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hi there i was just wondering is there any one else with fibro and m.e. who has had numerous U.T.I. infections ( urine infections ) i have had at least 10 if not more in this year alone,i had the tiny camera enter my bladder and had my uretha stretched and they could not see a problem.other than the constant tiredness and pain and everthing else with fibro this is now truly driving me insane.nothing to do with my cycle as had a hystorectomy over 5 yrs ago.i keep clean in that area and wear lose clothing and only cotton underwear.thats when i am dressed that is and not sleeping this connected to fibro?also never the same uti infection ,apparantly you need certain antibiotics for certain uti infections and it seems i have been getting two forms of uti's as always on one type of tablet then maybe two uti;s later they say its a different type of another type of antibiotic,has anyone been through the same? please

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Sorry to hear that you are going through this too. I have had continual uti's over the last three years they started on the first day of my holiday in Ibiza ended up in hospital there, last year I went to see my gyno and he said that I have E-Coli in my bladder this can be a long process to clear, I have one antibiotic one month and a different one the next in rotation, this seems to be working as I have been pain free since starting them and yes I do have Fybro too.

Good luck xxx


many thanks ,i speak to my doctor and ask him could i also maybe have that way of taking my antibiotics.xxxand good luck with yours alsoxx.



Unfortunately it goes with fibro, it's called interstitial cystitis

And it's like a irritation in the bladder, I am lucky enough to

Work in a hospital so and I can check my own, it never shows

Infection, but some times blood you will never stop it with

Antibiotics as its not an infection.

I am not sure how it starts, I thought that maybe for me it was

Fruit and this burns my bladder but that's just a Quess, how

Do I cope with it I drink lots of water, and I make sure that I

Don't eat or drink any thing that is citrus, I also take a course

Of probiotic tablets and for me touch wood I have been ok

For a. Few weeks.

For you of course you may have an infection, but if you can't

Get to the doctors quickly try drinking water and see if it goes.

If it is an infection it will not go away. And you will need antibiotics

There is a lot of information on the net regarding this if you

Find that you may have this

Love Viv


many thanks indeed viv,this has helped very much indeed,and think about it now, i was drinking the probiotic drinks and looking back i realise the problrm did not arise around that time,or maybe just wishing that lol,but that is good information,espcially the name for it,xxxx


Not everyone with Fibro gets IC, so be careful not to assume it's that.

Are your doctors confirming it is a bacterial infection each time? The most basic dip test for UTIs does not differentiate between bacterial and fungal infections afaik and if it were a fungal infection, antibiotics wouldn't help.

It is also possible to have an issue where antibiotics (especially repeat courses or high doses) knock out your natural probiotics, which then leaves you susceptible to infection. I had this issue myself at one stage and got stupid amounts of infections (UTI, skin infection, swine flu.......). A long course of high dose probiotics dealt with it. Unfortunately to get tested for this properly, you have to go private. You could try and see if a proper course of strong probiotics helps. Capsules or powder probiotics are better than the drinks as the drinks contain lower doses and also contain other ingredients, such as sugar or sweeteners.




Bladder problems are horrible aren't they?

I used to get normal cystits a lot, rarer now thankfully ... but then I do make an effort to keep well hydrated, I can tell by my skin (deeper wrinkles to the sides of my eyes) and the colour and smell of my wee if I'm not drinking enough! Wee should be a pale straw colour during the day.

Julie xx


drink water all day,even boiled water,allow myself 3 cups aday of urine always smells sickly sweet and been checked for diabectic thankfuuly am not,think i will try going back docs to be referred again.


many thanks julieevh,xx.


This is a common problem, unfortunately, and one that is most awfully difficult to clear up. I don't think it's caused by fibromyalgia, and I agree that you shouldn't blame everything on your fibro.

You seem to be doing all the right things to help your infections, like drinking lots, so I'm scratching my head to think what else could be helpful.

I read a bit of research recently which found that people having recurrent UTIs seemed to do better if they removed as much sugar and refined carbs as possible from their diet.

This means avoiding obvious things like sweeties, cakes etc., eating all wholegrain bread and cereals if possible, avoiding the more sugary fruits like bananas and grapes, also sugary drinks like fruit smoothies etc.,and increasing your vegetables, especially raw veg.

You could try this - it's a healthy way to eat in any case, and may lessen your attacks

Luv, Moffy x


I also used to get a lot of urine infection s, I read on the internet about taking cranberry supplements. I started taking 1 10000mg capsule per day a year ago and touch wood I haven't had any :-)


ive been trying that for 5 months now.but thank you anyway,xx good that it has and is working for you though,xx.


Does anybody else think it could possibly connected to the fact that our bodies are on high alert coz of the fibro and if other parts of our bodies are extra sensitive then maybe the bladder is too and this is felt as pain? Just a thought but it would be interesting to see what other people think.

I'm sorry I couldn't be any help though. I hope this gets sorted for you very soon as Uris can make you feel extremely I'll indeed

Love and huggles

Chilli xxxxx


many thanks , Chlli50 xxx


Hi, i have 2day just been diagnosed with yet another water infection,which mut be at least my 20 this year,i try not to get antibiotics some of the time ,but like the infection i am sufferingwith now i knew by my quick temper and horrible attitude to my partner.Ive been a fybro sufferer now for over 20years and in my minds eye you cant blame your every illness on your fybro.One thing i must point out to you is just over 2 years ago i was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease,which i blame for all my water infections over the years,even the specialist cannot explain to me how it has come about.i have regular blood tests to moniter my condition.


sorry to hear about your kidney disease.i had a kidney scan around 6 months ago and all ok.but thanks any way,xxx.


Here's some info regarding possible urinary problems with Fibromyalgia, UTI's etc -


OMG: this has to be the best research site,i have ever seen.THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, LibertyZ. espcially that Dr.David Clark,he is just amazing.Very grateful indeed, LibertyZ. XXXXXXXX

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