Nighty Night

Nighty Night

Right. Here begins the nightly battle with being awake, thrashing about within the duvet and getting very cross with everything. I hope that you all have some sort of decent night's sleep and maybe a brighter day tomorrow. I would be very happy to be able to get out of bed, not fall over in the shower and then get some work done. The house is filthy, I'm supposed to be learning how to frame pictures and I need to sell some books. Onwards and upwards!!! Let's hope the gentle hand of sleep waves us sleepwards :D xxx

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  • sleep well or as good as you can.


  • Thank you Sandra. I did in fact have a decent night's sleep and I feel quite sprightly this morning. Claud

  • Gahhhhhhhhh.. After a day of telling everyone how I took my night meds and slept like a log...of course I had the worst night for years and hardly slept at all.... That,ll teach me to sound so smug as if I had a sure fire way to sleep. So many symptoms not gonna bore you with them ... Just posted so you could think ha..... Feel free to post contradicting me next time I post saying how good my night meds are.

    Good morning

    VG xx

  • Good morning, Verygrumpy. Typical, innit? As for the "so many symptoms", I couldn't agree more.

    Claud xx :)

  • just seen your posts, cause I haven't felt up to coming on here lately Your name was the 1st draw then your area - I'm in Frome & pagan!

    Back to the subject - may sound corny, but have you tried chamomile tea before bed?

    I used to thrash about, just as you described, then I think I went to bed expecting it to happen, so it did.

    I now take my Amitryptiline at 9pm or sometimes even earlier, then I have a chamomile tea, or similar & I go to bed just as I'm getting drowsy, whatever time that might be. Also I don't touch alcohol, that used to send me right to sleep - for 1 hour- then I'd be back to the thrashing about. It may sound dull & boring but now I sleep fairly well. Mind you, I still feel s*** in the mornings!!!

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