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List of symptoms

I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in march and thought I would list all my symptoms as I get nervous and forget things but the list is so long even I am starting to think I'm a hypochondriac!!! I'm getting really nervous that he isn't going to believe me! I live in pain all the time but because I look fine I get a wall of disbelieving people one person close to me who should be supportive has even said recently "oh here she goes again!" When I've had the nerve to actually express my pain! I feel like I've got to suffer in silence for the rest of my life.

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Hi Gilford,

Don't worry, your not the only one.

I think we peeps feel like that because we just want to convey all the symptoms and no in the hope we can be helped to feel better.

Consultants aren't always keen on lists but I've taken them. I generally have to insist they read it first which tbh honest feels uncomfortable.

Alternative is to use your list for yourself in discussion and then ask Consultant if would please keep on your file for future medical reference (may not do though).

Either way I wish you luck. The key is seeing a good professional, willing to listen and I hope yours is xx

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Definetly take it with you. The last time i went to see Rhumy i only had three questions but when i got there i could only remember one. :)

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Hi gilford :)

Welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you are not alone with what you are experiencing and have come to the right place for friendly support and advice :)

Writing down your symptoms is useful and acts as a tool for yourself and your doctors so keep it and take it to your appointment with you. Be honest about how these symptoms affect you and your daily life.

Here's a link to one of our FAQ factsheets that can also be found on our Mother site and discusses the symptoms of Fibro and how it is diagnosed. I think you may find it useful for comparing your own symptoms against.

FAQ- I have symptoms of Fibro, how is it diagnosed?

I hope this is helpful and if I can help with anything else I will certainly try.

There is always someone just around the corner who may be able to help or even offer a hug for support :)

Soft Fluffie hugs and smiles for you, hope things go ok for you :)

xxx sian :)


HI gilford

I would definitely take a full and extensive list with you for the Rheumatologist, as these are the folk that (in most cases) diagnose Fibro so I am sure they will believe you. I want to wish you all the best of luck with your appointment and I sincerely hope that you find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi gilford. I went on the actionforme website a while ago and read some of the things people say to people who have ME. Some of them are unbelievable. This all due to their ignorance, and as feeling like hyperchondriac I think we all look at the list of symptoms and feel like that. My list way quite long. As for the professionals keep bugging them then they may listen to you.


I've taken a list of all my symptoms to the doctor before (it was a few years ago now, the list has since grown!) and he read it all very carefully, then diagnosed depression. I was not impressed! However, he was right, I was depressed, who wouldn't be, with a whole a4 sized list of complaints to deal with?

I would recommend taking a list of your "top" 10 - 20 ailments. That's more than enough to be certain there's "something going on" while not an exhaustive, all-inclusive list, and you can tell the doc that (maybe even have the all inclusive list to hand, just in case he/she wants to see it!)


I know what you mean hun , but at the end of the day I know I get the pain and even had drs confirming my symptoms so as long the drs believe you take no notice of small minded people at the end of the day fibro comes with some many symptoms ,and if people don't believe you tell the to look fibromyaliga up online it would soon shut them up, please don't let them get you down there not worth it .

Sending hugs xxx


Thank you everyone for your kind support and advice it helps to know there are people who understand where I'm coming from xx big hugs


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