I'VE st,st,started to st,st,st,stutter

Hi all, I have noticed that i have st,st,started t,t,t,ooo st,st,stutter, dont worry i am not going to type the whole blog with a stutter :)

is it just me or has it got somthing to do with the fibro fog, the reason i am interested in knowing is i never stutterd before, but in the last few months since my fibro has been getting worse, apart from the usual forgeting what i was going to be doing and how to spall,spill, SPELL i have developed a stutter, so i am wondering if anybody else has found the same problem..

Thanks for reading


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  • HI Chorley, since my latest flare up i too have started to stammer which is something i never did before either. It can only be related in some way to the fms. My spelling and handwriting have also been affected, i have to check and double check for mistakes. Hope this has helped and wish you well.

  • hi chorley my problem is iam unable to even get my words out sometimes,i feel like my tounge is rolling around in my mouth soo weard,my spelling has also been affected .take care .

  • hi, I also suffer this x

  • Hi Dawny & Tofty

    I am star,star,starting to feel bet,bet,better now knowing that its not just me and yes my spelling and handwritting has got worse too :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • Hi chorley, wow yeah not just me then lol.. i started last year! the Doc's tried saying was the pills i was taking so changed me. I have never in my life had any issues with my speach or thinking for that matter but since these issues they flare up..My 1st episodave of speach got up one morning driving girls to work and just started stuttering then it got really bad like as if i was a 'deaf' person talking i sounded awful. (i was fully aware of everything) but i was treat like i was a child in a fashion finishing sentences and its ok sweeetheart etc i was in tears!! i still get flare up almost a year on even without the pills i stutter, slur and cant get words out etc and my spelling too.. i am a 'touch typist' but ya know what i cannot do paragraphs or think how to spell sometimes i hit the wrong keys too..

    I actualy am glad but not glad for you as i felt was me going mad!!!! have you been back to the Dr's. I stopped taking half my medication weaning off by myself as when went to pain managament they were like ohhh this could be the medication, i said i dont think so!! stop making me out to be mad. getting passed pillar to post all the time is so frustrating, I now do take my pills (pregabalin) as they take the edge off the nerves but take Co-dydromol too as nothing else goes with it makes me ill. keep in touch!!

    xxcazzie xx

  • Hi Cazzie, no i havnt been to my dr about my stutter, i try not to let it bother me to much as i have enough to worry about with the fibro, i have noticed as an Ex semi pro singer that i dont stutter when i sing, that could make a few songs sound very interesting LOL, i have been trhough a big list of meds that we have tried and finaly i am on Tramadol & Pregabalin.

    At least we know we are not alone with our stut,st,st,stuttering :)

    Keep your chin up

    CHORLEY :)

  • I guess as you have your diagnosis it is maybe a little easier to know it is all apart of the problem! did you know that fibro and ms are similar things? I have been doing some internet googling (i know i should not) but after all the journeys to hospitals, Rheumotology, Neuro surgeon, Pain management and now waiting Neurology i am still waiiting answers! I have been asked by the one surgeon what do i think my problem is?? i said well after putting all my symtpoms in i came up with Either MS or Fibro they are the only 2 that relate to everything i have had this past couple of years and still no wiser, so now it is a visit to Neurologist to try and eliminate things as they dont think cancerous??? (scared the hell out of me) but obviously i got issues! Why have i come to this site you may ask..well guess its the obvious as you are all suffering what i am too suffering and i can relate to everything that is said. My heart at the moment is so dicky and must be an oxygen thing so my speech plays up, foggy head past wk, sneezing a lot lol i go through some funny phases. so did it take you 2 yrs before diagnosis?? I had an op in May 2010 trapping a nerve and from then on its been one thing after another and the pain!!! cant use my hands half the time either. x

  • Weeeeirrrrddddd!

    I thought I was going crackers. I "loose" words as well Hubby attributed it to my condition - he's very good like that - but I just thought I was either going crackers or had developed a silly habit. Its interesting to hear I am not alone.

    Chorley - I also sing as one of my professions (makes me look like I have lots, but only 2 singing and photography), and it seems singing lyrics comes from a different place, and I have had no problems with that at all either. I tend to be quite good at making up words to fit the spaces, anyhow. Speaking is a different thing, I find and come up with allsorts of "blocks".

    My handwriting as atrocious now, as I think I have developed tying hands over the last few years and all the writing muscles have wasted away!!:-)

  • Typing hands - not tying hands...whoops!

  • I forget words and also falter as I speak. I lose track of my topic and I also stammer sometimes - particularly when under pressure. I thought it was just middle aged idiocy - but all these comments would suggest otherwise. Thanks for sharing!

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