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A bit of a rant

Morning all hope everyone's feeling ok?

Feel like I'm stuck in a rut at the moment had to ring in sick for work last week as I was feeling really ill I only work one day a week and couldn't even manage that.

Also still trying to get my head around being diagnosed with fibromyalgia I hear a lot that people that have this have it in flares but mine always seem to be there one big permanent flare trying to find out what's causing me to feel so crap all the time I've got a feeling it's due to it being winter time hope and pray I start to feel better in the summer months.

There's so much I want to do with my life but literally got no energy or motivation to do it I'm even struggling to keep up with the cleaning due to fatigue hitting me like a bus half way through doing jobs this is so frustrating and draining.

Is there anyone else out there that flares really bad in winter months?

Many thanks emma x

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Hi Emma

I suffer with severe Fibromyalgia and ME meaning that I am in constant severe pain 24/7 despite being on a cocktail of meds.

In the winter my pain is much worse. I really feel the cold and hate winter.

It makes all of my symptoms much worse.

Fibro is such a strange illness. Some of our members find winter the worst season for them whilst other members dread the summer!

I have two friends with Fibro who when they went abroad for holidays both found that their symptoms improved considerably whilst they were away in the sun.

However, as soon as they returned home, so did their Fibro symptoms.

Flares in general, are when all of our Fibro symptoms are very much heightened for a period of time. This usually happens when there is a period of stress going on.

Roll on Spring & Summer :)

Hugs. Lu xx

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Thank you for your reply it's nice to talk to people that can relate to your symptoms.

We are off to Cyprus in may so fingers crossed this will make me feel a little better why we are there.

I'm with you on the strange illness it's so hard to understand and try to explain to people that don't have it they just think you can get on with it but we no very well that's not the case xx


Hi Ems666 Sorry to hear you are really struggling with pain and fatigue.

Have you heard of the "Spoon Theory" This really helps to explain pacing and is a valuable tool for fibromites. Just Google.

The winter months are bad for people who suffer from SAD syndrome too, where this not only affects mood but exacerbates pain too. Do you think this could relate to your symptoms?

Lack of sunlight also affects Vitamin D levels and most of us in the Northern Hemisphere suffer from low levels which can cause general aches but particularly bone pain.

It may be worth having a blood test to check this out.

Hope you feel better soon, Emma, at least we are on the right side of the days lengthening.


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Hi thank you for your reply.

Yes I've read the spoon theory very interesting read. I think my problem at the moment is that I can't get used to the idea of paceing myself and not be able to do what I could do years ago it's just very frustrating.

I do suffer with sads unfortunately and also on medication as I have low vitamin d levels and iron levels too.

But I have noticed the past few years that in summer time that if I'm in the sun for a bit it seems to drain all my energy and I just want to sleep plus I also suffer with light sensitivity so always need sun glasses on when suns out I'm even like it with lights in the house I have to dim them as there to bright xx


It is very hard to learn how to pace yourself, but the more you have to do it the more you learn what you are capable of. We are all different but just try not to push yourself too hard. When you feel you should rest for a few minutes, allow yourself to rest. If you don't you'll only crash faster.

Don't skip a meal or hold off (snack if there is a planned meal), it really wears me out of I deny my body food when I can tell I need it.

It may take some time to figure out your own pace.

Good luck××


Hello Emma, can I ask how long you have had fibro? Has anyone spoken to you about "pacing yourself",, also have you been offered hydrotherapy? come back to me hun maybe I can give you some pointers on coping.


Hi I've only just been diagnosed it's taken about 5 years tho to diagnose me.

I've been booked in for hydrotherapy

A lot of people who have fibromyalgia have said about pacing myself I just find it hard as I can never complete things that need doing like house work.

I always have to nap in the day else if I don't I end up in bad way with fatigue mood swings and stuff it's horrible xx

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Nothing wrong with a nap to help fibro, pacing is something you learn, I try to plan my housework and I do what I can and tell myself the roof wont come off because I haven't dusted this week!! Good luck with hydro I think after a few sessions you will feel some benefit.


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