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The last two weeks have been non stop, I feel like my life is moving at 100mph! I've just started back at uni to do my Masters in Child Development so it's all go with lots of reading, lectures, seminars and placement!

I'm having problems with prioritizing and pacing! Any advice? I'm trying so hard to keep up a few social activities, mainly to keep me sane!

On the brighter side, I was at the doctors today and I now have Gabapentin to try on top of Dihydrocodeine and Amitriptyline, so hopefully this will help! The driving to and from Stirling is a lot, it is about 45 minutes from where I stay, so I totally under estimated how bad it was actually going to be :(

C xx

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Wow I'm not surprised you're exhausted but hope you manage to get some rest and well done for starting your masters with FMS

Storm x


Thank you! I'll try my best :)

C x


Well done C.

My ideas/tips ............

Have a look on the travelodge website and see if you can land on any £12 roomsin Stirling on nights when you have lectures the day before and the day after - they might help with the driving/tiredness issue. I remember commuting to work for over 1 1/2 hours a day ... such a tiring waste of time!

Start your research for assignments in good time - scour the Stirling second hand book shops and charity shops to get yourself your own little library of books so you don't need to be making extra trips to the Uni library. Obviously taking books out of Uni library is useful as is photocopying articles ready for use at home.

Enjoy your studies - I did my Masters whilst working and with 2 children in tow - it must be wonderful to just immerse yourself in your studies 24/7

Julie xx


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