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Severe pain in left side travelling down hip

I started off with pain in my left side...within. Just a few days it has become so severe it travels down my hip and back. It has me walking all hunched over. That's the only way I can walk right now is bent over. Drs aren't sure what's going on. I've been told its my siatica then was told I have diverticulitis... Two totally different things. One has to do with a nerve...the other your colon. So.ebody please help me. I can't handle this pai much longer. I've been on a heating pad laid down for 2 days because I can't move.

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Hi inmajorpainmyself,

I'm just seen your post now I too suffer with sciatica and that sounds similar to how I experience starts up around the hip area for me and then travels down my leg, some days when it's really bad it even goes to my feet causing neuropathy I'm not too sure if that's what you're experiencing your doctor seems to think it could be sciatica or diverticulitis two totally different things altogether I would recommend you go back to your GP if it continues. I usually do the same as you apply heat but I go from Heating pad to ice pack and switch off every ten minutes .

Myself I also attend physio and get a TENS machine placed on there which really really helps me a lot .I also used rub a535 and the cream that I get mixed is Flexeril that works as well. A tip that I use, I sit on a chair hold the leg up above my chest for three minutes at a time then the other leg. Switch back and forth on each leg it will help if it is sciatica, but once again what works for me we may not always work for somebody else, I'm so sorry to hear that you're suffering like this at the moment, perhaps if you could get back to your GP they may be able to refer you to a pain management clinic, I sincerely hope you do find some relief .

Take care, please keep us posted gentle hugs.


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Hi hun, I can never understand why we fibro people put up with so much pain? If its so bad hun get yourself to A&E and get some scans done to get a proper diagnosis,, remember your appendix are close by! never assume every pain we get is fibro/arthritic related..

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Hello Inmajorpainmyself and a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can get advice, understanding, help and support.

Have you seen our Mother Site ? Here you will find a wealth of information including links and guides.

If your pain is getting too much to bear then I suggest you see a doctor asap, even A&E or the Minor Injuries Clinic. I am not medically qualified but those two diagnosis sound way out to me as they are so different. Is there a possibility you may have a kidney infection? It could be you are passing a stone which can be excruciating.

Please get some help, even if a cause can't be found yet, you should have been given some effective pain relief.

Hope you find an answer soon.


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Hi Inmajorpainmyself

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so gneuinely sorry to read of this pain you are suffering with and I agree completely with NurseGladys123 and go to A&E if this pain persists. It does not matter whether it is sciatica or diverticulitis, as both need proper treatment my friend.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Agree about A&E .you could ring 111 national health direct for advise.I have sciatica and diverticulitis and yes they are both totally different. I was thinking more about trapped nerve but it's best to get checked over even if it's just for peace of mind and strong painkillers

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Thank you All for replying back to my post. I went Into another er today...and they also say siatica...and gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers. The muscle relaxers along with the pain pills so far seem to be working together. I can atleast walk almost all the way stood up l stay inin a hotel...and actually walked to the office here today. That was a true blessing.

In August I had a triple bypass and was in the hospital for a month and a half....I was so scared of being put back in so soon!

I Thank God and Friends like you that have suffered similar pains and know they are real!!! God Bless You All!!!


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