Feel like a freak

I've been trying to stay positive since my accident but I dragged myself to work and when I showed people my injury they recoiled in horror said I should have the operation to the adjust the collar bone. I've missed out on 2 great job opportunities now as well. I had been offered a temporary promotion now they are going to get a temp. I'm scared I'm going to lose my job as I'll be off for 6 weeks.

I feel so depressed :( I'm sorry for whining I just need to vent

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  • I think you need to discuss this with your boss if you can. People tend to 'recoil in horror' at the sight of most injuries. And I can honestly say I would not have let their reaction sway any decisions I may choose to make. I cannot see you losing your job because you require surgery. Do not feel depressed hun, think it through. I am not being rude in any way at all but if you think I am, then please, feel free to say so. But if you neglect this are you going to end up in even more pain than you are now? If by neglecting it, it is going to cause you more pain down the line, do you really want that on top of fibro pain? I really hope your boss can see this is necessary to ensure you can continue working in the future. I wish you well no matter what you decide to do xxxxx Lin

  • that should is it going to cause your more pain, noot it is, sorry. Makes it sound like I am telling you it will.

  • I did tell my boss that I was worried about the job and she said if it was herself in this position the job wouldn't even be on her radar. I'll be in pain after the op but not sure I can cope mentally with the deformity if I don't I guess I 'm being vain. I

    Used to people staring at me for my style, hair colour etc but they were always my choice to have them. I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of an abys. I should have been more. Greatful for the life I had

  • It sounds like you need to have a chat with your doctor and see what they suggest. I agree they can't sack you for having an op and I think you will feel alot happier about yourself by havintilt. if it is to realign your collar bone the chances are they will put plates and screws in and you will be up and running in no time and feeling so much better about yourself, which is the main thing.

    Piggie hugs cxx

  • Girl if the op will reduce pain levels and aid your mobility go for it! They cannot sack you for that ! I hope it all goes well x gins

  • I don't wish to sound harsh but from what I can gather you need an op on your collar bone and you can,t cope with the deformity you now have then it's a no brainer.... I have had 10 ops on my torso one led me to being off work 6 months and I wasn't sacked .... The positives far outweigh the negatives here you will have a realigned collar bone and as you can work there are bound to be more job opportunities. I realise you will/ may be in pain for a while ... This I can totally sympathise with I have no pain threshold everything hurts but think of the lovely collarbone you will have after

    Good luck whichever way you decide

    VG x

  • hi warmest soft hugs to you ozzy, i totally understand how you feel i am deformed ( what a horrid term ) due to a birth defect ( so i am defective too ! ) people do stare but i find if i smile at them they are usually fine as usually its just curiosity at the end of the day we are all unique. It sounds as if you have an understanding boss which is great , but really you must put yourself first and do whats best for you as this stress may make your fibro worse xx

  • I have rung the hospital and may be able to have the operation next Wednesday gotta see the consultant again which I'm not looking forward to. Guess I looked around the ward and there were so many people waiting for beds it didn't seem right to take one for vanity and partially I was scared of not waking up daft isn't it

  • You need thatopp as your color bone affects your arm mobility so you have to get it done ASAP

  • not daft at all totally understandable i have had 2 major ops and 1 minor so far and i felt the same the first time by the third i had the paramedics practising putting drips into my hand, you deserve a bed as much as anyone else and you will be fine, warm hugs J

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