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Wendy greens fibro book review

Said I would read it and give a quick review..... Yup it's written simply.... But it Really is only totally affective if fibro is your only symptom.... Then it actually gets really funny.... I have osteo arthritis and when I got to the section about exercise ie the usual walk a little further each day, try swimming... It then went on to tell you to try rebounding which is bouncing gently on a mini trampoline... My husband and I just burst out laughing at the thought of me on my two sticks and no bra on a bad rib pain day cavorting on a trampoline It was worth buying it for that moment alone. It then went into yoga and with no training she gives you yoga exercises... Standing on one leg with the other tucked into your thigh with your arms above your head in the tree position. Where do I put my sticks for balance .... No really please don,t answer that but feel free to imagine :) . Then she suggests strapping light weights to your arms and ankles to improve muscle tone..... My OH offer to duct tape a tin of beans to each limb.... As you can see we found the book hilarious but it didnt really offer any new suggestions to long term fibromites with other illnesses... A quick sum up .. Great guide for people new to fibro who find it only mildly debilitating... Otherwise it's hilarious.. Especially the housework chapter... Making your own cleaning products takes longer than cleaning the house, and did you know the bedroom is ONLY to be used for sleep and sex.....that's put the kitchen table out of bounds then... . Would recommend it for the laughs it gave me and my OH though I don't think it's meant to be funny.

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That cheered me right up this morning! Just the thought of you trying all of this stuff ... maybe that's what it's supposed to be; light relief via laughter?

Gentle hugs,

Sara xx


Sounds good to me :-)


I have just ordered the book through the library ...........going to collect it soon.

If nothing it will give me a laugh going on what you said..........and laughter is a good medicine.

I hope its at least as funny as your blog

thanks for the laughs


I was feeling quite depressed and fed up today, then I read your blog and my imagination made me chuckle. At least you and your OH can laugh together.

I feel better now thanks x x x


oooohhhhh I SO needed a laugh!! Thanks for sharing! This book sounds like it has a "must be read for entertainment" appeal!! Obviously NOT written by someone with severe problems then or indeed for them...?!!

I, too, feel better now - thanks! xx


That's a pretty funny review, especially the trampoline bit. :-)

And yes, for someone new to fibro it can be quite usefull as long as you can distinguish the irreevant parts. Like the quick clean section. I have never been that thorough in cleaning before guests come over even when i was healthy. The fluffing the carpet pile up with your hands is ridiculous and disgusting unless you just had it thoroughly washed. Not to mention having to get someone to help you get back up

I have only just been diagnosed with fibro and am overwhelmed by all the different approaches to managing it and this helped me to decide which methods are not for me (most of the exercise tips, reiki) and which are worth looking into (supplements, different meds, better pc posture and setup).


Ha ha is all I can say vioxx lovely when people tell you what to do ha ha again


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