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extreme fatigue in arms and jaw

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hello everyone hope your all doing as well as you can . i was just wondering if anyone gets really bad pain and tirdeness from shoulders all the way down to fingers i have had the pain before but my arms feel so heavy that even brushing my teeth is hard and i also noticed my jaw is tired when i try to eat and cant seem to open my mouth very well its like the whole top part of my body is extremly fatuiged . sorry to go on everyone just wonder if any one gets this i have had fibro for around six years now as well as a few other problems sorry to go on thanks everyone xxxxxxxx

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Yes i hear you hun- my upper arms ache and hurt whenh I apply pressure if I carry shopping ( now having home delivery) my teeth ache because I grind (I have sjorgrens which causes you to have your tongue on the go all day) I stopped eating things like steaks chops and stuff that needs a good chew, you have whats known as TMJ discuss it with your gp, he may fob you off to the dentist, I,ve got a TENS machine for sore muscles I find it good, fatigue i find is when I have overdone things, I had learned to pace myself, only set tasks that i could finish and if I didnt finish its not a crime! I often tell myself there are no deadlines in the home and the roof wont blow off if I havent dusted or hoovered fora few days.

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ahh bless you hun its rubbish . thank you for replying i kept thinking what is going on with my jaw mouth its strange yea maybe i wil go back to my gp . tens machine sounds good im going to look in to that thank you very much XXxxxx

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I know that feeling. Back when I was a naughty school girl and had to do 100 lines..' I will not tell my teacher that a pig ate my homework, this is more creative than it is true '.....after writing this so many times your arm was dropping off...now my arms both feel like that...all the time. xx

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Yes the arm thing is my CFS kicking in again. So exhausting n painful . Carrying stuff writing typing all set it off. And over doing anything .Suspect nerve issues. Nothing fixes it except resting it out. Takes as long as it takes.

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Yep i hear you. I have had tmj problems for about 15 years it was the first thing that started to hurt me with fibro.

I do grind though with stress which doesnt help, i had a night brace made at dentist it stops it a little, i ended up having steroid injections in my jaw joints coz it got so inflamed it wouldnt open.

I find if it plays up a hot water bottle wrapped in towel helps pain and ibuprofen.

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Hi louloumorgan, I feel for you, my neck,arms and shoulders are terrible, I have noticed that if I'm chewing something I get a really bad ache in my jaw.

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Hi and I find your post interesting.. I have suffered dead eight heavy arms for years now... I can't wash my own hair or dry it and having a shower or a bath to me must equivalent to running a marathon with no training before hand...

However the part about your jaw... I get numbness in my chin or the corners of my lips when I am drinking anything I don't notice the lips being numb cos you can't really it's only because the fluid running down me has made me aware my lip and chin are frozen ..... well they feel frozen like when you have been to the dentist and you feel like they are rally cold but you haven't noticed that they are actually numb..... it isn't nice and it was something I was going to speak to my doctor about ....

Good luck xx

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Hi Loulou--I get it totally--and as far as other issues--it seems fibro never arrives alone--Seems like one thing after another ever since I was dxed--I have conditions far more dangerous than fibro but it gives me more grief by far than the dangerous ones

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thank you everyone for your replies i really appreciate , it really is one thing after the other with fibro i was wondering if that tirerdness heaveniss was maybe cfs i was going to go back to doctors my engery levels are terrible even having a wash is like running a race xxx

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