may be someting altogether different. But without more testing, I wouldn't dimiss CTS. Also, think carefully before getting any surgery. I opted not to go that route because the success rate was too low for me to let someone cut into me.

I like the idea of making hand sized warmers. You can also use gentle stretching exercises which a physio can teach you. I do self-massage when I have pain or stiffness, or some of the other symptomptoms I mentioned.

I truly hope you can find out what is going on or at least how to make it better. My sympathy is with you. Clare

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Thank You for your comment Megmog2, CTS is quite a common condition that people with Fibro experience however Lupus & Acromegaly are conditions where advice from other communities who understand these conditions is probably best to be honest.This way you can talk to others who can share their experiences and your more likely to get the advice you need :)

Best of luck ;)


posting a pic on lupus forum


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