Hi everyone Well that was another of a blast of a night so long

Even with tea intervals. I hope you are all bright and ready for the day Have we a song leader for the trip on Friday I do think it would be helpful. So anyone put your hand up!

Tea lady like wise.

Curly wurly monitor VERY important job rather like ticket collector we dont want any gate crashers do we :)

Have we a Nurse on board oh Yes Emma how about you should be quiet except for jumpers at the eye. You are more than qualified.

Yes my mind has gone lack of sleep need more tea - - - - - -

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  • Hey Gins, sorry to hear you had a tough night. I am happy to volunteer for tea lady. What time tomo and assume it's a trip to London?


  • Hi Zosie I find it amazing what you can do to divert yourself through the night :) Well done for being Tea lady I believe it is lift off as it were at II,ooam but please keep your eyes peeled I think Sian will be on with directions for this fluffy adventure.

    I wonder how long it would take for a fluffie to fall from the top of the london eye to the bottom???

  • treason............ they're protected you know and I'm particularly grumpy right now gins :o

    it'll off with yer head soon hahah

  • Naughty fluffies, they'll be up to all sorts of mischief. You definitely need someone to keep an eye on the curly wurleys...

  • Good morning gins,sorry to hear you had a rough night :( oh course you know that I will have to be the curly wurly monitor........laughs a wicked laugh in the background.......of course I will make sure that there are plenty to go around........walks into bedroom with a mischievous grin on face! :D

  • And as number one fluffmeister assistant I will try my best to keep those naughty fluffies in order :D

  • Good good........... I trained you well my dear assistant :) xxx

    PS keep an eye on gins I fear she may be troubling them somewhat ;)

  • I shall paint our coach with fluffies on tour in scarlet so we can see it and not loose it be back soon Heheheh

  • Aw! now see that's better gins and a very good idea fluffies like to be useful heheh! xxx

  • Hi Gins, sorry you had a bad night. I have volunteered to wash the outsides of the pods on the London Eye to improve vision but whose doing the map reading to get there? I don't want to end up Spain.



  • I can help you with the pod washing Jilly........... we can use a little magic if you like :)


  • Thank goodnessfor that. I think if you could just use your bong.....Bong .....we'd be done in half the time. Then I can spend the rest of it drooling over Tom Daly in his swimming trunks..Jilly wipes the dribble from her chin trying to look innocent.

  • He's a bit young for you jillylin isn't he? :D

  • Who is going to be the guide with the umbrella held aloft for all to see?

    Not me, because I am going to bring up the rear and ensure we have no lost members or fluffies. You will see me as I will be wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket with a bright pink hat.

    Are we stopping for lunch in a restaurant or is it packed lunches.?

    Don't forget the 20p s for the loos!

  • I expect it is zeb boing boing but I will willingly lead a group if wanted boing boing we may be better staying in one long croccodile with zeb at the front with her rose on high hhehehehee boing boing

  • Morning gins :D

    This ole boingy one has been awake since 2:30am thanks to a noisy neighbour waking me from my slumber..................... twitheroo pth pth pth engine is empty :(

  • I was waving from here but then grabbed another couple of hours now up searching for the grey matter :) How are you hun?

  • sleepy.......... yawn yawn :o

    shall have to get at least a tramasnooze in before 11 when the trip starts

    How are you? :)

  • I am ok just me you know, have my helper Kashia coming to back cakes and things so in between the trip I will be helping her. Yesterday I was having a day of un balancing very strange and frustrating today I will have to wait AND SEE.. My grandson is coming for grandaughters 2nd birthday party oh how lovely :) That is tomorrow :) xxgins

  • Cake? Where is the cake?! Don't tease me with a reference of cake...checks cupboards...Alas! There is no cake...sad times my friends, sad times indeed :(

  • There will indeed be cake I am bakin starting when I finish my coffee yuooy or even yummy!

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