Mad array of symptoms

Mad array of symptoms

I seem to have the most ridiculous problems with this condition: complete lack of energy, burning feet, aching muscles and joints, tendonitis, dizziness and racing heart. I know some of these symptoms are possible due to the menopause, which I am approaching at a rate of knots, but I do wish I could find ways of alleviating them. Warmth seems to help and the cold and damp definitely don't, some painkillers are effective but what's with the anti-depressants? I'm not depressed (I've had experience of the real thing). I'm just naturally fed up with the whole thing, as I'm sure everybody else is too. Anyway, enough of the nagging. Onwards and upwards (slowly but surely). :D

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  • Aha , at last a question I know the answer to. Anti depressants yup that's what they are called, but for fibro ( unless you are depressed) that's not what they are prescribed for. I am on 75mg of dosulepin , a very old cheap anti depressant , hmm that sort of describes me.. I take that at night along with 0.5mg of clonezapam . together they scramble the pain signals to the brain and relax your muscles. Unfortunately lots of people on here don't seem to get the relief that I do .... I take them at 10pm every night bed by 10.30 asleep by eleven and that's me out of it till 6 in the morning... Yes I wake up stiff but that sleep helps me cope with the day.

    Hope that helps hope I made sense... Am a bit fibro fogged today


  • Thank you Verygrumpy. I did wonder what I was taking them for. It does make sense, probably because I'm a bit fibro fogged to, so we're talking the same language.

    P1960 xx

  • Can indentify with all that ! I think the anti depressants are primarily to help you get sleep. .They worked extremely well for me in that respect for about 6 months but am now back to waking up a lot and for the past few days it has been pretty much every two hours or so because one gets so stiff in bed.Also on the plus side they have helped me greatly with chronic anxiety problems.The cold weather is definitely a no no with this condition and this is where hot water bottles come into their own. I have often wondered, like you, if this all to do with the menopause but I cannot think of any one of my contemporaries that has to deal with all this nonsense on a day to day basis.Sorry I cannot come up with anything vaguely helpful here and yes, onwards and upwards . Keep smiling and above all, keep moving !

  • You definitely have come up with helpful answers. I don't know anybody around me who has this condition so talking to people who have got it is such a relief. The cold weather is not good and the damp is even worse: it poured yesterday and I was immobile. I too wake up frequently because of stiffness and pain. I just hope that soon I'll be so exhausted I'll sleep for a couple of days! I agree about the menopause thing. I did notice that some of the symptoms were similar but nothing like as intense as this condition. I've never known an illness with such a spectrum of symptoms. Maybe I'll donate my body for scientific research: I'm sure they'd have a whale of a time. Let's all keep smiling, even if our teeth are gritted :D

  • I have actually done that .... Left my body to medical research when I listed my whole medical conditions lots went on before fibro totally unrelated they said I would be a lovely subject to study.. So as long as I don't die over a Christmas or of something really catching like cholera I will be poked prodded and studied and actually be of some use.... Who am I kidding I just want to be dressed up after my death by some drunk medical students and wheeled off to the pub as I can't drink on my meds.

    VG x

  • LOL! Brilliant ideas. I think I'll do the same, although I may just drink on my meds for the hell of it. Anarchy rules ok! :D

  • You have both just cheered me up no end lol. My fibro has really been getting to me recently and I haven't had the will nor energy to fight it but you two have given me a new will to say "you'll never take my freedom".......or something like that lol. Absolutely love the idea of being wheeled down to the pub even though I don't drink but maybe on this occasion I should break with tradition so make mine a Baileys and TiaMaria.....woohoo! enazena ;)

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