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Lack of motivation or is it fear?

I think I'm looking for someone to tell me to go for it but I'm also looking for some reassurance that I'm not going to fall apart!! I'll tell you of my dilemma and hopefully someone out there will be experiencing the same and be able to share with me. For many of you it will seem trivial and unbelievable that I can even think of it but it's a MAJOR issue for me. My issue is exercise. Yes I know many aren't able to move because of this condition we share, but I NEED to find some way of helping myself emotionally. Prior to this 'thing' entering my life I led a very active life, with sport and exercise being at the heart of it. It was a social activity for me and my children too. Now, because of this 'thing' my life has become so isolated and housebound. I've put on 2 stone in weight, even though I'm not really interested in food, and of course my once fit and toned body, even after 3 children, has become a chubby wobbly form. Needless to say I hate it. My confidence has gone too, even though my children,family and friends are reassuring that I do look good considering all I've been through. But folks, here's the point, IT REALLY MATTERS TO ME! So much comes from exercise on it's impact on my wellbeing. As a lifelong sufferer of depression, the boost fof endorphins are priceless for my mental health. Basically it's been a lifesaver for me, quite literally. All this might sound vain to many of you, but it's a state of mind for me. I still love sport and watch anything that moves basically. All I want is to enjoy some form of exercise that is productive for me. and I know it will have a knock on affect on the rest of my life. I want to be active and have a good knowledge of what sort of movement would be helpful,( you can't be bed bound and not be wellread!). But I have no contact with anyone who shares my dilemma. Iam hoping someone on this wonderful forum will be able to understand where I'm coming from and be able to share their experiences with me. Thank you for taking time out to read this blog and I hope I don't sound vain, as it runs so much deeper than that. S x

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Its a predicament. Although I am a shadow of my firmer self, i.e., fat, unfit. It is not lack of motivation. I grew my kids up myself. Walked to and from work. Cleaned house, did gardening, ballroom, latin american dancing, gym, cooking, sewing, knitting, read a lots etc..

I do find that when I am able I swim. Easy on muscles, less pain. Im not demotivated but I fear added pain.



Hello Summer, thank you for taking the time to tell us all about this. I completely understand what you're saying, in many respects I feel the same. I was always very active before I had Fibromyalgia, but am going to try once the weather gets better ti get a bit active. The secret is to start very slowly and not to push ourselves or we could end up suffering more symptoms, increased pain etc.

It is recommended when having Fibro to try something like Tai Chi, gentle Yoga, Pilates or gentle swimming. Nothing vigorous. It is always advisable to speak to your GP before starting any form of exercise like this to ensure you don't overdo it and that the exercise you have chosen is suitable bearing in mind all your symptoms.

Taking it slowly, resting in between and afterwards is essential. If we start off like this then the chances are that we will find something we enjoy that also helps us, invigorates us and increases our general well being and quality of life. We won't feel so isolated, I guess in simple terms it would make us feel more "normal", like we used to feel. Sorry if that comes across badly, I am really explaining how it would make me feel so you can relate to it. I am also going to try riding my bike but will sensibly build up to that once it's warmer and my body relates better to warmer weather.

I hope this helps you Summer, please feel free to talk about this further or anything at all, we are always here to help and will always do our best to understand and to help and support you the best we can.

Take care my dear. (((hug))) xxx



Exercise is a difficult one. I've always been a large woman but used to be at the gym 3 times a week, including swimming. I haven't set foot in a gym since 1997 when I got hit with RA and FM. Am so big now that my body has its own postcode!

All you can do is try a little and see how you go, gradually increasing as and when you can. Swimming is usually recommended for FM, but is excruciating for me. However, gentle swimming may work enough for you that you get the endorphin high without too much knock-on pain. Start with once a week and see what happens. No tilting at windmills and doing too much though! Slow and steady wins the race, as my old nan used to say lol.

Don't forget that several FM medications will also pile on the weight, so yr weight gain is probably not entirely due to inactivity. In tandem with your GP, you could try tweaking your drugs cocktail to suit.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Thankyou all for your replies. It's helping me loads to communicate on this forum. To speak with people who know exactly the constant physical discomfort that I'm in, is such a support. I just wish we could chat on a 'normal' site and not because we all share this condition. However on a lighter note , I am going to attempt a dip this weekend. It would help me hugely if you would all keep encouraging me, self doubt can spread like wildfire in my head! Thanks everyone, lnl S x


Hi summer,I went to the gym on a health prescription from my doctor. I had my personal trainer who was very knowledgeable on fm and I started off very slowly and worked my up bit by bit. It does defo help your mental health and while I was exercising the pain reduced which was a relief. However I've hit a flare which I think is the cold weather making things work so I haven't been able to go for a month. I do still walk my dogs,I've done that since I first got fibro 4 years ago and I'm sure it has helped me stay more mobile. It's not easy,I use a walking stick and I'm in constant pain but if I don't do it I think I would be a lot worse. Once I've been out for a walk my pain gets easier. I've tried tai chi too and that was very good. I don't like swimming as I get too cold. Good luck within hunni,doit for you,you deserve it,will support you all the way :) Ali xx


Hi , summer , I understand what your saying completely , I was a fit person now basically imhere at home everyday , get to go out ooccasionally , I have tried the hydrotherapy pool and was in pure agony , so my physio is looking into something else for me . I walked everyday now unable to do this now , I was always on the go , my rhumatologist said I should go swimming , great if you can , I will try anything to feel better than this , there is no way I could do that , I push myself now and know i will hurt afterwards , iam keeping positive and will keep trying different things , I have just learned to listen to my body now and imstill excepting this , big hugs x angie x


Hi Summerlite

As you can see no one will judge you on this site, we all have different issues and reasons for needing or doing things

I see you have some lovely suggestions for exercise, My Hubby does Pilates on look on in awe

You need to do whats best for you

take care xx J



I used to run 10Ks and go to the gym three times a week but now I struggle to do anything. I am in a flare at the mo so it is really really really difficult to do anything. However my kind manager is letting me work from home (so have had two really lovely naps in between working today) and because of that I have managed to do my physio exercises (given to me by my gorgeous physio - as I have said before there have to be some perks to this horrible illness) and have done a pilates DVD. It is so amazing how you can feel energised after. Don't get me wrong it took absolutely everything in me to do it but I know keeping moving, even when in a flare, will help. Not sure I can say which DVD it is on here (advertising and all that) but it is one that uses system 21, which is great for me because it doesn't involve putting weight on your wrists which I just can't do (hence why I do this rather than yoga). A lot of the movements are very similar to what I have been given by the physio so I figure I am on the right track. I actually used to do this DVD even before being diagnosed so it is a good all rounder. I too have piled on weight, especially since starting medication so I don't underestimate how it makes you feel at all (I am newly diagnosed) but I am just focusing on losing it rather than what weight I am otherwise I would go crazy! I get round it by washing my hair and putting on make up before I go anywhere so that at least that bit of me looks okay and also wear lots of leggings with nice tops/tunics - I can't stand anything round my waist at the moment a. because of the fibro but b. because jeans etc are all too tight! Good luck and I hope you find the motivation - at the end of the day you can only benefit x


Please feel free to mention the DVD Melody, I am sure others including myself would be interested especially as you found it so helpful. Just mention the title and that will be fine. Many thanks. :) xxx


Thanks. It is Pilates, the ultimate mind and body work out System 21. Chris Hocking is the instructor.

Hope it helps some of you. x


WOW, THANKYOU SO MUCH. I feel as though I'm losing that tight feeling of stress in my head when I get over concerned with something. Sharing really is a therapy. 'Talking' to you all on here without having to explain this condition and it's affect on me, means I'm not exhausted mentally before the conversation actually starts! You've lifted me in your efforts to send such positive support and from your own personal experiences too. S x


Tai Chi is supposed to be good, my acupuncturist recommended it as I suggested Yoga but this is more gentle. I used to be really active, I owned my own horse, went ice skating once a week, and took part in fun runs. Now just walking from the front door to the car feels like a marathon!

I'm starting my Tai Chi next week, will let you know how it goes.


That's great Jezobelle. I would like to share 'notes' about our attempts of regaining some pleasure from exercise again. I am beginning to feel that gurgle of excitement that comes from looking forward to something new. Stay in touch. S x


It may be helpful to get a physio assessment done. Often people with Fibro have other issues, like hypermobility and postural imbalances, that can actually have a big impact on their Fibro. You may also need advice on how to exercise safely, especially if you are hypermobile or have neck or back issues.

This article may help: fibroaction.healthunlocked....


Hi summer. I have cfs as well as fm so exercise is an on going issue for ME. I use a Wii fit. That way I can pace it easily. I've also just found the Smile DVD which is qi gong for people with ME and FM. So far just watched it lol. I have used a good qi gong video from online called shibashi. I've found that really useful.

The motivation does grow as I've achieved more of that makes sense, but pacing is still important.

As others have said swimming is good. I get a fair amount of post exertion malaise from it though so can't do too much....and need warm water. I haven't been recently bit go for a good old float instead of doing lengths.

Its important to build up slowly


hi stepper, sorry to bother you, but whats the smile dvd that youve mentioned ?



You're not bothering me LOL. The dvd is called The Smile M.E. Cure Programme by Smile Qigong

You can get it on Amazon x


i don't know about their claim to cure,,,,,but its certainly good exercise.


Thanks for the info, I've just found it on amazon at, £12.99 can't find it on e-bay,I will order one when I get paid, january is a long lean month,



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