Picked up a copy of Wendy greens 50 things you can do to manage fibro

Hmmm I am a little sceptical as she doesn't actually have fibro herself ... But it was cheap so will read it over the next couple of days.. And maybe try some of things she might suggest that I don't do.... I know she advocates gentle exercise which is hard with arthritis but I have an exercise program called chairobics (designed for the elderly chair bound) even I can attempt that I hope. Will let you know if it is much use as I know a lot of us have other illnesses on top and the thought of myself on two sticks doing yoga I am sure would be for adults eyes only.

Hugs VGx

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  • I am always sceptical when someone writes something, but they have never suffered it themselves. I find myself thinking 'how can they know that unless they have it'. But then I think maybe they have witnessed it, maybe a close friend or family member and I give the benefit of the doubt. But scepticism will always comes first. I have osteoarthritis of the spine so I find any exercise very painful, plus having Emphysema I find bending leave me breathless, so no good there. For me it would be throwing good exercise after bad. I can do my breathing exercises to help my lungs, but them if I start physical stuff I then can't breath, so a viscious circle as I would have to redo the breathing stuff. And thankyou so much for placing those thoughts in my head, you on two sticks doing yoga lol xxxxx LIn

  • I laughed when someone recommended exercise to me.. However, because I also have C.O.P.D. I was referred to pulmonary rehab, I started doing chair exercises and unbelievably can now do gentle exercises on an exercise bike and treadmill, and slow step ups. I do 6 exercises lasting 3 mins each (you start on 2 mins), twice a week. It does help and I feel that I am really 'doing something'. Good luck

  • I do find gentle walking helps with my fybro, I have to make myself go out but always feel better afterwards as long as I make sure not to overdo it.

  • I am reading Wendy Green's book at the moment also -- she gives a lot of good advice -- a lot of it is really "common sense" -- gentle exercise, healthy eating etc -- but what surprised me was that I have "subconsciously" already added all these things into my life (hatha yoga - which is the gentlest kind of yoga- swimming --I think this is even suitable for you who have arthritis, because even just floating around in the warm water feels good -- small walks with the dog -- a reflexology session once a year (i treat myself with my birthday money!) -- I don't overdo any of these activities and I think that is the main key -- once your body starts to "complain" then STOP. Although Green doesn't have fibro herself I think that if it had been me that had written this book I would probably have suggested almost everything that she has -- so I think this book is certainly heading along the right lines in helping us "survive" on a daily basis. I think the "key" is to find gentle exercises that you can tolerate and try and do a small amount each day. Rather than saying "I can't do this kind of exercise" find something that your own body can tolerate -- no matter how small --and then try and build it up gradually. Good luck xx

  • After reading it I found I was already doing the basics... For fibro.....But honestly for people with other illnesses that really impair mobility. It's a bit impractical.

  • Just reading about this in the daily mail online under health. It says about Sinead O'Connor having fibro then it goes into what to do and the theory behind it. To me it looks like stuff off web sites that you can read for free but i'll try anything once. She must know someone with fibro or why would she write it, unless she's a friend of Shineads lol

  • Forgot to mention. Some funny comments under the article, you know the ones "it's all in your head" to a nice one from a Welshman called john who says " it's just a sign your getting old". Thanks for that, I'm taking two lots of anti depressants because I was basically a cripple at the age of 35, I thought only little kids thought that was old. I'd live to meet these people, it would be worth the pain too punch them in the face

  • Oh Yanto, your last comment really made me laugh! Black eye or broken nose?!

    Why o why do people think that have the right to comment & criticise us? It winds me up too.......aghhhhh.......

    gentle hugs, & calming thoughts! lol xx

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