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Where do I go from here?

I recieved my requested copy of my ATOS assesment and it did not contain any information with regards to point scoring after reading through the Q/A's I am totally unsure as to wether it was myself or a clone that had attended the interview there was not one single mention with regards to me having Fibromyalgia and the associated other diagnosed problems which I severley suffer from, On attending my WRAG interview at the Job Centre I was told by the intervewer that ATOS had sent them a letter stating that I was suffering from Depression from which In there opinion I may be recovered and fit for work within the next 18months my assessment was done on the 21st May2012., Does this 18month window mean that I will not be called for a reassessment until Oct/Nov2013 I am hoping that someone can throw some light on this question for me.Gentle Hugs to you all KatiMaiTay

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I hope someone can help you I would'nt have a clue, just to send my sadness at this happening to you, take care love xxxxx


Yes, that is the impression the woman at Joke Centre Plus gave me ... apparently my last IB medical said I wouldn't be fit for work until February 2014! Ohh if only I could be well enough to work in 18 months it would be wonderful.

Julie xx


I echo these comments & send you gentle hugs too. I'm in exactly the same position. WHY oh WHY cannot ATOS be transparent? You should be able to see exactly how the points are worked out, where you've scored them and why you haven't. As has been said all too many times it doesn't even begin to cover FM or associated problems but at least if the assessments were transparent you would stand a fighting chance of being able to put matters right.

It seems that we have to be transparent while ATOS and this government can remain totally unaccountable for their actions & decisions.

Makes me furious.

Wishing you well. xx


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