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Has anyone experienced hair loss as part of Fibro?


I have several other DX's other then fibro, and am currently losing my hair at an alarming rate. Has anyone experienced this as an element of fibro, or should I be looking elsewhere for an answer? Thank you x

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Hi i never heard that fibro can makes hair loss, maybe a side effect of some medication but don´t worry we have very nice people on here and soon you get the correct answer or a very good advice. take care.

both myself and my daughter have noticed during major flares we are both prone to losing hair as to whethr thats down to us tearing our hair out in sleep we have yet to decide x

Yes - I sometimes even have hair on my pillow when I wake up :o(

Hi there yes my hair fulls out by the handfuls, my hair is so thin on top now that it is impossible to have a fringe, also it has receeded, i used to have a really thick head of hair which needed cutting every 5 to 6 weeks because my hair is so curlyand now i rarely get it cut, i thought it was stress!! not sort medical advice though yet.

also as we know fibro flares up when we are stressed so it could be some kind of stress induced alopitia (i know i havnt spelt that write but i hope you get what i mean )

Had a lot of trouble with losing my hair when my fibro fist started. I was in a very bad place at the time and the stress I was under caused me to lose 2 stone in six weeks and ruined my previuosly vey thick and strong hair. I lost all confidence in my appearence and allowed myself to be brought very low.

A few years on and although its not as thick and strong as it was my hair is now normal again.

I think the major stress that caused my fibro also made my hair fall out. Since removing myself from that situation, although to late to avoid the fibro, Im now pretty much back to my old confident and much happier with the way I look.

:) hugs xx

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trisha64 in reply to Hidden

ah thanks lynn i have hypo thyroid it was only recently diagnosed but my gp thinks i have had it for some time x

jazher in reply to trisha64

Yes lynn, i have underactive thyroid to and my immunologist said mine was down to that, i lost nearly half my hair to what it was. Good job i had thick hair.

kel xxx

I have hair loss too - but like Lyn mine is down to the hypo thyroidism, but when I have a fibro flare it gets worse so the two in my case could be connected, its different for everybody xx

yes, my hair has thinned alot since fibro started, before any medication, and my thyroid has been checked a few times, all began when fibro flared up,.

However ive tackled my fibro by working out food im intolerant to and its settled down, hair loss can be a sign of allergen reaction ive been told, sinc ei cut dairy wheat and sugar out, my hair has slightly thckened up, and my overall pain and energy levels are much better x

One of the symptoms of Lupus (SLE) is hair loss. Some Fibro sufferers seem to go on to develop Lupus. Check out the Lupus UK website.

kavqc in reply to DebbieC

I am suffering hair loss this has been going on since I was diagnosed with fibro but recently they have also started testing for Lupus I didnt know that this was one of the symptoms. My hair has got considerably thinner than what is it was and every time I wash my hair there is loads of hair leftover in the bath

i lost almost all of my hair t the back of my head, and part at the side. i was diagnosed with alopecia areata and ended up having steroid injections into my scalp to see if the hair would grow back. when i have a bad flare up i start getting the dreaded bald spots back again. im always in fear of loosing it all. i think it must be related to my fibro

I experienced hair loss but not part of Fibro. I don't know if what part of my hair loss but i believed it caused by Stress. When i started falling hair, I tried using Reloxe and i found it very effective and it can really grew back my hair.

Source: reloxe.com

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