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T yes Tea that marvelous of English things a Cuppa

Can you imagine what the world was like when Tea was an expensive commodity. Locked up in beautiful lead/ tin lined boxes, rationed out to make the perfick cuppa. Served in bone china tea cups where the cups were so thin the light could shine through them. The long standing argument of Tea first in the cup or milk first. I believe true affectionardos like to put the tea in before the milk, my Mum always put it in first.

I spent 40 years of my life hating tea you see my husband used to drink it so strong the spoon stood up in it and it was a curios color that stand the china. I now drink rather weak Tea and really enjoy it . So I shall put the kettle on cheerio xgins

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Ooooo I love tea and if everything else fails have a cuppa. I find it so soothing in times a trouble. I drank buckets when I lost my lovely dad. I have Ringtons tea delivered to my door as I am a bit of a tea snob.

Mmmmmmmm I am off to put the kettle on too.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


How right you are Gins. Tea is a marvellous brew, and if someone suggested I stop drinking it, I would tell them to take a long walk off a short pier.

I am a 'tea snob' and insist on a proper teapot, and a nice china cup and saucer - no teabag floating sluggishly in a mug for me - and I like all varieties from the stately Earl Grey through to good old British Workmen's Tea - PG tips style.

Naturally, the brew tastes even better when served with a large slice of cake!

P.S. have you tried Redbush? It's very nice and refreshing and tastes like proper tea, tho' mild and caffeine free.

luv Moffyx


I like my tea but am afraid I'm very fussy. I can't take it "NATO Standard" (service speak for milk & 2 sugars) as my folks used to make it up like that in a flask when we went on picnics and the smell would quite literally make me sick (they did it with coffee too and that was 10x worse - feel queasy just thinking about it!!!).

My tea has to be just that tea, nothing else in the cup, my preference is for Earl Grey (Lady Grey too) when I'm out and about unless I'm in a Chinese restaurant when I'll have a Green or Jasmine tea. There's a nice wee Farm Shop & Tea Room not far from me and they do a lovely Blue Flower Earl Grey that done in one of these pots - it's one of the nicest teas I've tried but it's over £4 for 100g!

I drink my coffee black too but only have that if I'm having something sweet with it - don't know why but I just can't drink it with anything savoury.



That brings back memories of my folks and their picnics ... it was 'orrible! I think it's the fact that the hot tea 'cooks' the milk in the thermos, and you get that vile smell.

Mum also used to make runny egg sarnies, and they didn't travel very well either.

I was always in trouble for being sick on the bus on school outings, but was it any wonder?!


i used to love tea but after having to drink it out of a plastic sippy cup in hospital where it was as weak as dishwater i haven't touchedcit since even the smell makes my stumoch turn x J


I love my tea. Twinnings Everyday for preference. PG Tips is nice too. Have a nice big packet of Ringtons sitting in the kitchen cupboard but I am being good and using up the PG Tips in the tea caddy first.

I'm a real instant coffee snob, has to be gold blend or Kenco.

No sugar and either fresh semi-skimmed or fresh full fat milk.

(How do Mormons cope without tea and coffee?)

Julie xx


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